Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Glow of the Crescent Moon....

Holding hand and hand, we ventured out into the darkness for our nightly stroll. The evening sky was painted in the deepest midnight blue and the sparkling stars were out and about playing their twinkling games amongst themselves.

The air was fresh and I could feel my cheeks being lightly touched with the blush of rose by the freshness of the first days of Spring. She was coming, that wonderful Spring, and her lovely hands graced my face in a soft embrace.

We wandered thru our quaint little neighbourhood that was so quiet that all you could hear was the evening hush and the Robin’s lyrical song marking it's glorious territory for the next several months of mating season.

Trails here and there, left by the previous owners of this once historical property, were now improved upon by the developers creating a woodland retreat dotted with snowdrops and crocuses and the beginnings of the beautiful face of the daffodil.

Up the road, not far from my homestead, was once the ancient apple orchard, now converted in to carriage-like homes with cobblestone entrances, giving it a quaint English appeal here in the heart of my home town.

Standing for a mere moment to soak in the vast stillness, I noticed the majestic maple tree standing there alone in the twilight. Gnarled by the years of growth and outstretching it’s magnificent limbs to the moonlight above, it’s appearance was nothing short of an image from a movie based on Ole Hallow’s Eve. Thru it’s glorious branches, I caught the glimpse of a slight purple haze softening the golden hue of the crescent moon. Two rather large stars fighting for centre stage shimmered beside it giving off the most magical vision that I had ever laid my eyes upon. I stood there in awe as I witnessed before me what must have been the muse for many an artist.

With my eyes transfixed, I found that I was mesmerized by the grandness and haunting beauty of the midnight sky. I stood for what seemed like an eternity etching the image deep into my memory. And as my eyes flicked down to my better half, I saw him gazing at me with a small warm smile, and then, he reached out, stroked the hair from my face and took my hand into his, and we continued our walk under the glow of the Crescent Moon.

Until Next Time.



  1. that was well said my friend we live in a beautiful neighbourhood if I say so.... you will always be our sunshine in Stonehaven....

  2. Love under the night sky................

  3. sometimes a perfect tree can almost take your breath away. as if you've never seen anything so lovely and poetic in all your life.

  4. I almost felt as if I saw the tree, and the moon and stars myself Tracy, Your writing and story telling is beautiful, just beautiful! :)

  5. What a beautifully written glimpse into a warm Spring evening, shared by two people in love... Your BH's sentiments must be infectious, because I now have a smile on MY face. Thank you, m'dear! :~)

  6. Better love story than Twilight. :) I hope this was a real evening, it sounds great.

  7. Thank you guys and yes, it was totally real Paul!

  8. Just beautiful. As always I am transfixed by your wonderful story telling


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