Friday, September 9, 2011


Summer came in a whisper and went out just as gracefully.  I opened my eyes to the sun and soaked in the warmth of it all.  I adore this time of year when summer runs into fall leaving an indelible warmth in my bones that carries me forward towards the harsh wet winters on the west coast.

My lush green garden has become over grown, my flowers have become straggly and weedy, and finally the growth of the hair on my legs has slowed down to a snail’s pace leaving me the need to only have to shave them every few days or so.  Yes, it is true my body runs with the seasons and so does my heart.

Never being one to love the parched direct heat of the summer months, I have found that as I get older, I now look forward to July and August perched within my well worn lawn chair.  I love those moments watching the clouds sail on by, reverting to my five year old self in an attempt to see faces and figures in the pillowy softness of the sky. 

We are experiencing an “indian” summer, if that is even politically correct to say anymore.  Warmth is in an abundance, my garden is still producing veggies and fruit, flowers strain to give a few last blooms and the insect life is in full autumn mode in an attempt to gather their last feasts before the inevitable rains knock the remaining vegetation to the ground.

For me, I enjoy this time of year with how the air changes and brings with it a distinctive smoke-filled hazy scent that reminds me of roaring fires from my youth.  Nesting creeps up upon me and I feel the need to bake and cook and hunker down for the cold winter nights. 

Quietly, I wander out on my lunch hour and head for the local bookstore gathering my necessary reads that will see me through the next several months.  I stock up on bubble baths and soaking salts for those moments later this year when I rush into the house frozen to the bone and emerge myself into a steaming bath full of flavourful scents and aromas. Oh, how I can already feel the sweet scented warm water as I let out that deep “ahhhhh” after the first foot in.

Moments of cuddling with my little pooch on our couch under soft warm inviting covers and evenings in my bed as I quietly inch my way over to soak up some of that arab heat that emanates from my better half’s body.

Creamy hot chocolates and chai tea lattes are already calling my name and deep within some suppressed memory, I can smell my mother’s spaghetti sauce bubbling and boiling on the overworked stove.

I look forward to that moment when the first set of maple leaves fall to the ground leaving me to crunch my way through them, or that first fall wind which is neither warm nor cold, but carries the last sweet infusion of earth before she closes her shop up for the winter.

Yes, I am in love with the amazing beauty of fall.  But more importantly, I am in love with how fall sets my heart aflutter.

Until Next time.



  1. How beautiful. May you and your two warm buddies enjoy fall to the max :)

  2. Beautiful.

    Fall is by far my favorite. And it's fast approaching here in MA. I was walking around the house in a sweater last night, I'm just too cheap to turn on the heat already. :)

  3. Still summer here in the desert. I'm afraid we don't have much of a Fall season here, though I do remember it well. I'm not a big fan, but I do like Christmas. Lovely post you wrote, I was wondering, how cold does it get by your parts?

  4. Thanks guys and Alex, maybe -8 at most!

  5. Mmmm....sounds heavenly. Fall and spring are my favourite seasons. Spring for hope and fall for colour.

  6. I'm getting to enjoy fall more as I get older as well. Easier for us to clamber through the brush without all those goofy leaves ( and, more to the point, nasty insects) to get in the way.

  7. I do love a good monkey water bath!

  8. Beautiful flowers! I'm enjoying the warm late summer/early fall weather, too. Trying to be outside as much as possible, sitting in the garden (notice I did not say weeding the garden--oh dear). Enjoyed your description of the same weather I'm basking in!

  9. A lovely post. I really envy your 'Indian Summer' it is cold, windy and rainy here in the UK. Summer passed us by ! x

  10. I do love fall as well...........BUT, it just doesn't last long enough here in Alberta. Winter lurks it's ugly head around every corner, so now it is hard for me to get excited about fall
    as I HATE winter. yup, I do.
    for me, it is lonely, cold, dark, and long
    I would love ONLY 2 months of winter, to enjoy those things you wrote about, cause they are wonderful things
    but, 2 months is sufficient for me

  11. Beautiful writing per usual! LOVE IT! Autumn is my favorite season too! I am sure I have told you before, I love it when the leaves change and the cool crispness when its not "too cold" yet. halloween is my absolute favorite too, this reminds me that I need to get to the store and bake some pumpkin bread pronto! Keep up the gorgeous writing!!!

  12. Lovely post...sorry it has taken me so long to read it!


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