The Meet and Greet Page!!!!!

This page is simply designed for one purpose only:

For lovely old YOU to meet and learn about new bloggers and hopefully garner new followers yourself.

It's easy peasey my friends, just leave a little blurb below about how wonderfully fabulous you and your blog are, along with your blog address or a direct link to your blog.

Make sure you come back every once in awhile and check out other new bloggers and their amazing blogs.

Make new friends, find new reading material, get new followers!

Simple huh!




  1. Hi, my name is Lynne and I hail from Scotland. I am a single parent to two teenagers, one who is disabled and requires 24 hour care. I also have two lovely dogs who share our house, who used to be normal til they came to live here.

    I have a very warped sense of humour. I like to laugh....A LOT...especially when it's at someone else! LOL

    Pop in for a visit sometime :)

    The Giggle Fest...

  2. Hey everyone. I have to admit something first...can't be a loyal follower if your new! I found you through Simple Guys blog...that guy is pretty damn cool so anyone who he thinks is cool has got to be worth checking out! Ofcourse the final decision lies with me and I think your pretty awesome.

    Anyways I'm melissa. I am a wife, mom, house flipper, renovator and diy entusiast. I am 24 (25 this weekend!) I am all for making blogger friends and learning about them. I like to do questionaires on my review blog to learn a bit more about my readers. Can't say anyone has really participated but a girl can only try right! That doen't keep me from posting the questionaires...I find them kind of fun.

    If any one is interested in reading them I have four blogs going.

    Thanks for making this section

  3. Hello hello Lovelies!

    I'm Haven over Beyond the Borderline Personality exploring the depths, trials, and tribulations of dealing with the disorder and documenting my own journey as I wind my way through. Bringing a bit of a human aspect to something most people {hopefully} generally don't have to deal with. Come visit. I'd love to have you =)

    I just had my 6 month anniversary today too so it's a celebration!

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  5. Hey,
    I'm an artist and live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. I started my blog because people wanted to see my artwork but I didn't want to carry 3'x4' paintings with me everywhere I went. Through blogging I have met some wonderful people, including our dear Tracy, who is no average girl!

  6. Hi there, I'm J.Day and I live in the middel of nowhere in California. I blog about my life, which recently became ranching, publication, and working for a vet. My second blog is where I can say what I want, as my family reads my first blog.

    (hint, if you copy/paste the second addy, it unfortunately takes you to a super religious site, but if you type it in, it takes you to me. Yeah, I know. Lame. lol)

  7. Hi everyone!
    I am an ordinary gal from Australia, and my blog is about just ordinary stuff. I don't post everyday, but when I do I generally have something worth while to say. I post my arty things, poetry, amusing stories about daily life, Moby my enormous hairy kitty and anything else that interests me (Or ticks me off when I am in rant mode). I have a great group of followers/friends on here and I am sure you would love to meet them to.
    This is my little corner:

  8. Good Evening from Fort Wayne, I'm Chris. Working class drone and humble author. See me, my companion Laurie, and best bud Scrappy Booogle over at Tilting at Windmills, . I have also just started a blog for my hobby- a cute little beer cap collection. Its on the wavelength Stop by if'n youre bored.

  9. Hello All,
    I live in the California desert and dream of moving anywhere near the ocean, preferably San Diego. I write about my life which includes a husband, my Chihuahuas, 2 other dogs, 3 cats and 4 very fat goldfish. Oh yeah, I rant and rave about being a teacher too, but not too often, because I don't want to develop high blood pressure.

    I you want to get some laughs at my expense, here's the address

  10. Hello! I'm from Houston, Tx. By day, I'm a purveyor of justice and by night, I'm a writer. My blog is filled with bits and pieces of what is my life as a single 40 something woman, as well as my poems, short stories and essays. Feel free to visit anytime.

  11. Hey
    So, I'm Paul. I'm a writer, a student, and in a couple of weeks I will for sure be a dad (it could be less than a week and everything would be cool). I write about a lot of stuff, some of it's funny, and some of it's sentimental. If nothing else, I'm known for always responding to comments. So uh, come on over and check it out.

  12. Hi everyone,
    I'm Beliza. I'm from Luxembourg and Portugal, but I like to think of myself as European if only because it's easier to explain, lol. I'm not a writer as such, rather an amateur I would say, but enjoy posting the things that go through my mind and reading other's thoughts as well. If you ever feel like dropping by my corner, I'll be happy to hear from you :)

  13. Hi all! What a great idea this is! I love meeting new people and reading new blogs, so this is just great :)

    My name is Kelly and I'm a single mother of 3 who are aged 6, 8 and 11. If you come by and visit My Joy Project, you will get a wee snippet into my life as I blog about my journey raising kids & coparenting, attempting to get (and stay) fit, experiencing dating, and generally finding Joy in all things.

    It would be a pleasure if you'd join me. We'll have fun!!


  14. Hello all, my name is Leslie and I live in a small (understatement) town in Arkansas. I am married and have two kids who are the light of my life. My blog doesn't really have a theme, but I write about small town life, hilarious things my kids do, humiliating stories about myself and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. Stop by anytime at...

  15. Hey,
    I'm Ruth and I have two different blogs. welcome to me
    is my blog that is all about me and what amuses me or not.

    yummy stuff is my blog about yummy stuff. Mostly recipes. Occasionally some food tips.

  16. I'm Ms Jenna! I'm twenty-something, teach high school Family and Consumer Science in a low-income school district. I live with my sister (still in college), have a wonderful boyfriend (who is a coworker), and love to cook (despite the klutz gene passed on by parents). I love my life and love sharing stories from it. Read at your pleasure!

  17. Greetings from Portland, Oregon, USA. (I just tried to post my intro and it apparently did not go through, so if I end up with two posts, please excuse me!) I have 5 grown kids and two grandchildren on the way this fall. I just retired, so I guess I'll be busy with babies.

    I hope you'll stop by my blog and I look forward to reading yours!

    Galen Pearl

    cut n paste to see my profile page/ links to my blobs.

    hey all! i'm violet, and i enjoy long walks on the beach and bubble baths.
    for real... also, sarcasm, snuggling with my kitty, and making anything creative! i'm borderline wild/shy and enjoy rollercoasters.

    that silliness said, check the nutty world of v out!

  19. Haha, also found you through the Simple Dude. This page is a good idea! I am new to the blogging world, and love it! This is a great place to find more cool blogs to check out!

    This is me!

  20. Hi. Found you through Simple Dude.
    He's simple.
    You are average.
    I slay Zombies. see... we were made for each other.


  21. hello to you fellow tracy friends. i'm sherilin & i write . i'm a mom of one 9 yr old aspie girl & i write about our lives, most especially the funny bits. i enjoy laughing at my own ridiculous stories and sometimes sharing things that are slightly outrageous & should probably be kept to myself.
    i'd love to "meet" you.

  22. Hi
    I'm Monique

    I haven't really blogged for long. I put links on my blog, and share the thoughts of my day. usually there interesting ( or so i think) I have pics. of my modeling shoots and ya! that's it. it'll prob. get better as time goes by. University tends to take a lot my time

  23. Greetings from Wadena ... found the link to your blog, in the local paper ... now just scratching my head... who is this Tracy? Does she live around Wadena? Do I know her? Hm? Hm?

  24. Hi everyone, I'm Hazel.

    I blog about my everyday life, my observations, my random thoughts as well as movie reviews :)

    I always reply to comments as I love interacting with my readers. Hope to see you over at my blog someday!

  25. New blogger? That's me.
    Writing comes naturally.
    If you dare to proceed, you'll see
    I'm an easy read! :)

  26. Hello Everyone!

    I'm responsible for the "wealth of wisdom" (or "lack of knowledge") over at PEARSON REPORT.

    Drop by and check out what goes on around my neck of the woods!

    And I'm a Mac user that loves sharing fun and easy tricks - such as adding your link with out the baggage.
    This post will help: LINK BACKS

    Cheers, Jenny

  27. Hi! I'm Mrs B (aka Mary)

    I'm a, ahem... middle aged wife and mom and I have two blogs. One is a food blog and the other is a place where I post about everything else in my life, including my hubby and our empty nest. (well, we do have 3 kitties who are more spoiled than most children)

    I'd love to have you stop by and visit!



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