Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Year of It's an Average Life

Yesterday marked the one year incarnation of my very Average Life... I wasn't sure that I wanted to even mark the occasion since really in the last 4 months I have been so on and off again with my blogging which is no secret to all of you. But after thinking about it, I thought it deserved to be noted, as blogging for me has been a year of learning about myself. A year where I put myself out there.  A year where I found out more about who I am than ever before.  Good, bad, funny and ugly, it's been all documented here for everyone to read. From the lowest painful raw moments to my more humorous moments, it really has just been all about my average life.   

So too mark the one year since it's conception... I thought I would share with you the headers and banners of my blog for the last 365 days!

So without further ado, here they are, in no particular order:

Look #1
Going for the Romantic Look
I got all caught up on some other blogs about
romanticism and how pretty they were
and I tried desperately to emanate them!

Look #2
Loving my Lavender look
The fact is, I just loved these photos when I took them.

Look #3
In my Shopping phase
This didn't last long, I mean I like to shop
but that is not what my life is about
(well at least not every day!)

Look #4
Finding a bit of Italy in Canada
just another reason to post more of my pics,
yes I am a tad camera happy!

Look #5
Going for Serene
and definitely NOT one of my favourite looks!
Good grief, what was I thinking!

Look #6
Juggling my Life
The one that I felt best described me
(and DEFINITELY my very favourite look!)
why didn't I keep it *pause to scratch head*

Look #7
Reflective on the Fall
I really did not like this on. Yuck!
Horrible huh?

Look #8
In the Mind of Tracy
(be glad you are not a part of my mind, or my purse for that matter!)

Look #9
Feeling introspective
I stole this from another short lived blog that I had
called One Woman's Mid Life Crisis!

Look #10
one that I loved but took way too much space
as a header - it only lasted 2 hours on the screen and
in fact the red gave me such a headache
that I needed to pop an Advil!

And Finally
Look #11
although not my final look
as it is starting to bore me!

Who knows what the next look will be,
but I am kind of looking forward to the change.
Because, Change is good.
It keeps you interested in what you love to do!

So, which one do you like?


  1. Happy Blog Birthday! And it's so fun that you have experimented so much with the look of your blog and that they reflected your mood at the time. I need to give mine an overhaul...

  2. My vote goes to # 2, #4 and #8 in that order. Where do you find the headers? I think changing is fun and it sure keeps me interested.

  3. wait..what? change your look?

    i have been around a year and half and only 3 changes...added a pic to the banner and changed the font (2x)..

    i blame laziness...

    good on ya and look forward to many other blog b days!

    and many more incantations or whatever the word i am looking for is...

  4. Happy Blog-iversary, AG! I'm so glad that you came back on this blog so that we could celebrate with you.~

    In the layouts, I like 9 & 10 best, I think. I love vintagey things.

  5. the midlife crisis is gone? i noticed just yesterday that it's been quiet over there for a while.
    i've not had good luck with headers. i change backgrounds, etc, but so far, i can't quite find a header that suits me.
    yours are always interesting & unique.

  6. Happy anniversary! That's really pretty awesome. Always love reading your posts. Gotta say, I really like your current blog banner. Big fan of the vintage.

  7. You're definitely a person who needs more than occasional change, probably because of how creative you are. I am partial to #8, but I think you should just keep changing. It suits you fine, and it is alway interesting to see what will greet me each time I check your blog out.

  8. I hadn't seen most of those "looks"... and here I thought I knew you so well! Huh!

    I like #4 the best - you have a real eye for taking pics that are anything but Average.

    The Simple Dude

  9. Congrats on the one year anniversary! I liked #'s 6 & 8 myself. But those and the current one are the only ones I had seen. :o)

  10. Happy Blog-iversary to yo!! :D I'm glad you decided to stick around and share the day with us average folks.. :D :D
    I'm still trying to come up with a nice header.. Until then I satisfy myself by fiddling around with the backgrounds and stuff.. :| I've only seen 6 and 11, and I love both of them.. I kinda liked 8 and 9 as well.. :) :)

  11. Happy Blog-iversary!I found you during look 8 and I thought it was a great one!

  12. All of these are great but I gotta love the little picture of you flying to the have given a very flirty creative , account of yourself just through your should do it for a living!

  13. I like 'em all--especially the photos.
    Congrats on your anniversary! Time flies, doesn't it?

  14. Congrats! It is interesting seeing all the headers you've used. I wonder what's next for you Average Girl. Change is good and oh so exciting!

  15. Congrats! Funny how things can change in the space of a year, eh? Oh, the pervo side of me votes for #9.

  16. I like number 6, because that's when I started following your blog. I also really like number 8. I always thought it was funny. And lastly, I like the one now. It's artsy and thoughtful. Congrats on the one year mark, by the by. It's been fun reading.


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