Friday, May 13, 2011


*pause to scratch head*....

So with this updating on blogger, I seem to have lost my last post and of course any changes I made recently to the appearance of my blog...

Anyone else suffering from this same problem?


  1. I lost my last 2 post... GAH!!!!

  2. I did not loose any posts...I was just unable to log on for awhile.

  3. hmmmm... thanks Rosie and Brooke!

  4. no posts lost but I now know I am truly addicted to reading and writing blogs and may need to join blogger's anon the next time they update!

  5. i couldn't post pics the other day.
    i saved the futile attempted posts and took a few days off.
    call it divine intervention, or just a break.
    it's working today.

    i hate/love/hate technology.

  6. Yup Carole I hear you! I am so with you on that love hate thing Violet!

  7. one post mising. But peoples stuff seems to be coming back slowly.

    Dont know whether to wait until it come back or post regardless

  8. post regardless darlin! although I posted something on one of my other blogs today and it said, I posted it 18 hours ago.. so weird, plus i have lost so many of the comments... it is bizarre!

  9. I lost my last post as well and it's pissing me off! lol


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