Sunday, September 18, 2011


This is a post I wrote from last year, one that is near and dear to my heart and one that expresses how I feel today.... Happy Sunday to everyone!

It’s raining today, and out of nowhere, my senses have been exhilarated with this deep feeling that my soul is cleansing it’s self. The skylight above me renders a constant pitter patter noise and I am adoring it. I pull my sweater closer around my neck while my eyes flutter in an attempt to remain open and focused.

Thoughts and ideas flit thru my mind, but I am too relaxed to be able to retain them. I am having a moment where I feel peaceful. So ironic for me.

I jump up from my desk at the lunch hour and walk outside and stand there while the sky drizzles down upon me, doing my own version of a moveless impromptu rain dance. Drops are glistening in my hair and then silently rolling down my cheeks and it feels so good. People walk past and give me crazy looks. I smile back and even cheekily say “you should try it some time”. They scamper away from the lunatic on the sidewalk who allows the rain to soak her. But the rain is not soaking me, it’s saturating my soul. Curiously, I feel warm rather than cold. But I understand, the rain is washing away the accumulation of disappointments that I have been holding onto so tightly and for far too long. Slowly and ever so slightly, I feel small releases as each one leaves me. I tell myself it is time to move on from those things I have no control over.

And then, in a moment of haste, I almost miss her. The sweetest child with blonde hair and blue eyes looking up at me perplexed. She blinks and strains her lovely face my way until the recognition dawns on her and she smiles and looks up at the sky. I stand there mesmerized as I watch beautiful silver streaked droplets of water splash on her soft brown eyelashes giving her an almost ethereal glow. She slips her warm soft hand into mine. My heart beats hard because I know her. I once was her. Innocent and happy, kind and thoughtful, with the world before me. She tells me that all will be okay and for a fleeting moment I believe her. I bend down and kiss her forehead and say “I know sweetheart”.

And then, with a turn and a sigh and a yank of my warm duvet, I wake up to the beautiful sound of the rain falling gently on my roof. And my day begins.

Until Next Time...



  1. Great entry! I loved it. Dreams are an amazing thing. They come in so many forms ~ cheer, fear, weakness, strength, hope, love, past, present and future ...
    'hugs from afar'

  2. May it be so. May you feel cleansed and hopeful.
    I'm loving the rain after the weeks of heat.

  3. How perfect's raining here today! I went for a walk in it too...

    Thank you for the post card :-) Hope all is well with you!

  4. That is absolutely beautiful. I love it. Great writing.

  5. Sweet post Tracy.....You STILL ARE that sweet girl....dear lady!!



  6. Rain here today. We need it. But dang it! I had to work all day, and therefore could not laze around at home. I am making up for that right now by lazing around at night. Just not enough energy to dance :)

  7. Oh, this is beautiful. So poetic and eloquent.

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

  9. Hi Tracy, I just popped over hear to answer the question you asked on my blog. I live in Victoria BC and have been to Chemainus many times while driving up island to go camping! (I was shocked when Hazel mentioned getting a letter with a picture of Chemainus on it! Didn't realize the letters sender was from Chemainus till you wrote your message!)

  10. Thanks for stopping by and telling me Bersercules!!! Really appreciate that!

  11. Hi I'm back! I came back to follow your blog, but there is no button to click at the top of the page to allow me to follow it! I don't know what to do? I'm new to blogging so if you could help me out I'd appreciate it!

  12. Oh you don't have to follow me because I am following you... but should you wish to, on the right hand side there is a heading called "The Amazing Ones." just click the "join this site button", but only if you wish to, no obligation!

  13. It wont let me sign up cause I don't have the right kind of account! :(
    I'm gonna have to (cause I want to) follow your blog the old school way!


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