Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Weekend to You!

I want to wish you all a happy weekend.  I am taking just a couple of days off from the computer as I think I am coming down with something.  You know, cold hands and feet, hot face, sniffles and crazily fatigued.  I thought it was hayfever, but I think I am wrong on that. 

Maybe I am just having sticker price shock from all my Etsy purchases.  Good grief I went crazy.  Just like a kid in a candy store (yum candy)... Oops, no candy for me! Oh well, it's all for the ones I love any way, well most of it.  

If you want to check out what I have bought, just go to this other blog of mine: as i dream it.  Prewarning to all men, everything I bought is pretty girly, I must say.  Well, I am girly (most of the time).  Maybe some day though for the guys, I will post pics of my tool box which could rival most men. *she says proudly*  What can I say, a girl who wears heels armed with her drill!

By the way, I am really very sorry if I haven't gotten around to reading and commenting the past week.. As I say this I owe big apologies to Sherilin, International Woman of Mystery, Mynx, Yvonne, Deborah, Katsidhe, Frisky Virgin and many many others.  This has been a pretty bad pain week for me and I have been combatting some nasty headaches and lots of swelling and feeling terribly guilty over not visiting your blogs. You guys are all so good about commenting on my blog. I hope to be back on my "A" game next week. I am very sorry about that, because I have really missed reading your blogs!  Which reminds me, has anyone noticed what a great commenter OT is from Make Daddy a Sammich.  That guy really rocks in the comment category and I think it should be noted.

Anywhoooo.... I hope your weekend is spectacular and full of nothing but the utmost of happiness, because you all deserve it.

Cheers for now


  1. EK! I know how you are feeling, I've just come out the other side of a VERY nasty cold. Get some rest, if you don't it will take twice as long to get better.
    Have a nice weekend (apart from being sick)

  2. Hope your weekend gets better as well as your health =)

  3. wow, i made the list! and you owe no apologies. you spoke to me on facebook this week which was all friendly and delightful. i agree, oily's pretty good with the comments. i loved when he joined me over at my place.
    take the weekend off, enjoy. and may it be springy for you, so even if you feel like yuck, it'll suck less.

  4. Hope you feel better soon Tracy, and I agree OT is a very good commenter. Gotta go check your purchases now, I think I'm catching your shopping

  5. I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  6. Rest and feel better soon lovely lady
    (and I still want that bag) hehe

  7. Great weekend to you, too. And get well soon!

  8. You just take care of yourself. The world is still going around and around.

  9. loved your comment on OT's last post...the vag hair one...

    hope you start to feel better!~

  10. Oh dear, I hope you start feeling better soon.
    Etsy shopping can get Crazy. I love all the stuff there. But, now that I am NOT working and hubby is also retired..........kinda have to be "smarter" about how we spend our $$$$

  11. Aw Tracy, Sorry you're not feeling well my friend. I'm just approaching the tail end (I hope!) of mine. Hubs got it first and says it's running rampant at work. Friends and family from coast to coast all seem to be getting it. It's looking like it's a downright epidemic.

    Please do try to get lot's of rest and plenty of fluids, and I highly recommend Mucinex (or the store brand equivilent) if your chest is at all tight and/or you have a dry cough. The antibiotics that our NP prescribed didn't do much for either of us, but that stuff was a God-send for the congestion.

    I'll be sending out lots of positive and healing thoughts, along with the hope that it's over soon for you.

    Warm Healing Hugs,
    ~Mrs B

  12. I love Etsy!!!
    Feel better soon!

  13. No worries about not commenting! Hope you feel better soon and it's okay to take breaks from the computer. Have a fantastic weekend! Hope you are enjoying the nice weather.

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