Friday, August 5, 2011

In a blink....

Three more days and my holidays will have come to an end.

I am already mourning the loss of them and counting down the days until I can rebook my next set.

Tired and worn out, my holidays have been jammed packed full of everything and anything.  It's been about reconnecting with my better half, warm cuddles with my pooch, aimless wandering amongst the flowers, sitting on the ocean and listening to the crashing of the waves.  It included spa treatments, artisan markets, finding new stores and eating at little bistros. From lying on my back watching the clouds soar by, to nodding off in the car whilst my better half navigated down forgotten winding roads, to sitting at my mother's bistro table and staring at her beautifully animated face as she intently discussed the things that were on her mind, I must say that these two weeks have been nothing short of memorable.

They were not anything I expected and still, they were all that they were suppose to be.

My soul is tired from the non stop movement and yet my spirit feels ridiculously free.  I know, you are shaking your head over the corniness that I tend to out pour in my personality and in my writing.  I suppose, it's just who I am.

And after a long, arduous trip today that included going to a ridiculously expensive world renown gardens only too fight off the zillion rude tourists that inhabit my part of the world every summer, I came home and sat in my pergola and reflected upon the fact that I needn't to have gone very far as beauty was right here in my own little garden.  

And as I sat and gazed out into my little place in the sun and listened to the comings and goings in my neighbourhood, I couldn't help but smile when I heard the gentle snore of my poor exhausted pooch after a day of being mauled by the masses of little ones with their sticky ice cream hands, screeching at their mothers "a wiener dog a wiener dog, can i pet the wiener dog!!!"  Poor Fred, he was trooper by all means.  

It's funny how life can drag on and then other moments you wish to cling to for all eternity whip past you in a blink.  

These holidays were a definite blink, a colourful, bright, memorable, exciting blink. And I have to tell you that I would happily take a blink over a drag any day of the week!

Here is some of our blinks:

Sandcastle competitions

Just chillaxing after a picnic

Reveling in a new pedicure

Attending an artisan festival

Eating at one of many bistros

Listening to a live Barney Bentall concert on the ocean 

Sky gazing

Moments with my mom

Discovering new stores

bubble bath mishaps

Intrigued by an ingenious water fountain

Looking and locating many of these!

Attending a very over priced flower garden in the height of tourist season

Taking a break and making sure the pooch is well hydrated!

Extremely Exhausted!

But mostly elated!

Whatever else this summer brings, I do hope that
for you, it is a beautiful, enduring, long lasting blink.

I hope you all have been well!

Until Next Time.



  1. I hope my holidays will be as nice as yours. I can't wait!!! One more week to go!!

    I love that water fountain, by the way! Who thinks of such things?!

  2. Oooh an almost picture of you Miss Tracy.
    The photos are gorgeous and you have very pretty toes.

  3. I loved that sandcastle, it's amazing what people can do!

  4. Fantastic post. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. And I loved your quote about your soul and your spirit. Perfect!

  5. Love the pics as usual. Poor Fred, being manhandled by little children is rough, my chis know all about it.....I must say you live in a very beautiful place. Here's to hoping your next vacay comes very soon..

  6. Ah sweet Tracey.......MAKING MEMORIES is THE BEST!!!!



  7. Fun and relaxation can be exhausting!

  8. Love the photos. It certainly sounds like a great time was had. Sometimes the things that relax our mental and emotional states can be quite physically exhausting.

  9. Wonderfully written! Thanks for taking us along! I think everyone needs a getaway like yours -to reconnect, or disconnect. So glad you had a grand time!


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