Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It’s Wednesday and the middle of the week.  My nerves are twisted and taut from the stress of my job.  Home seems to be a boring and a bland place to hang.

Everyone wants a piece of me and I feel the need to escape, and so I do.  With a twitch of my nose, I transport myself to a Spa.  But no ordinary spa, one that is entrenched within the beauty of a historic, romantic castle.  Where the walls are ensconced in warm candlight.  Soft lyrical tunes of a harp play somewhere off into the distance.  I strain to hear where it comes from, but there are too many intriguing hallways and I am left to stand in my silk robe and bare feet wondering and hoping that I will eventually get a sneak peek at the musical instrument that transports me to another time and era.  And just as I am about to slip into a musical trance, a rugged deep and throaty voice that send chills up my back calls to me.  I turn in time to catch the silhouette of a tall, dark stranger heading thru gothic like doors, but not before he pauses and turns to look at me with his piercing green eyes.  He beckons to me: It’s time for your massage bonita, he says with a roll of his Spanish tongue that sends tiny little shivers down through my hips and into the tip of my toes. I am his servant with no will of my own and follow him without question.

Without will and thought, I lay upon a table drapped in soft sensual fabric and I close my eyes as I smell his muskiness and drift off into a land of ease as his warm muscular hands work to loosen my tense and strained body.

And in a moment of quietness and pure unabashed bliss, he bends down with that husky voice of his and purrs into my ears:

“Why are you here?”

I softly say back: “I just need a place to escape.” and then I sigh as his hands travel further down my back and I snuggle deeper into the softness of the fabric draped table.

“What my beautiful, would make your life complete?” he says so softly that I barely can hear him.

I don’t answer because I don’t know, so I just close my eyes and drift.  Somewhere between heaven and earth, my soul floats surrounded by this moment of pleasure.  And I lose myself.

Later as I leave, I see you standing there waiting your turn.  I give you that smile that says “you are in for a treat”.  And as I look at you again, I realize that you know, you’ve been here before and that is why you are back.

And as I walk past the door of his room, I hear him say to you:

“What my beautiful, would make your life complete?”

And you say......................


  1. Hell gimme what she got PLEASE, pretty please, I'll be good I promise ; (

  2. this isn't nearly as easy as the bartender asking for secrets! this feels like homework from a shrink! hmmm...

  3. Time for me! I also have too many "have to do's" for others in my life.
    I think it is time we all started to be a little selfish & take care of ourselves :)

  4. A slice of French silk pie and a shopping spree in NYC. Hey, that was way too easy.....

  5. Wow.....what harlequin books have you been reading (tee,hee)
    Um yeah...........sounds pretty dang awesome.
    Love the whole castle scenario.....
    it's a good thing I've already lost my virginity
    just saying

  6. a weekly appointment with him. Love a good massage

  7. be carrited away on the wings of passion, to a place where only the two of us exisit. And to feel the warmth of his breath on my neck as his lips brush all to quickly against mine He sweeps my trembling body up into his bulging, muscular arms making them strain to break free from the bonds of his taught white shirt. I can feel the shivery little bumps rise all over my body as he whispers in my ear, "Yo te quiero, mi amore".....

  8. Very nice...oh where do I begin...

  9. OMG I need a massage by that man!


  10. I'd just like someone to love me..real, true, breathless love. Where is he already!?!?

  11. Wow! This is a brilliant one Tracy!! I LOVE it. Such food for thought... I don't know WHAT would make my life complete - though that massage sounds like a great place to start. Hmmmm.....


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