Friday, August 19, 2011

Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down: My Week in Review

This Weeble has had quite a week and while I would love to bore you right into a snooze fest with all the gory details and specifics, I thought that perhaps point form would work best. And since I can't remember Monday, which is probably a good thing, the rest of the week was as follows:

- On Tuesday, I ordered chicken strips and salad with a side of curry sauce for my chicken.  As I was walking back into my office parking lot, I dropped the curry sauce and it exploded like a bloody grenade!  I had curry from the tips of my toes to the top of my head.  I spent the next hour in my office kitchen exposing my lily white, chubby body donned in a black bra, turquoise and black polka dotted underwear and my goofy orthopaedic runners and sport socks whilst I scrubbed my clothes.  Can you imagine if you walked in on something like that!  Besides running out screaming for your life, I am betting you would be scratching at your eyes screaming “I’m blinded! I’m blinded!”

- Later on Tuesday, a client came in to talk to me, she kept avoiding eye contact with me and then finally she said “ummm Tracy and pointed to her nose”.  Horrified, I pulled out my mirror and saw that I had a clump of curry hanging out of my nostril! Nothing like trying to explain to your client that it was not a booger in your nose! And yes, she did walk away from me very quickly like I had rabies!  Ugh!

- Wednesday, I decided to go the safe route and buy some sushi for lunch.  After I popped a piece into my mouth, I rubbed my eye forgetting that there was some wasabi on my fingertip!  Yes I jumped out of my seat, said a crap load of unlady like profanities, followed by a crazy body dance and then my eye proceeded to water like a faucet, leaving me with mascara and eye make-up on one eye only!

- Wednesday night, I went for a waxing and moved my head at the wrong time and lost a small part of my eyebrow! Please grow back please grow back!

- Thursday, I was eating strawberries when I realized I had a seed stuck between my teeth.  After an agonizing 20 minutes of not being able to get the little sucker out, I looked in my office drawer and found a thumb tack that I could use as a dental pick and accidentally stabbed my lower lip! There is a plus side to this one though. My lip swelled right up for 10 hours and I looked like I had a sexy pout going on!  I might have to accidentally stab my lip again for future sexy lip looks!

- And I won’t elaborate on Friday, as it’s not quite over and let’s face it, I am afraid too!

One thing is for sure, this Weeble may wobble, but she isn’t going to let anything make her fall down (because apparently I can do that ALL by myself)! 

Have a fantabulous, safe, non exploding weekend!

Cheers to all of you!



  1. May a glass of wine this evening wash away the yuckies of this week. I had fajitas last night and forgot that I needed to wash my hair this morning...I still smell like fajitas. :(

  2. Wow, 'one of those weeks' just doesn't seem to encompass the joy you seem to have felt. Just remember, it's doubtful that next week will be as bad. :)

  3. Oh my goodness. I don't mean to giggle at your traumas, I really don't. *giggles shamefully* I can just picture it sad.

    There is nothing worse than something in your eye. When I wore contacts, prior to my lasik, there was nothing worse than something getting jammed between contact and eye or an eyelash going in...but wassabi...eek!

  4. You probably smell yummy Stephanie! lol and I think a glass of wine is definitely in order.

    And nice to see you back Paul!

    It's quite okay to giggle Jewels, I giggle at my life all the time right after I wipe food from my nose and eyeball! :)

  5. i feel your tooth pain - i've been known to use my earring posts to dig things out of my teeth if i've got nothing else more approriate on hand. oh, and don't try to use a hair to floss, even if the stuck food is really annoying. it will break & then you'll also have a hair in your mouth.

  6. Thank you for yet another reason (or two) to avoid curry.

  7. Bwhahahaha! OMG girl. What a sucky week! (and funny for us) ;)

  8. You've certainly had quite a week of frustrations. Here's wishing you a non-exploding weekend of lovely contentment :)

  9. Also why I don't eat curry. :)

    If it makes you feel better, I am sitting here in my jammies, comando. And while Almost Hubs is thrilled, and thinks I'm attemting to be sexy on a friday night, it's really becasue I worked 52 hours this week, while sick with a sinus/ear infection, and I just don't have it in me to find clean underwear.

    Also the reasons the wine never made it into the glass...

  10. I must admit I have been feeling rather sorry for you this week miss T.
    Now you need to pack yourself an emergancy kit of plastic poncho, eye wash, and dental floss.
    Dont forget the tissues and eyebrow pencil and mini makeup kit.

    Enjoy that wine and keep smiling

  11. Girl, you have got some serious issues with, Good tip on the sexy lips though, one never knows when one needs a pouty lip...

  12. Poor Tracy....time for another spacation!

  13. The curry sauce explosion....hilarious! Thank god it was happening to you and not me!

  14. Oh dear, you had such a bad week! Hopefully this week will be better :)

  15. Here's hoping that this week will be better.

  16. Aww, at least that week is over! Here's hoping you have a kick-ass week! I love weeble wobbles!!! :)

  17. That is what wine is for. Drink up and kill those brain cells that harbor any memories of this past week. Dang! I think I would have had a small tantrum of frustration on Friday.


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