Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where do you get creative?

When you read the pages of your fellow bloggers, don't you wonder where they are typing their posts from?  Are they curled up on the couch or snug in their bed with their lap tops balancing precariously on their thighs.  Are they winging it from work and hoping the boss doesn't catch them.  Or are they sitting out on their deck pounding away on their ipad while enjoying the fresh air.  The possibilities of writing on your blog from when and where to why are endless. 

Lots of my facebook friends are my blogging buddies and I love it.  I see glimpses into their lives, and if only briefly, I feel like I really know them. They are just not a series of words on a page, but a person with a family, with a life, with enjoyment and downfalls, happiness and heartaches.  They are more than just these words, this creativity that we witness glimpses of.  They are the unbelievably soulful hearts behind creativity.

My creative moments happen in the middle of the night or in the shower, but most frequently, and unfortunately, on the toilet.  Gasp!  I must run up to my den and jot my thoughts down or they disappear within a blink of an eye.

I thought I would throw out a challenge to my blogging buddies to post a picture of where they sit and type and spew out the words that make them so unique and interesting that we are all clamoring to read their next set of words.

So, I thought I would start with myself, not that you are clamoring to read my next set of words, but the fact that perhaps you would like to know a little more about me than just what you read on this page in the blogosphere.

So here is where I dig deep:

My Desk, where I type and read your blogs...

And just a few of the books I read
mostly on Italy, mostly on dreams I have....

I surround myself in art as I just can't get enough
of the talents of others....

Sometimes I sit on the other side and pay bills....

And I try to surround myself in the things I love
but mostly, I try to remind myself that actually Living Life
is important

And sometimes I need the beauty of the talents of others
to remind myself that creativity
comes from our souls
much like these beautiful wall vases

But mostly, I just need place that inspires me.

So now you know where I get creative

I wonder, where do you?


  1. Cool! I'll post a photo!! You got it Pontiac!!

  2. I really like that last picture! Hmm, I get creative wherever the "creativity" strikes me. But mostly, I get creative in the wee hours of the night, when everyone else is sleeping. I put on some music, usually it's all instrumental jazz (so as not to interrupt the creative juices that are flowing) and I light candles and I drink wine. If I'm working on my novel or a story, I pace. Back and forth in my room, as I try to lace "just the right words" together. :)

  3. Hi, thanks for letting up peek into your space.

    My blogging takes place in our comfy moss green guest room and my painting happens in my studio.
    For pictures (see )

    I get a lot of creative ideas late at night or while getting a massage while I'm in total relaxation.

  4. My laptop is being repaired and I'm posting from my cellphone, but as soon as I get it back, I'll do a post with pictures!

  5. Typically it's the couch. Sometiems it's while driving, and by the time I can jot something down, I've lost it! LOL Go figure. ;o)

  6. Very cool AG, I will have to take some photos, and they will be featured in a post to come.

  7. Great idea! I'll also put some photos in a future post.

  8. I sit at a little desk in a corner of my dining room. Nothing fancy, just the only place I could put my computer!

  9. most of the time i get creative on the road...

    used to drive a lot for my job, still love windshield time for creative time...

  10. So I have taken some pics of my work space. Will post them soon.

    BTW Love yours but, WAY too tidy girl!! LOL!

  11. I wish I had a camera so I could post a pic =(

  12. Im the one winging it from work hoping the boss doesn't catch me!

  13. Those are nice pics! I would like my current "office" to look more like that! I usually write my blog at work in my cubicle which is not too inspiring and when I would draw or do whatever art project in school, I usually just did it in my bedroom or whereever I had space. It is so important to surround yourself with beauty and things you love, good for you!! :)

  14. That is a pretty cool setup. I do all of my "work" from my dining room table.

  15. Your space is so beautiful! I am completely envious of all your shelves filled with books and the way you have everything so clean and nicely put in it's place. I think this is a great idea for all of us to get a glimpse into the lives of our blogging friends. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I have a computer desk. I either think of something here or when I am doing my walking or sometimes in bed. When I am trying to get some sleep.

  17. Thanks for the great comments and I am so looking forward to those who post pics.

    And Hannah, it was only clean for the photographs.. lol!

  18. Sorry, just a boring little computer desk tucked between our boring little living room and dining room. And, I usually just imagine you all nekked. ;)

  19. That is a good challenge.. WHERE do I sit and do my posts. Usually, 95% of the time, in my nightshirt, sitting in my loveseat of our 950 square foot little house, typing my thoughts away.
    I am most creative on my walks...and I formulate my thoughts there...then come home, and put on my nightshirt and type it out.
    It is wonderful to surround ourselves with beautiful inspiring things....IMPORTANT

  20. Thanks Wendy!!!

    @ CW.... Nekked!!! LOL

  21. you've got a prettier space than mine. i sit in my kitchen at my desktop computer, which seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. i think everywhere, but do the work in the kitchen were i have a keyboard.
    btw, i gave you a silly award on my blog tonight.

  22. I just found this blog through carole reid's site and plan on following. I am impressed with how organized your space is. Mine blog is usually done on my art studio in amongst the chaos of empty coffee cups and art pens. Tonight is a rare night of curling up in bed with my laptop.

  23. I'm the blogger who is curled up on the sofa with the dogs at her feet, sun shining through the window and mtv on in the background :)

  24. Your personal space is so pretty and inspirational! When I grow up, I would like to have a beautiful space like that for myself. :)

  25. I blog either at the breakfast bar or on the couch, ususally. As soon as the weather gets a wee bit warmer, I hope to be doing it from my deck or porch among my flower boxes and the chirping birdies, but for now I'm stuck inside. (sigh)

    I just purchased a new camera, so I'll take a few snaps when I get it and post them. Very nice idea, my dear. No matter where it is that you get your most creative, it always comes out here just beautifully!

    (I agree with the others... you're desk is seriously way too tidy and organized! Give me about two minutes in your space and I'll have it looking just as scary as mine! LOL)

    Love to you,
    ~Mrs B


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