Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"P" is for PRETTY (because we all need a little pretty now and then)

I had written an earlier blog this afternoon as I was feeling a little down and felt like putting my proverbial pen to paper.  I posted it and immediately regretted sharing it.  It was dark and dreary, and well we all have things going on in our lives that weigh heavy on our shoulders, so what makes mine anymore special than someone else's? Absolutely nothing. And after some thought (not much), I raced upstairs to my computer and removed it and was instantly glad that I had done so. Although I don't regret writing it, as sometimes it's just nice to put it out there, but what is even nicer is having the option of disposing of it by filing it under "G" for garbage.  And so into the cyber trash can it went.  And instead I decided to repost with colour and beauty, something that inspires me, enlightens me and brings me tremendous happiness... and you know what, I am already feeling better.

Here's hoping that your week is filled with enough
colour to awaken your senses.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. I read the other blog that you deleted, it was very insightful... thanks for posting the gorgeous pics, it made me feel better too!

  2. I read the other blog you deleted as well and thank you for sharing..even if you deleted it...and this one is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing this one also! Rita

  3. Beautiful pics as usual. I myself like to know I'm not the only one wallowing at times... :)

  4. Sometimes it helps to get the bad stuff out on paper and then the good seems so much more! Lovely shots!

  5. Thank You for stopping by this week. You have beautiful roses from your garden. Have a great weekend...Julian


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