Saturday, June 12, 2010


I decided to take the bull by the horns and start coaxing my passion back.  I have always been one to glide over the surface of learning new things and not really get into the depth.  I am easily bored unfortunately.  I suppose that besides Interior Design, nothing really has piqued my interest for any length of time, that is until a couple of years ago when I started using my mother's camera to take pictures.  My entire life I sucked, seriously sucked, at taking portraits pictures or of humans in general.  You know those people who cut off heads and knees and you are left with a torso?  Well that would be me, my friends. But low and behold, one day I went out and starting taking pictures of foliage and I wasn't that bad.  It surprised everyone in my family including yours truly. Several months later, my lovely better half surprised me with a wonderful little Cannon Powershot and I have had a blast with it thus far.  But lately, I was feeling frustrated with the lack of up close and personal pictures I was trying to achieve.  I could see it with my eye but with my lack of zoom capability, I could not achieve the pictures I so desperately wanted. So today, I bought myself a macro camera, and you know what, I am starting to feel "her", my passion that is.  She is telling me to get off my rooty toot butt, put some umpf into it and start being serious with the camera and so I will and I have a lot to learn but isn't that part of the fun?  So here is to the first attempts at reviving my passion!  She told me it was a weak attempt, but she was pleased nonetheless....

And I promise, it will get better.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. Looks like this is a good passion for you!

  2. Your pictures are really wonderful! I'm jealous of your camera ;) I wish mine had a better zoom. Keep having fun!


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