Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's the Great Postcard Campaign Charlie Brown!!!!

Tis true my lovely friends... The witty JDay over at The Ramblings of Charlie Brown started the Great Postcard Campaign of 2011.

The gist, everyone who signs up, is assigned a month to send out postcards to everyone on the list in order to connect without the aid of social media.

The purpose: well trying to find a way to reconnect with each other on a more personal level.

I received my first postcard last month, and this month, it is my turn to send them out.  

Can I tell you that I had the worst time in the world trying to find generic postcards!  Secondly, I am so not use to writing very often and I needed an icepack and some good old pain cream to rub into my shoulder after all that freaking writing!  And thirdly, I, believe it or not, was stumped on what to write! Good grief Charlie Brown!!!!

Lastly, I think it will be fun... so if you haven't already, go on and skip over to JDay and sign up and be a part of connecting with other individuals from other countries, but for PITY SAKE PEOPLE, please sign up in October, I already did my freaking post cards and I can no longer feel my fingers!!!!

And on a side, I want to thank Ruth at Welcome to Me and The Frisky Virgin for both passing on such lovely awards to me! You two are way too kind *blush*!

Finally, I am going to be slightly AWOL over the next few weeks, or at the very least, blogging sporadically. This is a crazy busy time at work, lawyers and trials, you get my drift.  And already I want to pack my bags and head for the high country... Anybody want to put me up?

Will hopefully resume normal programming in the very near future, or, if not, send a search team out for me, you will most likely find me licking out the contents of a margarita drink pitcher in a dark back alley tearfully whining "why me, why me", whilst I scratch my head with my now permanently "postcardwritingitis" claw-like hand!

Cheers for now


  1. OMG how many did you do?
    And you didnt forget mine I hope.
    Oh and I have a spare room at my place anytime you need to hide. You can teach me how to make Margaritas

  2. Oh girl, you crack me up, 'postcardwritingitis", that's just too funny. Hope you sent me a real 'pwetty' one, I'm going to need it, the monsters...err children are coming tomorrow... If you ever need a place to run away to, the desert is waiting, nothing but coyotes and Joshua trees just for you...:)

  3. I did 11 Mynx!!! Eleven, my poor hand! LOL

    I am so sorry Alex, they aren't very "pwetty".... :(

    But thank you two for the invites, I may take you up on them!

  4. I am sorry about your claw hand but SOOO excited to get my postcard. I need to start looking ASAP for postcards. I've been trying to find them and haven't found any i love...and i'm anal enough to want really cute/fun ones!

  5. Oh no Jewels...are you ever going to be disappointed by mine... they are so ugly :( Think it is too late to pull them out of the post office and put some glitter and bows on them? lol

  6. When a teacher friend of mine asked for postcards from other states to be sent to her class I had such a hard time finding any near me.
    Who doesn't sell postcards?

  7. Oh and thanks for the shout out!

  8. it's always lovely to get things in the mail. i actually put something for you in the mail today! yay!

  9. Sorry about your hand but I can't wait for my postcard from you! :)

  10. Postcardwritingitis. I LOVE IT.

    So excited to know the postcards are in the mail. Must remember to check mailbox. lol And why didn't you put the glitter and bows on them BEFORE mailing them? ;o)

  11. This is a brilliant idea! I think I will sign up as well :)

    If you feel like coming to the old continent, to one of the smallest countries, you would be very welcome! :)

  12. God bless you for the pain of your efforts. You should check with JDay about free pain relievers (but be careful, they'll likely be horse pills!) And yer always welcome here- we can train Scrappy to attack lawyers.

  13. Thank you I received mine! It's wonderful and came just at the right time. Now if you had hand delivered it you could have come over and shared a Margarita or two :)


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