Monday, August 29, 2011

A Love Letter.....

Dear James:

Eight years ago today, we met on a sunny Friday evening at a campsite just outside of my home town.  By all accounts, it was a rocky blind date full of awkward moments, uncomfortable silences, and each of us staring off into distant lands. Who knew that this moment would eventually lead into the solid foundation that brings us here today.

I still remember you, you know, frozen there in time.  You stood there a significant foot taller than me, wearing jeans and a white polo shirt, your dark set of curls matched your swarthy good arab looks and you had done all that you could to hide the emotions in your eyes in fear of another heartache. I searched for you that night in your eyes.  I strained to find out the man you were. You gave nothing away. I left feeling unsatisfied. 

You made me work for your trust and your heart and there were moments when I was ready to throw up my arms and walk away. And then finally as I held my breath, brick by brick your defences came down, and you gave me you. Not a small amount, but your entire being. You reminded me that our relationship was worth fighting for.

Now the years have come and gone, some so quickly that I reach out in a desperate attempt to hold onto the memory.  Others so painful that I wish they would leave my heart as quickly as they entered.  We have grown you and I.  From awkward and terrified to easy moments and laughter.

Your handsome looks still take my breath away. And while I can still see the man you were eight years ago, it is the man you are now that thrills me to the core.

You have seen me at my worst. Those terrible moments where I am on my proverbial knees begging and pleading for pain relief, and I, in turn, have seen you on your knees holding me and comforting me in those unforgettable moments.

You have held on tightly to my suitcase when I wanted to runaway from my life in a hope to leave my pain behind.  You have made me step up and face it, even when I didn’t want to breathe in one more moment of this life. 

We have weathered storms ones that others would never understand. We have stood beside each other through ups and downs, side by side and all without any regrets.

We have driven each other nuts by our anal retentive natures and have matched each other by temper to temper, stubbornness to stubbornness and laughter to laughter.  We have had water fights, and snowball fights to wedgie wars that brutalized our poor bottoms.

We have cried at losses and we have cried over happiness.

We have grown stronger and deeper, and we have done this together.

And while others may think we are crazy, the fact is, we are just crazy for each other.

And while we breathe separately, when necessary, our hearts blend together to beat as one.

You are my rock.

And you know, nothing is more beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of life.

And, when all is said done, you have stolen my heart James, and it really only ever was yours for the taking.

Happy Anniversary my love.



  1. aw! that's so sweet it brought a tear to my eye! you big mushy lover!

  2. Pure poetry Tracy. Happy #8 to you both.

  3. This was beautiful, Tracy. It makes me all teary--dang it, I'm doing that a lot today! I really hope to feel this way someday, but it seems so far away...almost like it's not out there for me. I still hope it is...I still dream it is, but there's always that seed of doubt. Evil doubt.

    You have an award waiting for you on my blog that I hope you will like. :) *Hugs*

    Happy Anniversary to you both--may you have endless days to create more beautiful memories together.

  4. you're killing me! Beautiful! He is so lucky :)

  5. A couple years ago I would have dismissed this as cheesy, but now I also understand what love is like. It's real after all! Cheers, and have a great celebration!

  6. Sorry Tracy, I just can't bring myself to read this letter to James. It just seems too personal. You are blessed to love and be loved so intensely. Hugs to you both. x

  7. Tracy, we are so lucky to have such wonderful men in our lives. It sounds like Jim keeps you on your toes just like Bud does to me. I asked for the universe to send me a strong man, and holy cow, did I get one!

    Happy anniversary and here's to many more years of a never boring life together.

  8. Nicely said Tracy - I'm so happy for you and Jim and that you have such a wonderful, loving, relationship - you so deserve it and if he's half the person you are, he does too!


  9. What a beautiful letter to your husband! Very nicely done!!! You made my heart smile! Happy Anniversary to you both and may you enjoy 8000 more years! :)

  10. So very beautiful. Now I need a tissue. You both are so very lucky to have each other.

    My anniversary is coming up. Any chance I could get you to write a little something.... no? oh well

  11. That was lovely. Happy Anniversary :)

  12. Aww this is so beautiful! Happy anniversary guys :)

  13. You are gifts to each other.

    Happy Anniversary..

  14. That was beautiful and soulful and straight from the heart, but I would expect nothing less from you. The part about the wedgies made me laugh! Happy Anniversary Tracy!

  15. Tracy, That it just lovely. I am sure I will always remember your anniversary since it is mine as well.

  16. Awww... thank you all for such really lovely thoughtful comments! You guys are just wonderful!


  17. That was beautiful!
    I remember the last anniversary card from Mrs. Penwasser:
    "Happy 25th Anniversary! What Was I Thinking?"

  18. congrats to you both! and many many more!

  19. what a lovely lovely tribute to your man. Happy Anniversary indeed.
    I loved much of this.
    especially the part where you were on your knees begging for relief from your pain, and he was there to hold and comfort you.
    I hope you have many more years of loving, holding, and supporting each other.

  20. Happy Anniversary, sweet one. Lots of them flying around this week. Amazing relationship you both have together. I'm so very happy for you two.

  21. This is truly a heartfelt note Tracy, I love it! Happy Anniversary even if a little late..

  22. What a wonderful anniversary tribute!


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