Monday, May 23, 2011

It's all about the Dribble!

For those of you who have been with me a long time, you might recall my party post in January. One of my most successful posts of all time.  97 comments in total.

It was just a simple post of handing over the keys to my digs and you in return got to leave a little blurb about yourself, a link to your blog and the opportunity to meet new bloggers.

From my perspective, it was a blast watching everyone have so much fun!  

Well my lovely friend, Mynx, over at DRIBBLE hit her 300th post mark yesterday and wanted to give back to her blogging friends and decided to do a similar post, which I think just rocks!

Can you imagine if everyone held a blogging party? How many new bloggers and friends they would meet.  The thought of it is endless!  If you want to see how I set my Party Post up, just check out my link HERE!!!  Perhaps, you will decide to have a party of your own!!!

Anywhoo, if you are interested in meeting some new bloggers and getting to know that fantastically wonderful Mynx, skip on over to DRIBBLE and tell her and her loyal readers a little about yourself! And don't forget to check out Mynx's blog as well as her amazing peeps!

Happy Monday my blogging friends and thank you to the latest and greatest to click my follow button!



  1. I remember that party post and it was a good one.

  2. I just went over and checked her blog.

  3. Yes, the party post was excellent! I will definitely check Mynx's party out.

  4. Tracy, what a nice thing to do.

  5. Tracy, the party is rocking. Thanks so much for not only letting me use your idea but also popping in with some of your friends.
    You are an awesome lady


  6. That party post was fun, even if I did arrive fashionably late :)

  7. Gotta go check her post, sounds like a great idea.


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