Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The other night, I was upstairs in our den with my better half and we had started wrapping Christmas gifts.  We were like a well oiled machine.  He did the paper wrapping, and I did the real ribbon decorating on each package.  We popped a movie into the computer and barely made a sound for several hours, with the exception of “honey could you pass the tape” or “baby do you know where the scissors went too” followed by quick sweet little kisses on my cheek or me giving him a tiny squeeze of his adorable bottom.  It was a peaceful contentment with each other.  And, no words were needed.

I love these moments with each other and often wish to freeze them in time.  They are soft yet subtle, they are sweet with a steamy twist, they are unexpected and relaxing and they are much more than words.  Describing these moments, would undoubtedly do them injustice, but they are beautiful in their own way.

I am so blessed you know. Every day, he looks over at me at some point and says “I love you” followed by “tons”.  Other days, he will just say “do you know why I love you” and I will say why, and he will spill out what it is in his heart that particular day.  Yesterday, he put up five fingers and said.

1.  You are so understanding

2.  You are so loving

3.  You are so kind

4.  You are so beautiful

5.  I can’t imagine a day without you.

Makes me a little teary as I think about it.  He wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to me and I am careful not to bruise the sweet innocence of it.

So what is it that I am trying to say here.  Well, when I first my better half, I knew he was not my soul mate.  I had already met my soul mate many moons before and it was not meant to be in this life time.  For years, I was sadden by it.  

But then my better half came along and what he contributes to my life is much more than the term of "soul mate".  He has become my defender, my protector, my lover, my friend and not only did he grow within my heart, he grew around it encompassing my soul with his warmth and filling the remaining empty spots.  In essence, he made my soul full.  

And while we are not perfect in any stretch of the imagination, what we are is a ladder of life to each other.  When one gets stuck on a rung, the other gives a hand and a pulls the other one up to the next level.  We are a team.  A unity.  A one. And it leaves me breathless with gratitude.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I thought I would try something new today and write a very short story in the hopes that it will hone my writing skills.  In actuality, I have no idea why I am doing this.  And the probability is that you will be snoozing by the end... But what the heck, here it goes!

The air was crisp and the ground was hard.  Fall had graciously began what winter needed to end.  The landscape had been ever so slightly kissed by the kindness of Jack Frost leaving a brilliant scene of crystal white shards among the foliage.  And when the moonlight hit it just right, the forest was transformed into a celebration of a thousand tiny twinkle lights.  I could feel my bare feet gliding across the cold, damp earth and I had a sensation of being here before.

My humble body felt a soothing vibration of unison and at last I had felt the connection to nature that I had so longingly desired.

I stood still in the silence of the night, no fear in my senses, no feeling of cold under my feet, just an understanding that I was one with my surroundings.

Low humming darted back and forth behind my head and I could feel myself slipping into a peaceful trance.  A million tiny sparks fluttered against my body gently caressing me.  I closed my eyes and surrendered to a power stronger than my own, and then I slumped to the ground.

I could smell and feel the dampness of the earth against my face, but I had no strength to pull myself up away from it, nor did I want too. I laid there in a semiconscious state for what seemed like an eternity.  My eyes were heavy and my limbs tingling, and without warning, a delectable searing pain straight from the centre of my back took my breath away. I arched in agony and threw back my head to scream, but no sound came from my lips.  And then in the hush of the night, I could feel something so undescribably beautiful growing softly from my body.  It was the tangible wings of my soul.

Graceful and delicate they glowed with the essence of my life, and I knew that my moment of transformation had begun. Whisked up and away into a tunnel of light, I swirled around and around ensconced in a magenta glow until my body burst forth from my radiant cocoon.

I had left my human form.

And as my eyes opened, I realized I was now one of the captivating lights and that my wings were humming in harmony with the others.

I had come home.  Finally.

Home to the land of the faeries.

Home to the land of my people.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Staring out my window, the snowflakes fall softly and gracefully to the ground.  A mere whisper from mother nature as she delicately adorns us with her beauty.  The Church across the street stands silent with only the stain glass windows providing a symphony to the eyes against the white back drop of silence.  I hear a wild rendition of the Carol of the Bells on the radio and I am starting to feel melancholy. 

Christmas is coming.  And with it, the joys of tradition.

For me, it is about moments of giving to those whom I adore and love.  It is sitting on my brother’s couch after a wonderful meal with one of my beautiful nieces sitting down beside me whilst I idly twist her hair between my fingers into soft curls, listening to the sounds of laughter coming from my gracious sister in law, the fire hissing and crackling it’s song of winter, soft knowing smiles from my better half, gazing at the twinkly eyes of my mother and laughing at the wit of my humorous brother.  Competition and teasing combine together to create moments of pure happiness during games of cards.  Shouts of “you cheated” to indignant looks of “never” followed by small cheeky smiles, all happily bring back memories of my childhood.  The music is classically Christmas and pulls at the heart strings.  I am full from not just my dinner but from the crazy dynamics of my family that ultimately leaves me smiling.

It’s about the time together.  The fleeting moments of love surrounded by the warmth of all the wonderment of the season.  The memories of today to be etched in my forever book neatly filed within my mind. 

It is a peaceful contentment.

And as I share my memories with you today, I had this thought and I wondered if any of you would be interested.  I was thinking how wonderful it would be to share a tradition or a memory that makes this time of year so special for you.  If you are interested, I would love to feature your memories here every Monday from now till Christmas.  All you have to do is email me at freds.mommy@gmail.com.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Do you feel the soft quiet
hush of winter?

I do and it is so lovely!

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Happy Weekend to You.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Old Man Winter has finally come to visit and leaving his gentle touch wherever he goes.  From various colours of grey painted skies, to frosting on our roofs, to the bows of trees sparkling with a web of silver, to his butterfly kisses across my face in the morning air.

And while I mock and tease those who are excited about the first snow, secretly I adore winter.  This season always invokes wonderful memories of my childhood past, from snow ball fights and snow angels, to creating paper snowflakes, to being surrounded in family.  Longings deep within my soul whirl around like fall leaves caught in a gust of wind.

The white old man reminds me of Christmases past and cherished family members that have long since left this earth.  He reminds me of my adored and much loved childhood dog and warm fires, Sundays in pajamas, homemade hot chocolate and baking with my mother.

My memories are vast and large and all encompassing, and much like a scene in a snow globe, they has been frozen in time.

As I get older and our family branches from direction to direction, I can’t quite hold onto the winters of my past.  They were simple and uncomplicated and full of beauty and I miss them.

Holidays have become about spreading myself too thin from traveling here to there and seeing this person to seeing that person, and I grow weary of the changes.  This time of the year always brings me moments of regret for not having children.  And I latch onto my beautiful nieces all the more, well aware that they are growing up. And as one informed me last weekend, will be moving to a new country for University in two short years and my heart breaks again.  I miss her already and fear she won’t come back. I strain to see the child in her but I can’t.  And as they grow older, so begins another change to our winter traditions.  It is growth.

Why is it that we wish to hold onto those childhood moments.  I suppose it’s because as a child they seemed perfect.  I am betting however my parents would tell me that they were full of imperfection that my innocent young eyes would not have grasped.  I prefer to keep these cherished memories as untarnished highlights of my life.

Beautiful, endearing moments of my heart and I would not have it any other way.

Yes, Old Man Winter is welcome at my house along with his ice encrusted suitcase full of my memories.  In fact, I look forward to our first Winter’s dance together, under the sky while snowflake confetti lightly touches my face and sticks to my eyelashes and I twirl under the beauty of it all feeling like the enthralled five year old of my dreams.

He is my winter lover, my solace, my moment of dreams and my friend. And like all old friends, he will always have a place in my heart and in my home.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It’s Wednesday and the middle of the week.  My nerves are twisted and taut from the stress of my job.  Home seems to be a boring and a bland place to hang.

Everyone wants a piece of me and I feel the need to escape, and so I do.  With a twitch of my nose, I transport myself to a Spa.  But no ordinary spa, one that is entrenched within the beauty of a historic, romantic castle.  Where the walls are ensconced in warm candlight.  Soft lyrical tunes of a harp play somewhere off into the distance.  I strain to hear where it comes from, but there are too many intriguing hallways and I am left to stand in my silk robe and bare feet wondering and hoping that I will eventually get a sneak peek at the musical instrument that transports me to another time and era.  And just as I am about to slip into a musical trance, a rugged deep and throaty voice that send chills up my back calls to me.  I turn in time to catch the silhouette of a tall, dark stranger heading thru gothic like doors, but not before he pauses and turns to look at me with his piercing green eyes.  He beckons to me: It’s time for your massage bonita, he says with a roll of his Spanish tongue that sends tiny little shivers down through my hips and into the tip of my toes. I am his servant with no will of my own and follow him without question.

Without will and thought, I lay upon a table drapped in soft sensual fabric and I close my eyes as I smell his muskiness and drift off into a land of ease as his warm muscular hands work to loosen my tense and strained body.

And in a moment of quietness and pure unabashed bliss, he bends down with that husky voice of his and purrs into my ears:

“Why are you here?”

I softly say back: “I just need a place to escape.” and then I sigh as his hands travel further down my back and I snuggle deeper into the softness of the fabric draped table.

“What my beautiful, would make your life complete?” he says so softly that I barely can hear him.

I don’t answer because I don’t know, so I just close my eyes and drift.  Somewhere between heaven and earth, my soul floats surrounded by this moment of pleasure.  And I lose myself.

Later as I leave, I see you standing there waiting your turn.  I give you that smile that says “you are in for a treat”.  And as I look at you again, I realize that you know, you’ve been here before and that is why you are back.

And as I walk past the door of his room, I hear him say to you:

“What my beautiful, would make your life complete?”

And you say......................

Sunday, November 7, 2010


And a soft kiss from mother nature

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches

Friday, November 5, 2010


As long as I have known myself, I have lived behind a wall of humour. I am not protecting myself from anything. It's just that laughing is a much more pleasant way to go thru life. But behind my humour, I battle some serious moments of unhappiness, due to a part of my life that I have been grieving the loss of for several years.

This is a difficult blog for me to post about, and I am sure that I will take a lot of heat for it, but in any event, I am talking about my single life. Lately, I have been reading a lot of blogs by a lot of wonderful, single women, whom I adore and whom I would never want to offend. They often write about searching, wanting, needing and wishing for love to appear for them. I, of all the people you will meet, can completely relate as I was single for a long period of time before the right man entered into my life.

There are days though that as much as I adore these wonderful single women, I just want to shake them and say "snap out of it"! Because, the fact of the matter is that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I am a true testimony to that. When I was single, my life was lacking in love, but it was unbelievably full. I was busy, I was hanging out with my girlfriends, we were going and doing things. Dinners, movies, lunches, theatre, spa dates, girl parties, you name it the sky was the limit. We took courses and learned new things, we went for cocktails and sat at pubs. We traveled, we ate, we drank wine, we giggled, we ooohed and aaahhed, we wished for, we dreamed together, we shared our hopes, our thoughts, our desires but mostly, we bonded. We bonded so strongly and developed a sisterly love for each other that we hoped would stand the test of time. We were wrong.

I wouldn't trade my better half for the world, but a part of my life died when we became a couple. No longer able to go out on a moment's whim to a girl function, my life became dictated around what we as a couple had planned. This is part of being a considerate person in the relationship. Listen, I realize that your life does not end the moment you are in relationship, but if you think that you are going to spend the same amount of time with your girlfriends, you are wrong. When you enter into a relationship, you have to think of your partner and their needs, as well as your own, and spending the quality time with them to make your relationship grow, or it just won't work. Especially in today's society when we are all working so hard in our lives, from careers, to children, to family, to friends, something will always have to take a backseat as there is just not enough time in the day.

So what am I trying to say here: well, I love my better half. You all know that. He is fun, crazy, weird, goofy, and for someone who asked me yesterday, yes he does have his sense of smell, he just doesn't care that I fart (thank gawd or this relationship would have ended on day one!). But the fact of the matter is that the special girl time that you as single women are enjoying is invaluable, memorable, wonderful, indescribable and nothing in the world compares to the bonding of women. Being single is such a special time in your life. It is complete freedom, there is no one to answer to but yourself, it is moments of indulgence, it is moments of yourself, it is about you, and only wonderful you, and I am even choking up as I write this as that is how much I miss it.

Value what you have, whether that be a relationship, or whether that be singleness. There are perks and downfalls to each. But whatever stage of life you are in, enjoy that ride until it comes to an end because I can tell you that for every single girl standing with her face pressed against a window looking in at a couple, there is a woman in a relationship standing on the other side of that window looking out at the single girl with a longing and her arms outstretched.

Now I am going to go and blow my nose and fix my mascara and hope that you will still love me after this crazy rant.

In the meantime, note that I am only speaking from my perspective and that I am pms-ing *blink blink*...

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches