Sunday, June 19, 2011

What makes you happy?

It's almost bedtime and my mind is whizzing around on hyperactive overdrive. I have no control over her, my brain that is.  She has a mind of her own, no pun intended, and loves to over analyze every little situation. So I go with it, not fighting her and letting her think until she is exhausted.

I, being in the second to last time zone on this planet, realize that no doubt this post is floating out into the ether while you all are hopefully in a peaceful slumber.  Just a moment for me to babble in an weak attempt to assist my brain in wearing out.

She and I, were pondering over the concept of happiness today.  I use to run at full speed in search of it.  Constantly feeling that I was missing the boat, just ever so slightly.  Always reaching for it.  Long, outstretched arms, waiting breathless for that moment where it would embrace me. 

I frantically searched for happiness when I should have just stopped.

And as I stood in my yard today with my camera wrapped around my neck, and the wind dancing it's softness about me, the sweet honey soaked scent of the flowers in my garden enveloping my senses and my silly, entertaining little pooch running like a maniac around the yard trying to catch leaves, I realized that I am starting to feel a wonderful contentment. I felt wonderfully at ease today. Strangely, I felt connected with my surroundings. And I believe that it was a rather large delectable first taste of peaceful happiness and I have no words to describe it.

I think that it was finally about me, finding my long lost passion that went trotting off last year, a true love for something, a reason to be more, a reason for my passion to come back.  It was about me and a camera, just the two of us, searching for colour and beauty. And while I am not that good, it doesn't really matter because it ignites my soul. It allows me to see things, I might have passed up on before and it allows me to see beauty thru my lense....

So now I wonder, what makes you happy my friend?

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  1. Not that good? At taking pictures? Are too!
    I have learned to be content with things. I am sick of getting mad and wound up. And when I learned to just accept things as they are, I became more appreciative of what I have. It's the little things that make me happy. Baking cookies, going to a concert, growing my garden.

  2. Beautiful! The words and the pictures! I am learning about contentment, too, it's such a hard process isn't it? Just when I think I'm there, it eludes me again..... :)

  3. Wow.. such lovely pictures.. and nice choice of words. :)

    Oh what makes me happy? I'm pretty shallow.. hehe.. My family, my friends, my dogs, my blog, my laptop, my money, my movies and pizza. These make me happy. LOL.. :)

  4. those pictures look so creamy & delicious to my eyes.
    what's making me happy today? the fact that it's summer & i'm about to head to the pool with my squealing girl who is running around downstairs at the moment having a rubberband war with grandpa. good, happy things.

  5. Well, one thing that makes me happy is other people being happy. There is such a thing as emotional contagion. Your post is inspiring other people to focus on happiness in their own lives. A lot of people are going to go around with smiles on their faces today because of you!

  6. Good pictures!!! My kids make me happy.

  7. "Money can't buy me happiness, but I'm happy when I can buy what I want anytime that a want, get ... when I want." Jelleestone

    HA! I even censored it for you.

    In all seriousness though, what makes me happy? The laughter of others.

  8. The pictures are great! This seems like such a generic answer, but my family makes me happy. I love to sit under the shade tree with the husband and watch the kids in the kiddie pool, I love watching them play t-ball and I love it when sis decides to "help" me do the dishes.

  9. These are FANTASTIC ANSWERS! I loved them all! And I am so with you NTH, I love the laughter of others!

  10. Awesome pics!
    As for what makes me happy, well, I know you've looked at the cap blog...


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