Monday, May 9, 2011

Fatal Errors, Introductions and a Picture of Me....

Whether you noticed or not, I had deleted my blog almost a month ago.  Weirdly, it didn’t bother me in the slightest, or at least that is what I thought.

I had felt that I had kind of made several fatal errors in my blogging style or whatever you wish to call it.

I won’t go into specifics on all of my stupidity, but I just felt as if I shared too much of myself.  I told you about every moronic thing that I did and do and continue to do, every embarrassing aspect of my life and shared every emotion that I felt at that moment. What’s worse is that I even told you about my love of flatulence. I mean who tells the world that they love to fart.  Good lord!

In doing so, I have really set myself up for failure you know.  I exposed myself and expected every one to be on my cheering squad.  Wow, that’s even irrational when I sit down to think about it.  Huh... *pauses to scratch head*.

So I decided that was enough of me and off I went to do my little thing on one blog, which is to post photos.  I am a photo whore.  Seriously, if I could surgically attach my camera to my face so that my eye lid could be my shutter, I would!  And then I had my other blog which is just a way for me to continue to find things that are beautiful.  So much crap these days on the news and in our jobs, I just wanted a place to go and see semi-shallow but ultimately pretty things.  Okay, I wanted to dig a hole and place my head in the sand.  I like doing that when I don’t have the control over something.

And finally because I needed more than one outlet for expression, and since I am sore and a tad crabby all the time, I started a facebook page that forces me too find something happy for the next 500 days in a row.  This is no easy feat, since today was day 20, and I had to dig deep to come up with “learning how to make a photo book of my fav pics”.  Sad huh?

I just wanted any creative outlet without using up too much energy.

Then last week, I had to reopen up Average Life because well, I had a deadline looming for the newspaper I write for and I had complete writer’s block so I wanted to scoop something that I had previously written.

And then I started reading all my old posts from last year and I kind of got all misty eyed.  Nah, I didn’t at all... but I missed writing.

So anyways, here it is: Old Average Life and Average Girl are gone.  New Average Life and Tracy are here and I want to reintroduce myself properly:

Hi, I am Tracy, 42 years old, been told I look significantly younger, or perhaps, they were just being nice.  I love to write about inconsequential things and I love to take pictures.  Am not the best at photos, but am improving daily. I am a lover of art and design and of animals.  I dig my better half and his crazy ways and am madly in love with my little pooch.  My best friend is actually my mother.  She is phenomenally amazing with the most wicked sense of humour you will ever meet and you can hear us laughing all over the place. I love driving and almost every weekend, you can find me driving my jeep down the backroads with all the windows opened and the music blasting.  We don’t have any kids, and have no desire too either, what’s the point since my brother and sister in law brought my two spectacular nieces into the world. Nothing can beat them.

I am blessed to have some of the most amazing friends in the world and fantastic in laws too boot.

My better half and I have been engaged for 5 years with no actual wedding in site.  I love him, he loves me, enough said.  Oh alright, I am just too bloody lazy to actually arrange some type of pseudo wedding.

I am addicted to jewelry, purses and art.  But my passion is and always will be, the love of nature.

And this is me:

Oh come on, you didn’t think I was going to post a full pic of me, did ya?

Enough said.



  1. I noticed you deleted your blog after I gave what I thought was an inspired bit of comedic brilliance vis-a-vis a comment. I was sad, but am glad you're back
    Hmm, I love to fart, by the way. Unless I suffer a catastrophic O-Ring malfunction and "shart" instead. Needless to say, this is a bad thing when wearing white pants.

  2. Thanks Rose...

    And oh Al *she shakes her head*... I will remember that when I wear white pants! lol

  3. I think that sometimes it's healthy to take a break and re-assign your priorities. Sometimes we get so caught up in the world of blogging that we forget why we started in the first place. I know through my blog I have learned many things and grown as a person, so it's good to see that you have too. Good luck.

  4. you just do whatever pleases you with your blog. and if that shifts & changes shape over time, it's okay. we're all living breathing beings, subject to change.

  5. My mama always says you can never please everybody--and she's right. The best you can ever do is just be yourself and let the cards fall as they may. I don't think you ever failed in your first blog--you were you; you were honest. The vast majority of bloggers loved your style and honesty. Don't ever change that.

    And that is a gorgeous picture of you, even if it is only a partial. :) I love your hair!

  6. Yahoo! You're back!
    Nope, you don't look 42! What anti-wrinkle cream have you been using? I want some too. xo

  7. blogging is my new cigarette...

    i'm addicted. to writing and reading and all the interesting people i meet.

    this community helps give me perspective.

  8. Hey, it usually works for me. Not the first time, though.

  9. Thank you for all the great comments and am so glad that it "usually" works for you Al! :)

  10. Farts are fun.
    Farts are the best.
    Farts are shit
    without the mess
    DISCLAIMER: I usually don't devolve into junior high school scatology (who am I kidding?), but this little ditty tickled me.

  11. I'm so very happy that you're back, darlin'! You were much missed.~

  12. I noticed you were gone and it made me sad.

    But I'm super glad you are back.

    Ps. you have a nice eye.

  13. Glad that there is someone that you can share flatulence with Al... i.e. CW Martin... LOL

    Thanks lovely Katsidhe and thank you so much Not the Hero! xxoo

  14. Finally! I kept going over to your blog and hoping you'd come back, you know you were one of my favorites, and you still are. We have so much in common, the pooch, the pictures, nature, no kids, shall I go on? Oh, and I love to talk about farts too, I have some pretty deep discussions with my hubby about them.
    Anyway, super happy you're back, your blog was great the way it was, and your writing style is super funny. :)

  15. about time.
    welcome home missy.
    missed you.
    Now change the blog name to "Not the least bit Average"....

    Love you

  16. I noticed and I just figured you needed to do what you had to for you.
    I love what you write. I love your photos.
    I am not going to say that I love to fart. However I will say sometimes I just feel better after the fact.

  17. Hells yeah! And I thought you'd be wearing very few articles of clothing-my point of reference being pictures other people post on their blogs.

  18. Yay! Glad you're back! Love the picture of half of you!

  19. Welcome back! :) You were certainly missed, but everyone needs a break now and again. I love your photo blog too btw. Beautiful shots!

  20. Breaks are good. As long as you come back ;)

  21. Hey, got an award for you over at my place.

  22. Sometimes you have to take a break, regroup and then start over. Glad you are back though because your blog is one of my favorite to read!

  23. I am kind of getting overwhelmed and misty eyed... You guys are the greatest! Thanks for the lovely comments!

  24. Yeah, I'm doing the author thing now and decided not to read other's blogs until I'd finished my word count for that day. Now I know why you're Tracy. Nice to meet you. I never really saw you as average anyway, so Tracy is nice. Good to have you back. :)

  25. I knew you were a cutie with blond hair. Love you.

  26. Thanks Paul :) thank you lovely Yvonne xxoo

  27. Oh dear I am really late again. I was late when I read your post about why you were shutting down. Too late to leave a comment to try to change your mind. I was very sad about that. You gave your reasons and I indentified with them but you were oh so wrong. Never ever blog to please others. Please yourself and let others decide for themselves. If they like what they see and they stay, then that's a bonus.

    But you didn't need my help. You worked it out on your own and just look at the bonus above. So now I'm happy. But I'm late to welcome you back.

    Pleased to "meet" you Tracy. Keep doing it, and keep doing it for you.

  28. Thanks so much Jono!!! xxoo

  29. As usual, I'm very late coming to the party, but I just wanted to say:

    :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~)

    Mrs B

  30. I was wondering why your little pic said "Tracy". Guess I should have clicked on it sooner... DOH!

    Nice to see you back. And thankyou visiting my blog to:)


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