Monday, June 27, 2011

There is just something wonderful about Mynx!

You know I have said it before and I will say it again, I have been a pretty fortunate blogger as I have met the most amazing people and some of the most supportive that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Lovely Mynx at DRIBBLE is definitely one of them, from following all of my three blogs with no questions asked, to becoming my friend on facebook, to being one of the first people to sign up on my 500 Days of Happiness, to talking me off a ledge when I was ready to throw all my blogging away.  She is pretty amazing, and in fact that word doesn't quite cover who she is.  And today she is doing me the favour of guest posting for which I am thrilled and honoured, so without further ado.... Meet my fabulous and extraordinary friend, the lovely Mynx!

It had been a long tough night.

Freezing cold and uncomfortable.

Our campsite had been invaded twice by local hoons smashing bottles and yelling loudly, and this was after the music from the local pub had kept us awake until after 1am.

It was a cold clear dawn as bleary eyed adults crawled out of tents, followed by sleepy children.

Sunday morning of the Joey scout camp.  Joey scouts are for boys and girls between 6 & 8 and I was camping with my youngest "big C"

General chatter between the adults was all, "did you hear this" and "what happened then?"
Exhausted parents, sipping hot coffee clasped between cold hands.

The camp fire was still glowing from the night before and was coaxed back to life and became a magnet for both children and grownups.

The barbecue was in demand, eggs and bacon, plenty of toast and hot chocolate for the children.

Many of the children had slept through the ruckus.  As children often do and the mums and dads were thankful that they didn't have to settle frightened children in the early hours.

The mood was somber, as you would expect, the gloss of the camp stolen by a few drunken yobbos.

I took my coffee to the edge of the fire and was gazing into the mesmerising flames, when a small boy, probably around 6 yrs old, wandered up with his plate full of breakfast.
Balancing his cup on a tree stump, he sat down, picked up his egg and bacon sandwich and with a huge grin declared   "This is the BEST, great food, fire, lovely morning"

And I looked up from my coffee, breathed in the fresh morning air mixed with the smell of eucalyptus, wood smoke and bacon, heard for the first time the warbling of magpies in the towering gum trees and smiled.

He was so right. 

Didn't matter what came before, what was happening right then was the best. After all, how could you possibly beat a campfire breakfast on a beautiful winter morning.

So why am I telling this story? 

Well Tracy has told you all about her fabulous Facebook goal to find 500 days of happiness, and the key in my opinion to that, is to find happiness in the little things.

Yes it had been a crappy night, but the joy on a small boy's face, took all that away and gave me a share of his happiness.

It doesn't take much for me to get a dose of happy.
I have a sense of the absurd.
A dry leaf, blowing across the road has me laughing as my imagination turns it into a manic crab dance.

The young girl at my local McDonald's going the extra step and making sure the butter with my raisin toast was soft makes me happy.

The quick hug I receive before my 14 year old son dashes from the car to go to his karate class make me smile and I am happy just to not get my lunch down my shirt.

I won't kid anybody into thinking I am a sunshiny person 24/7. I can be a right moody bitch and if you piss me off, you better be prepared to duck.

But even in my worst moods, my darkest times, I instinctively look for things that make me happy.
Bright colours, sunshine, birdsong, happy goofy music I can turn up and sing loud.

And if all else fails, hot coffee and a bacon and egg sanga.

Thankyou so much Miss Tracy for having me visit your lovely blog again.  Your turn to visit me next :)

No my friend, Thank you Mynx.

By the way, thank you for the latest and greatest followers to click the follow button.  I will be over soon to check out your lovely blogs as well!

Cheers for now



  1. Mynx is pretty amazing and I have been following her for a long time now.

  2. What a great guest post - Mynx is by far my favorite Aussie!


  3. yes, Mynx always knows just what to say.

  4. I have just woken up and I am all giggly and blushing from your awesome tribute. So happy I found you Tracy.
    Thank you for letting me come play here at your place :)

  5. Yes, that Mynx is a wonderful lass, indeed. She kept me chugging away on the A to Z. Had she and Jenny not, I would have just stopped. She is good peoples.

  6. Great guest post Mynx. It has a beautiful message that is well worth remembering.

    The Ranter’s Box

  7. You're so right Mynx, happiness lies in the little things. And the more we take the time to enjoy them, to focus on them, the more often they happen.

    I did as you suggested and wandered around a bit. I like it here, I'll be back.

  8. New Followers...anyone who has the good sense to have Mynx do a guest post is somebody I want to be following. :) I just stole your party idea from Mynx and it is up ironic is that!? Can't wait to learn more about you.

    As for Mynx-what a great lesson. I try to do my best and take notice of all the small joys in the day but sometimes it gets lost on me and a reminder never hurts. Hugs to you!


  9. "The little things." So freakin' true.

  10. Lovely to meet you Mynx! Any friend of Tracy's just has to be a stellar person. I'll be sure to drop by for a visit soon!

    I can certainly have my moods from time to time, but you're so right about opening our eyes and hearts to those simple things that put a smile on our face. It's been a long time since I've been camping and your description of the cool air and the smells of bacon and campfire toast brought back some heartwarming memories. Wonderful guest post!

    Thank you Tracy darlin', for introducing us to the lovely Mynx!

    ~Mrs B

  11. I haven't been by in ever so long....I had no idea you were going to "cash it in with blogging". You have a gift sweet lady.....don't ever forget it. And your friend who did this wonderful guest post is right on the money. It is the "simple things" that sustain us.

  12. Yay! I'm a new devotee to Mynx and I'm glad those travels brought me here to Tracy! I'll be checking out the archives to be sure.


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