Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well I am off to get my passport issued tomorrow for my upcoming trip to San Fran.  As I was filling out my application, I got this idea in my head, wouldn’t it be great if we were allowed to photoshop our passport photos.

On Saturday, I went to get my rather long hair chopped off a bit followed by getting my passport photos done.  As you know, I have a big head.  In fact, my better half calls my head: “a big HEEEEEEEEED!” On top of that, I have the mother of all hair.  And there are two things you need to know about my hair.  If I don’t semi straighten it, I look like this:

If I straighten it too much, well then I look like this:

I am either a walking advertisement for a terra cotta vegetation housing unit, or I am the human equivalent of a bobble head.

Needless to say that my lovely stylist straightened my hair so much that it looked like uncooked spaghetti noodles.  So with time ticking and an appointment looming over at the photographers studio, this bobble head flew in to have her passport photos taken all the while forgetting to take a moment to primp.

Unfortunately, the woman was so busy at the photography store that she rushed me in, sat me down and clicked the photo in under ten seconds and ushered me out the door before you could say “Bob’s your uncle”. 

And on Monday when the photos were ready and my better half picked them up for me, he handed them over with a slight smile and said “nice Heed honey”.

As I opened the little packet, my jaw dropped to the ground, because in my haste, I forgot to take off my red jacket which was over a purple sweat shirt.  And this is what I saw staring back at me: a bobble head with spaghetti hair, with her roots showing and wearing the colours of a future member of the Red Hat Society:

Well, thank gawd the passport is only good for five years, right?

I wonder if they will even let me cross the border! Here's hoping!

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  1. In this age of digital photography they should allow you to preview your photo first. Same with the DMV. Would it kill them to take two seconds in order to save years of potential embarassment? Yeesh.

  2. Have a good time on your trip!!!

    And yea photoshop for passports would rock.

  3. Sounds like my last trip to the DMV.
    God, I look horrible.

  4. So freakin' funny!! I'm sorry that I am laughing, but it reminds me of getting my military ID - I look like I had taken a few hits of something!

  5. Hilarious! No license or passport photo is ever good so I don't think you have anyting to worry about!

  6. Don't you love it when the Red Hat ladies ask if you're a member?! Yes it has happened to me ( in my 30's, no less) and I always say I'm not 50 yet! Put your frickin' glasses on!

    It is the law of the universe that passport and driver's license photos must not actually look like you. Bud looks like a serial killer in his. I have a smirk on my face that makes me look touched in the head.

  7. passport photos are always horrible. it's the rule.

  8. Hee hee hee....ooh la la! is what I heard at the Paris airport when I showed my passport! Even my closest of friends laugh at. FIVE years is is a LONG time when the photo sucks and not long enough when it's a good one!
    San Francisco is such a fun city to visit!

  9. hahaha! you're a red hat society member now! hahaha! they'll let you into the country, but then usher you straight to a retirement community.

  10. that's a crack up, I love Chia pets, they're so cute....You should see my passport pics, I have two passports, and I don't know which one is worse....

  11. Be thankful it's only five years. When I had mine done it was for ten years. Seriously? Don't they know us women folk change our look every month? LOL!

  12. Chia Pet! hahahaha Passport photos are always horrid!

  13. Hahaha! I positively hate passport photos! It's like they were invented to make people feel bad about their looks!
    Love the new look of the blog! (even if I also liked the other one ;) )

  14. I too have curly hair. Mine is corse too, I don't know if yours is. Whenever people see me without my hair done, they always say, "OH Paul, I love you hair. I wish my hair were curly!" I try not to glare, but I always think (and sometimes say) "If you had it, you wouldn't feel that way."

  15. another funny story!! Ya know, in the states your passport is good for 10 years!!! Every 5 years here in Canada is just plain stupid.
    HATE passport photos.
    WHY WHY don't you post us the REAL photo (tee,hee)
    I need proof of the bobble head.
    have a good the Easter song
    Bob, bob bobbing along.


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