Monday, August 13, 2012

Fresh as a daisy...

I am humming to myself that song, you know the one, "where have all the flowers gone, long time passing, where have all the flowers gone, long time ago". I cannot even guarantee those are the right words, and am bit too lazy to google it, and then too boot, I am substituting the word "flowers" with the word "bloggers". 

I am starting to notice an uneasy trend here in blogland, that being one by one, the original bloggers that I followed are slowly and surely dropping off the face of blogosphere.  And, I often wonder if I am not too far behind.

It was funny because just as I was contemplating if my time was up here as well, I read a comment from Chris at Tilting at Windmills. He wrote on Bouncin Barb's blog as she bid her final adieu, the following words verbatim: "A lot of people blog to releave life stress- and when the stress eases, it's a time taker they no longer need. Go forth, enjoy life."

I stared at his words for such a long time as they resonated deeply within me.  

I had started my blog, as you well know, because I was in an unhappy place in my life and I was deep into soul searching, grasping at loose ends and trying with all my heart to find joy.  I was lost and needed a place to let my words flow.  Spilling them out into the blogosphere was so much more rewarding then spilling tears constantly down my already soggy and mascara-smudged face.

I garnered a lot from blogging, new friends, new opinions, some ego stroking, confidence building, gratitude, enjoyment and mostly relief.  Blogging had always been a special place where I really felt comfortable in bearing my soul with no worries of repercussions and no judgments tossed.  As a blogger, I had lost all sense of decorum and had absolutely no problem whatsoever sharing with the world my life of flatulence, wedgie wars, saggy boobs, hair growth and dimply asses.  By the way, nothing seems to have changed in those areas of my life!

But as time went on and my happiness started to soar and I felt myself hit my stride, I started to wander away from here more and more.  And then when I would come back, I felt that myself and my blog were fast becoming archaic. Simply said, I think my writing was at its most prolific when I was in my greatest amount of pain. 

My joy is now into creating things, like the following photo of mine, wherein I superimposed two of my pictures together to create the following:

Now it would seem, that I have been left with a bit of a conundrum.  In pain, I enjoy my writing, and in happiness, I enjoy my photography.

So where does that leave my blog and I?

Well I am not ready to throw in the proverbial towel so to speak, but I am ready to start a new chapter in my writing.  One that is more uplifting, less heavy with a heaping side of carefree...

So I am, in a sense, saying goodbye to the old Average Girl and the old look of the blog.  She's been there and done her time and now needs to be retired.  Because, in all honesty, this Average Girl has long since changed. She no longer needs to be up at the top of the page dressed in hot pink looking a bit bored and uninterested.  She doesn't need her blog to be doused in heavy colours of oppressing fuschia and black.

She feels light and happy and wishes to reflect that in all aspects of her life, including this blog page. What does that mean for my writing?  Well, I have no idea.  I suppose it will be an adventure to see what spills out of a less pain filled Average Girl. In fact, it may mean more happy writing, and even perhaps a tad to sappy at times.  One thing for sure is that this Average Girl is feeling downright joyful.  One could even say, that his Average Girl is, for lack of a better phrase, fresh as a daisy (hence the new look!)

Until Next Time.



  1. Funny. I was just thinking that it seemed alot of people had quit blogging. I need it as I have journaled all my life. Once I found out that my husband read them, I knew I needed another way to get the words out. Blogging is perfect for me and even if everyone goes away, I hope blogger is still here for me. Glad you are now in a good place!

  2. Oh it is good to hear from you and so chirpy, that's terrific. I love the new look, just what a girl needs xxx

  3. I'm totally loving the new fresh look Tracy! Also the new flower photos....VERY COOL!!! You might find that writing and blogging becomes a bigger part of you in Autumn/Winter, as your indoors more, and photography all year round, but becoming bigger in Spring/Summer.
    Go with the flow, and don't put pressure on yourself. When it feels good do it! I'm delighted you found your groove again! :))

  4. As I let go of the breath I was holding I am smiling, because selfishly I dont want to lose you from here in Blog land.
    Love the new look of the blog. So fresh and beautiful.
    You have never been "average", you have always been awesome and inspiring.

  5. I love the new background! All is well when we can say Life is Good! Enjoy living in the moment whatever that moment may be.

  6. Tracy! You are awesome and it has been wonderful to see the transformation these past few years. It reminds us all that we do continually change and grow. I never get tired of the flowers! Congrats on finding your "spot". If blogs stayed the same year after year it would be boring. I find myself not blogging as much as I used to--it's not as much a crutch as it was before.

  7. Thanks for yet another pimping. Eventually, I might get people thinking I'm an all right guy!

    A suggestion- Take the happiness, and the creativity, and tell storys! Loosely based on reality- or not; I know you can do it because I have seen the talent you have brought to this blog. Maybe it won't work- I've done poetry for years, and angst works so much better than happy- but worth a try. I would hate to see the "pen" that told so eloquently of pain and life and being butt-up in the bathroom with a turd half hanging out (Remember that?) go to waste.

  8. I don't care what your write or do, because I enjoy it all. I got a laugh out of you silliness, and awe out of your photos. Every time I have viewing on my house, I revert back to all your stories of you selling your home and those obnoxious people looking at your house. Keep at it...we like it.

  9. Life changes us and our needs and interests. It's like friendships. Some are lifetime friends others are what we need or want at the time. It's a whole lot easier if we welcome change and not try to hold on to the things we no longer need. I am so happy for you, Tracy. Enjoy life to its fullest. xo Carole

  10. *WHEW* For a moment there, I thought you were going to leave me. I mean, um, blogging. Yeah, blogging. ;o)

    I'm LOVING the new look of your blog. As our lives change, so do our tastes. And all that is reflected in our blogs. I've noticed the blog-leaving trend, too, and it's sad. Perhaps its just a phase in people's lives.

  11. I LOVE photography blogs. Just sayin'...

  12. Okay, as usual, I'm playing catch up on reading posts. I must say, this post is as fantastic as your "I'm in pain" I think you still have some terrific writing in you. I am struggling with the same, I write better when in angst. Rudolph writes better jokes when he's in angst too (he does stand-up comedy on the side). So my work has felt a bit fluffy lately. I have a feeling the stories your photographs could tell would be please keep writing.

  13. Good for you! Can't wait to see where this new direction leads you.


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