Thursday, July 7, 2011

SO WHAT'S IN YOUR FRIDGE? (Gee thanks Simple Dude and Mynx)

So it started innocently enough with a Simple Dude and his lady friend showing off the insides of their freezer, followed by a wonderfully humorous Mynx showing off the "dribble" in her fridge and freezer, to now an anally retentive Average Girl (c'est moi) who is jumping on the bandwagon and exposing the inner workings of her little kitchen and ice box:

Clean now, but give me a week..

look whose waiting for me to open the fridge!

just in case you had any doubts, it's clean on this side too

TA DA!!!!! Full of fruits and veggies
only because we bought them last night... LOL
Give me two weeks and they will most likely being decaying!

Gawd love a self defrosting freezer!

And for the girl who lives in pain, LOTS AND LOTS OF ICE PACKS!

Now you know about me... So what's in your fridge?



  1. Very nice looking kitchen you have!!!!

  2. your kitchen is just calling to me to come over & hang out. i'll even pat the pooch while i wait for a glass of wine. then we'll go sit in your yard & gaze at your pretty flowers & birds & maybe munch on some of those strawberries. look at me, just making myself at home in your place, eating your food and everything!

  3. OMG. I love your kitchen. So . . . uh when are you hosting a dinner party? lol

  4. What a nice looking kitchen! Meh, my fridge is empty and boring right now!

  5. There's something wrong with your kitchen, it's too organized, lol. We want to see what it looks like before you clean it for the photo op.

  6. First off, I think your live traffic feed is off. When I come over it says someone from Perry, Iowa just came in. Not that you would know, but Perry is some distance from my humble abode.
    And wow! We have the same brand of maple syrup.

  7. Okay, I know I've been gone for a lil' while, but what the heck have you guys been doing? Taking pictures of refrigerators? And yours is way too clean and organized, are you sure you're ok? Your kitchen is having the same effect on me as on Sherilin, I wanna come over for dinner and eat all your food, you know I'll feed your pooch too.

  8. HOLY CRAP! ain't nothing average about this blog design! WOW!!!!

  9. Beautiful kitchen, great fridge and adorable doggy!! :)

  10. The icepack shelf looks like ours :)

  11. Beautiful kitchen and such a tidy fridge. I'd horrify people if I showed pictures of mine...I will spare you all. :)

  12. you have roses and MAPLE SYRUP. Is it compulsary for Canadians to have maple syrup in thier fridge?
    Thanks for the shout out and I loved peeking in your kitchen

  13. My fridge always has interesting things in it, like crickets and mealworms (my roommate has tarantulas). I'm not sure I should show those though.

  14. Ok I'm gonna do one of these too, but I have to wait till it's looking normal again. Things here have been hectic, and I didn't do my normal grocery shopping. Once things are normal again, I will be doing this post too!

    Ps. Your kitchen is beautiful!


  15. Go read my "tricks and treats" post from last week to get an idea what might be in MY fridge!

  16. I gotta tell you, I was initially scared when I read that you were going to show us the inside of your refrigerator and that you were anally retentive.
    "Anal" and where you store your food....
    Thank goodness I was wrong.
    But, now I gotta go clean out my fridge.....

  17. LOL... you guys are hilarious... anyone of you can come at any time and sit with me and have wine... Open invitation!!! It's only clean because the house is going up for sale.

    As for the rest of you SHOW YOUR FRIDGE even if it has bugs in it! lol

    Chris I will come by later and check that post out!


  18. That is one tidy fridge in one beautiful kitchen! My fridge is in need of a cleaning, as is the stove but I'll mention this to hubby and suggest he do it.

  19. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I'm so jealous of your organized fridge I'd be too embarrassed at my half empty one to show you. Only Mynx would peek at SD's freezer and then go from there to her shopping trip and now this. Too funny!!

  20. Oh, my, that is impressinve. You can actually see what is in your fridge/freezer. Stuff is spilling out of mine and I don't even know what is in the back. Better not to look.

  21. YOUR kitchen is not small.
    If you saw my kitchen....THAT is small. I hate it. It is the size of a kitchen you'd find in a motor home. Grrrr
    Our fridge is full of beverages, garlic stuffed green olives!!!. and, yes, lots of veggies. I love veggies.
    There isn't much in your freezer girl.


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