Sunday, May 27, 2012

A dream fulfilled....

A door in Burano
© 2012 thru her eyes photography
Oh yes, I know its been awhile.

I am a bit pooped to be honest.

Italy, was the trip of a lifetime, with memories in abundance.  In three weeks, I can sum up this moment in my life as follows: we saw 17 cities and towns, logged in a mere 200 hours of walking or more, drank an entire lake of water, lost 8.5 pounds, came home with glowing skin, blonde blonde hair and a raging case of bronchitis and had the time of our lives.

I got over the fear of the seatless toilet, and found the foot pump to make water appear out of the taps. I ate a large amount of pasta, and warmed up to the idea of mini wienees being served at breakfast.  I came back broker than broke, but richer in my experiences.  I loved the amazing history that oozed from every corner of italy, but realized that the beauty in the vastness of Canada was just as appealing.

I longed to sea the Amalfi coast and was a bit disappointed, but entered into Rome with no expectations and was unbelievably surprised.

A view from Umbria
© 2012 thru her eyes photography
I saw images that only the great masters could have painted to capture the untouched beauty, along with enormous disappointments like Ikeas outside fairy-like medieval towns.  In one breath, I had a spiritual awakening in the town of Assisi, and in another, I wanted to bonk the residents on the head when they partied in the streets till the wee wee hours.

I enjoyed the corniness of sitting in a gondola and listening to the serenade of an opera singer in Venice, and cried when I saw Michelangelo's David in Florence.  I had a surreal moment in a 10th century castle in the hills of Tuscany, and a real moment among the gypsies walking the streets of Pisa. I wanted to pack my bags and permanently live in Sorrento, and then wanted to run for the high country when I saw Mt. Vesuvius spew out smoke.

A tuscan roadside
© 2012 thru her eyes photography
I was amused by all the gum on the walls at Juliets balcony in Verona, and then my heart ached while watching the different pigeons with deformed feet only a block away.

I was blown away by the colourfulness of the Island of Burano and felt repressed in the dark brooding walls of Siena.  I was caught up and drenched to the skin in a thunder and lightening storm on the hill top of San Gimignano, and sweated like a trucker from Wisconsin on the streets of Rome.

I felt myself soar in happiness from the overload on my senses and then had moments where I craved the comforts of home.

I got locked in the Rome airport bathroom in complete helplessness, and then in other instances, I had the most amazing Italians take me under their wing.

The people were warm and inviting, the art was an explosion to the senses, the food was simple and flavourful and the scenery was awe inspiring and breathtaking.

I was enraptured, enthralled and grateful.

It was................... a dream fulfilled.

A venetian waterway
© 2012 thru her eyes photography

Until Next Time