Friday, March 25, 2011


It's Friday and I couldn't be happier and I have challenged myself to stay off the computer for the rest of the weekend.  But I just couldn't go without telling you the best thing about a Friday.  And in no particular order, here they are:
  1. I lost another pound and a half!  Woo Whooo!
  2. My pants nearly fell around my knee caps today, too big, too baggy... me thinks a day clothes shopping may be around the corner sooner than I thought.
  3. I survived my work week, even when my boss came thru the door on a surprise visit and caught me babbling and giggling to my mother about my pooped pooch and I still have a job!
  4. I had a seriously bad hair day today, and guess what!  I just don't care cause that's what pony tails are for!  Yee Haw!
  5. I got my second Etsy package and it was wonderfully exciting (yes, I know I realize I need a life).
  6. Friday means Sushi night.... Yum Yum Yum!
  7. I am planning a trip to San Francisco and I can't wait to go!
  8. And Finally: my better half ate a ginormous bowl of ice cream in front of me last night and I didn't dump it on his head (of course I envisioned dumping it on his head and apparently, that can be just as satisfying).  And the best part, my old string bean of a better half who metabolizes sugar into energy, got on the scale and he was up 5 pounds.  And what did I say "I am so sorry honey" followed by my raucous laughter all the way down the stairs!  
Have a lovely weekend all.

See ya some time next week!



  1. Girl you crack me up. Congrats on the continued weight loss, you've got to do a post about your diet one of these days, my husband is looking for a 'newer, gentler diet', so anything will help. Yes, I foresee a shopping day coming up real soon.. :)

  2. alex, i heard a commercial on the radio the other day about dieting only every other day. that sounds pretty gentle to me & you still get to eat what you want every other day, so it doesn't seem so impossible.
    tracy, you sound like you get to have a fun shopping day tomorrow!
    benefit of not smashing that ice cream on jim's head? you didn't have to deal with an angry man. plus, he's gaining & you're losing, so it's a win for you! have a good weekend!

  3. That's great news girlie! Keep it up!!! VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!! :)

  4. New clothes! Lucky you! Poor him! LOL!

  5. Om nom nom nom on the Sushi! Glad to hear things are going well :)


  6. Seriously, you have to tell us about your new way of eating. I need to lose 30 pounds in the next 6 months and I can't even get through a day without blowing it! Arrgh

  7. Woo-hoo! Keep up the good work!!! Loved reading your post! LOL!


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