Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Story Telling: Bubble Baths and Fantasies

This is a far from the norm type of post for me (in fact I took it down last night after I posted because I felt shy about it), but then thought what the heck, I will try a different style of writing.... may not be for everyone and will be back to my average self tomorrow... Cheers

It had been a hard day yesterday at work.  I was working on a project that was so time consuming and complicated that I actually felt my eyes crossing before me.

I couldn’t wait to get home.  My home.  I knew that I needed time, just me time, selfish time, away from everything time.  But guilt was holding me back.  Guilt stood there in the colour black, weighing all 17 pounds on his four little paws so ecstatically happy to see me, his butt wiggling with joy and his eyes sparkling with that “oh mommy I have been waiting for you all day” look.

I wanted to play with him and I wanted to runaway from him.  I was exhausted.

My head hurt, my back hurt and my mind was tired and both my pooch and my better half wanted their own special pieces of me.  I couldn’t deliver what they yearned for.  I needed to recharge myself and so with a kiss to both of them, I walked into my sanctuary.

With a warm woosh, I had turned the water on into my soaker tub, filling it to the brim with my decadent and favourite bubble bath from France.  With the room dripping in the soft scented perfume of sweetpeas, I dimmed the lights, undressed and dipped my toes into the deliciously warm scented water.  Easing my aching body, I reached for my ipod and plugged my head phones in and I laid back watching as the gentle bubbles caressed by breasts.  With a flick of my finger, my carefully chosen music started to fill my senses. Slowly my eyes started to close and quickly my fantasies started to take shape.

With each new song, I was more than just Tracy.  In fact Tracy was gone.  What lingered was a singer in a bar enticing the patrons with my melodic vocals.  Other moments, I imagined that I was a belly dancer at a gentlemen’s club where my hips moved so rhythmically to the pulse of the music that I had each and every man under a controllable trance.  With a click of the next song, I was transported away to where I was poll dancing for my better half at his bachelor party, making him hungry with each seductive move of my body.  Another song sent me soaring to my 20's in a smoking bar where I awaited for the perfect stranger to walk thru the door. My fantasy self felt strong and sexually charged.

And, I felt alert and awake and more myself at that moment then I had in weeks. I felt like a strong overtly seductive woman that could take on the world with just one glance from under my eyelashes.  It was the me time that I desperately needed.

And with the water getting cold, and the bubbles long since dissipated, it was time to get out and see the ones I loved who patiently were waiting for me. But with Prince’s Little Red Corvette playing in the background, I knew I had time for just one more amazing fantasy.

Until Next Time.


Thank you to those who recently clicked my follow button, you made my day, and I am just trying something new with the story telling today, so I hope you will bear with me.


  1. Wow, I hoped you acted on those fantasies later.

  2. Tracy, I for one loved it. Soaking in the tub with a candle flickering, good music, and fantasies are all good for everyone.

  3. I want some of that bubble bath!!

  4. Sounds like Mynx rubbing off on you. Certainly got my attention...

    (and also, the "butt wiggling with joy" is something I'm verrrrry familiar with!)

  5. I loved it! Your bubble bath sounded lovely, along with the fantasies ;)
    I wouldn't mind reading pieces like this one from time to time :)

  6. Thanks guys... and perhaps I will write another one Beliza!!! :)


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