Monday, August 8, 2011

Have you lost JEWELS TURNING 30?

Life is too short to loose your jewels, whether it be ones you wear around your neck, ones you were born with or ones that you read!

So if you were a follower of the lovely Jewels over at Jewels turning 30, you might have noticed that her blog went capoot, finito, disappeared into the ether, slipped down a blackhole, was a return to sender with the address unknown, goodbye, farewell, sayonara... well you get the drift.

Well never fear my friends.  She is still around.  She decided that she preferred wordpress over blogger and you can now find her here:

She has lost all her links to the blogs she has followed, so if you get a chance, please skip over and say hi to the lovely Ms. Jewels and pass on the word!  Nothing worse than building up your readership to have it all vanish in the click of one button!

By the way.... thank you all for the lovely comments you left me yesterday, you are way too kind and you made me feel significantly better!

Until Next Time.



  1. Okay, I went to jewel's place and got her added to the roster. As for losing MY jewels, well, they remain but as they say in the blogoverse, their functionality has been disabled.

  2. LOL... oh my gawd Chris... thanks for the giggle!

  3. Thanks so much for the blog love, sweets. You are the greatest! :) Love CW's comment! hehe.

  4. I lost Jewels. Then, I found her. I switched everything up once again and I'm once more a follower (so, she has that going for her).
    As far as CW's comment, I sympathize. I'm pretty much in the same boat, but, unlike him, I know where my jewels are. Mrs. Penwasser keeps them in a jar over the fireplace. Sometime this fall, she said I can have them when I take my brother out for his birthday.
    But, they have to be back by midnight. Or they'll turn into pumpkins. How would I get THOSE in my drawers!?


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