Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello darlins

Today my lovely country turns 144 years young!  And think, I have have been in it for 43 of those 144 years! Yikes!

I know we get pegged for saying "eh" which of course I do, but hey, we make good beer, great hockey, awesome actors, amazing singers and we are the inventor of many fabulous things in your household.  So in honour of Canada Day, I have compiled a list of my top 18 favourite Canadian inventions. Now now, don't roll your eyes, I know that you are curious about what these wonderful Canucks create in their spare time, so without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are:

  1. Basketball (oh yes we did, and here you thought that was American!)
  2. The first cardiac intensive care unit along with the first heart valve (won't you be thanking us after sucking back pounds of that good ole Canadian Bacon!)
  3. The electric wheelchair for those moments when a scooter is not enough!
  4. Garbage bags (and thank gawd, or you still be stuffing those dinner leftovers in your yard somewhere.. Yikes)
  5. Gingerale... Oh c'mon, you know you love it when you are sick!
  6. IMAX... yup give us a big building with a high ceiling and we will stick a 50 foot screen in there just for your viewing pleasure!
  7. Insulin... Yup, we are all about saving lives!
  8. Pictionary... oh giggle all you want, but you know that at some point in your adult life you had a pictionary party!
  9. Rollerskates, what would the boardwalks and beaches of California have done, if we did not come up with a way for gorgeous girls to skate on by in their bikinis!  Yes I will take that thank you from you boys out there!
  10. The lightbulb... Yessiree bob, we brought you light, no more striking of the flint! In fact, it's a well known fact that we Canadians light up your life!
  11. The measure of footwear... That's right, if it wasn't for us, you would be trying on every shoe in the store until one fit! Or when the salesperson asked you what your foot size was, you be standing there scratching your head going "uuuummmm, I think they are big?"
  12. Walkie Talkies... It's okay, you know you had them when you were kids, and you can admit you had a blast playing with them, seriously, I won't hold it against you!
  13. The snowblower, snowmobile and the snowplow... I bet those people in Minnesota were really blessing us this last winter!
  14. The Stanley Cup - need I say more?
  15. The Stove - yup your days of cooking on a fire pit came to an end all because of some ingenious Canadian
  16. The Washing Machine - It's okay, you can admit you love me even more now, don't ya!
  17. The Zipper - now boys aren't you happy you have flies in your jeans, makes everything for you so much easier.
  18. And my most favourite item - THE RETRACTABLE BEER CARTON HANDLE.  Yup, every time you go and buy a case of good old Canadian Beer, you can thank us with that little slot you can put your hand into to carry the beer!
As for Pam Anderson, Celine Dion and Justin Bieber... well I apologize, well kind of, they live in the States anyway, so unfortunately for them, that's their problem now!   Tee Hee

As for the rest of Canada, well all I have to say is this:


Until Next Time.



  1. I thought Thomas Edison invented the light bulb?

  2. Well there is a bit of catch of there, a Canadian Henry Woodward actually patented it before old Thomas boy!

  3. So you're saying in the case of the light bulb a Canadian STOLE an American's invention.



  4. What I am actually saying my friend is.... YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE!!!! LOL

  5. Forgot "Boxing Day".

    We to the south are still a little confused on that one.

  6. @ Violet... totally rules!

    @ Core Contrarian - Me too but I try not to question that day too much, because I get it off from work and I get paid for it! LOL

  7. I fear that Justin Beiber negates it all. If I could find a way to chain him in Canada I'd send him back! LOL

  8. J.Day.... didn't you hear about our no return policy!!! lol

  9. Great post and funny comments! Happy Canada day from your friends to the south.

  10. Trivial Pursuit:)Dan Ackroyd..

    James Cameron..Jim Carey..David Foster..Michael J Fox..Christopher Plummer..

    Happy Canada Day to you too..You are a spring chicken:)

  11. My two favorite Canadian actors: John Candy (the world is less funny without it) and Dan Aykroyd. There are many others but those two top the list for this American. Great post!!

  12. Thanks Galen!!!! And you are so right Monique and Barb... How could I forget any of them, and Barb, my fiance would love that John Candy comment, one of his favourites!


  13. I'm with Simple Dude on the light bulb thing, you can't turn around for one second that those Canucks steal patents off of you right and
    Let's not forget that Canada offered asylum to that crazy loony Randy Quaid and his couch wife, thanks Canada!!

  14. Well if we are going to get technical here, an englishman first invented the lightbulb, then Edison took his idea and worked on it, and then he left it for a Canadian to mass market it... Woo whoo for Canadian ingenuity!!!

    As for that stinking Randy Quaid, I am going to Fed/ex him back to you Alex! lol

  15. Michael Buble' *sigh*

    Canadians are pretty special. I can't see the Aussies inventing a snowblower. Of course we don't actually get a lot of snow....

  16. OK. Edison was a complete ass that wasn't as smart as people make him out to be.
    I'm thinking maybe we'd just use rulers instead of that fancy foot measuring thing. No?

  17. Oh Mynxy.... Aussies are special too xxoo

    And Ruth, you are my girl!!! and no doubt rulers would have worked! LOL

  18. Great list! It's great to be Canadian, eh!

  19. You forgot Michael J. Fox and Michael Buble!!! Oh and I'm totally putting a "Return to Sender" stamp on Justin Bieber's forehead and sending him back to you!!! Thanks but NO thanks! hahaha

    Happy Canada Day to you!

  20. The best thing about Canada is Burton Cummings and the Guess Who!!!!

  21. Thanks Carole!!!

    I know how could I forget them Yvonne and NO BLOODY WAY on that little wiener, he is all yours!

    And you are so right Chris!!!

  22. Oh, yeah???? Well, we invented Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, and Anthony Weiner! Oh, wait a minute, those aren't good things.
    On the other hand, I love flags. Especially that Canadian one. Old Glory, indeed.

  23. You forgot (or left out) Paul Anka (HAVING MY BABY) and Ann Murray.
    I had no idea WE invented all those things. Just totally adds to our awesomeness.

    and that photo at the top is pretty interesting.

  24. Cute! I may link to this in my blog post about Canada/the 4th of July, if that is ok ( I am running late on my blogging as I am on vacay.. my bad!)

  25. sure Steph... go for it... I would love it!


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