Monday, June 20, 2011

My Blog is only worth what? Well good lord, I won't be able to retire on that!

I get a kick out of my feedjit widget, not because it shows me the different countries people come from to view my blog, (although I have to admit, that the first time someone viewed my blog from other than North America, I was giggly and goofy and plain stupid for days) but more because it shows search words others use to land here on my little piece of the internet.  

Popular search phrases have been:

  • Little girls and lavender fields (this one is the most popular and I get a crazy strange amount of people from Romania and the Ukraine landing on this particular post of mine)
  • knot in my ass
  • can't find my passion
  • dancing in the rain
  • trying to find happiness
  • blogs having parties
  • backroading
  • bella cosa far niente (that one is used a lot)
  • dog knot girl ass (hmmm, I have received that one a couple of times and I can rest assure you that I have NEVER blogged about a "dog knot girl ass".... good lord there are some freaky people in this world!)
Anyhow, the other day someone stopped by my blog by searching  for my URL.  I am always amazed when people find my site by using the goodgirlgoneaverage.  Bit of a mouthful I am afraid and most times I can't even remember it. So being the sleuth I am, okay I was just bored, I did some back linking and found out that there were 5 full pages dedicated to comments I made on others' blogs (I seem to use the word "love" alot, like I loved that post, I love your blog, I love you! Just so free and easy with that "L" word, aren't I?)  But as I stumbled thru the pages, I came across a Dutch company that was rating what my blog was financially worth!  Really, my blog is worth something, other than of course my stripped down raw, told you way too much about my gassy ass, deep to the core, every bloody feeling that pops in my mind, simple little, exposed to the world, emotional babble?

Yup apparently it is.  It even has a ranking in the world.  Sadly that ranking is way too many numbers to repeat and dismally sad.  

As I scanned down further, I was kind of getting the creeps to see that my blog had been analyzed and put into numbers and then strewn out for all to see.  Strange that I have no problem telling you about saggy boobs and droopy butts, but I was horrified that my blog was analyzed by some unknown Dutch company evaluating my worth in cyber space.

The upswing is, well I am worth approximately $3.46 Canadian, per day, or  a whopping $1,262.90 a year!

And you know what that means, don't ya?


I guess I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon!

Until Next Time



  1. I value your blog more than that. Not that I can't afford to pay you that, but certainly value your words and images. I'd be afraid to see what mine is valued at.

  2. But, think of the purses you could buy with that.
    I wonder what mine are worth. I'd probably owe money.
    One time I had someone come to my yummy stuff blog by way of a Russian porn site.
    Maybe they were looking for pudding to get freaky in.

  3. Most of the people who come to my blog are looking for tits and ass.

  4. I am pretty sure no one looks at my blog but my friends in the blog world. I am afraid to investigate further. :)

  5. Hmm. Interesting. Creepy, but interesting. I'm sure mine is worth about a penny.

  6. About 50% of my traffic comes from Germans looking for a Silver Convention picture I used on a long ago (relatively) Time Machine post. Go figure.

  7. Hey, "Gassy Ass" is probably what put you over a grand a year.
    Like you, I'm always amazed that people from other North America look at my blog (actually, I'll include the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, because we're all pretty much of like minds). I've routinely commented that someone from Slovenia has looked at my blog (I think it's that kid who was on my soccer team). I also had someone from Iran look at my blog, which makes me nervous (but keep reading! I for sure don't want to tick you guys off!).
    Have you rated your blog via Clean Meter? It's a hoot. Apparently, Penwasser Place is R-rated.

  8. Well I think its neat that you've been evaluated for your financial worth! However in Canadian Funds you're worth a million per day my little minion!


  9. i want to know how you/where you got the widget!
    and according to these silly find-you thingies, it says i'm in a town an hour away...
    odd, no?
    i'd give your blob a net worth of at least a lifetime supply of freeze pops!

  10. I value your blog not for your $1 value but for your wit and charm.

  11. You are guys are way too nice to me... And Al, I checked out clean meter, and I was shocked by my blog.. lol

    Violet, just type in feedjit into a google and the website will come and good lord i will take a lifetime supply of freeze pops!


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