Monday, March 21, 2011


I am having a short circuit in my brain at this moment.  I realize that this happens to everyone, but if you could see me now, you would equate me to the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.  And that pea brain head of mine is so far into the sand that I'm starting to choke up artifacts.

My concentration level is at an all time low and I am letting little things pile up around me.  In fact, I am only 5'1, so the piles are about nostril level at this point, and I am afraid that if I just don’t buckle down, someone will have to call 911 to save me from the crush of my own self afflicted misfortune.

This often happens to me where my work life and my home life are pulling from so many angles that I just cannot decide where to dive in and tackle.  I don’t even have the umpf to locate something humourous in me to provide to the newspaper I write for.  Maybe, I should just take a picture of my frazzled looking self and submit that as self explanatory.

I often call myself a Type A personality.  It’s an all or nothing kind of thing for me.  I put my whole heart into it or I just walk away. To wit, my usually spotless house looks like a bomb blew up in it and my over exceedingly large workload has reached a state of emergency.  It’s even worse than you think.  Oh yes it is...

Let’s face it, I am becoming the poster child of avoidance.  And right now, my avoidance of choice is Etsy.  For those of you who don’t know what Etsy is, well it’s a place where you can sell your handmade wares online.  I have been shopping my heart out. In fact, half my Christmas shopping is already done.  Should I be Christmas shopping this early in the year? Well, hell yes. But should I be doing it when I need to remove the two inch thick dust that is covering the majority of my furniture?  Perhaps not. 

I won’t lie about the fact that submerging myself into the joys of online shopping isn't a huge high for me.  Every evening, I sit there up in my den in the darkness rubbing my greedy little paws together, buying this and buying that and giving out bursts of maniacal laughter on my latest finds.  I think my better half is a bit scared. I would be too, if I was him. And if that isn't bad enough, I can't stop myself from paypaling this and paypaling that.  And with each purchase, my body is shivering in the joy of the moment, my skin radiant in the glow of my latest conquest and my senses are on a jubilant high that sees me ignoring the disasters brewing all around me.  Oh yes Etsy, you have become my new best friend and dare I say it, my new lover.  My only problem... I don’t have enough people to buy for!

Perhaps it’s not all that bad, in fact, if I keep on avoiding real life issues, you may all reap the benefits via presents from an Average Girl.  And is that so bad? I think not!

So I guess the only question is: what’s your favourite colour?

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  1. Al Penwasser's "Monday Fun With Words!"
    Another way of looking at it......if I had hemorrhoids and a midget stood right behind me, his nostrils would be at the level of my piles.
    Or something like that.

  2. "Every evening, I sit there up in my den in the darkness rubbing my greedy little paws together, buying this and buying that and giving out bursts of maniacal laughter on my latest finds."

    This slayed me. You killed me with a fit of giggles, you naughty AG.~

  3. My favorite color is teal, haha. they have a CBD anonymous organization in your neck of the woods, lol.

  4. LMAO @ Al.

    You can shop for me all you want. I like all the colors except the girly ones. lol

  5. Lavender, pink, yellow, orange and red. Is that too many? Thanks for the warning about Etsy, I better stay as far away as possible or I'll start paypaling this and that as well.

  6. etsy's got some fun & amusing things! i've been considering taking a dive into the etsy pool myself lately, but from the selling, not buying end. maybe then i'd be able to afford some christmas presents when the usual xmas buying time rolls around.

  7. Oh I dar not even look too much on etsy...

    I feel you girl on the up to the nostrils in said it well,friend!

  8. LOL..
    Blue :-)
    Areyou going to buy me something in blue.. I would love that.. ;-)

  9. Purple purple purple all the way :)

  10. My favorite color?...hmmm...its pink these days but I like green and blue too!

    So sorry I haven't been around much, just crazy busy with the pending move.


  11. Purple, like my hair :) Oh and bags and things that sparkle hehe

  12. I got enough nerve to post a tutu I had made on etsy once...then I got cold feet and removed it! Etsy is like a treasure trove of everything homemade and vintage.

  13. You crack me up! I can relate, though. lol Hey, just say you've been busy Christmas shopping--the justification will become valid when everyone else is running around like a chicken with their head cut off come Nov./Dec., and you're just chillin'. ;)

    Favorite color: Pink, pink, pink!

  14. "Self afflicted misfortune".. I love that! Now, on to more important things. My favorite color is green. (Note the pretty green background on the bull.) I simply love handmade stuff whether it's made by your hand or bought for me that someone else made. I'm not picky. I would much rather you make the purchases since I am petrified that I may lose myself on that website if I go look.

    By the way, I almost used that same picture on my crazy Monday post talking about how behind I am on everything. And that dust? It's holding the furniture down, dammit! I refuse to see it any other way, Chicklet! :)

  15. I refuse (blue) to enable your addiction (blue) to online shopping by telling you (blue) my favorite color.

  16. Well... thank you (blue) for being so considerate (blue) CWMartin! lol

  17. Favorite color is definitely green. I hear ya, I have also been in much the same mood this week.



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