Monday, August 1, 2011

Spas, Gas and Bubble Baths! (And maybe a naked girl)

Every year, my better half and I lock up our house, drop off our pooch too his adoring grandmother, pack up our most relaxing of clothes and traipse an hour and half north to a spa situated on the ocean and surrounded by the lush green forest of the pacific northwest.  

We often choose to stay in what is affectionately known as the spa bungalows. They consist of various four little connected units set in a wooded area, away from the beaten track, with a king size bed, kitchenette and a jetted bath tub for two that opens up to the fireplace.

It's a place to unwind, rewind, kick back, relax and let your cares just drift away.

The spa part itself is unique in that it has this fabulous cave like mineral pool and a tree top tapas room that is only accessible if you are 

a. getting spa treatments; and 
b. are wearing one of the resorts fluffy plush robes.  

Thus ensuring that the spa remains quiet and uninterrupted.  

And while this is all incredibly decadent and a lovely way to wash away the stress of my job, the thing I love the best is the deep jetted bathtub for two back in our bungalow.

Now being a bit of a bathtub hog, I have to say, romantic or not, my better half is never included in my jetted tub moments.  I am kind of selfish that way.  I just want to light some candles, add some bubble bath, turn on the jets and melt away into some exotic fantasy that no doubt includes Shemar Moore, body oil and me.  Not that my better half is not a wonderfully handsome fantasy man, but every girl should have a fantasy man that does not provide the reality of stinky room-filled farts, random wedgies and who asks if his ears and nostrils are clean!

Needless to say, I take full advantage of my lovely jetted bathtub friend every night we are there. 

However, I fail to learn the same lesson each and every time I am there and about five minutes with the jets on you will often hear me start to panic and freak out and flail my arms around like a maniac as I reach and search desperately for the "off" button to the jets.

Yes my friends, note to you and myself, when being piggy and selfish at bathtub time and adding bubble bath to a jetted bathtub, use only one cap full of bubble bath, not a half of a freaking bottle, or you will find that you will have to swallow your pride, do some serious begging and ask that farting, random wedgie, ear wax and booger free nose man of yours to come and rescue you!

Yes, it is a naked "Average Girl" under all those bubbles

Moral of the story:  greedy bubble bath girls should always include their stinky, booger free better halfs into their fantasies and into their jetted tubs!

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  1. Glad you survived the bubbles!

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  3. The art of the bubble bath was lost on me until recently. I have been living with my lady friend for almost 10 months now and just a few weeks ago realized she has one of those spa bathtubs with the jets and everything. How did I miss this!!

    It's amazing. Especially after a run or a long bike ride. It's bigger than most tubs and we could potentially both squeeze into it but we don't because we're far too selfish to give up that kind of relaxation!


  4. I adore long hot baths so I would love to go to that spa!

  5. Tracy,

    Bubble baths, spas, and left coast hedonism. I miss home :-) I got your blog addy from Simple dude. I enjoy your easy writing style and think I will be back again :-) as a mark of blogger affection I have given you a link on my new blog. Rock on!

    LC Guy

  6. That sounds so amazing.


  7. you should have left the jets running & let the bubble mountain pile up and over your head so that you could totally hide & then burrow around in your own little bubble town without mr climax being able to even see you.

  8. Oh my goodness, that IS a lot of bubbles!

    This sounds like an absolutely wonderful vacation. Wish I could convince my Hubby to join me on one!

  9. All I can say is, y'all know how to live right!

  10. Too bad your man didn't have the video camera ready to take the $20,000 America's Funniest Video!

  11. Haha love the idea but i never get a jet bath in peace when we're away. My mans a total spa hog although after your story i've seen the error of my ways. He's actually been useful after all.
    Popping over from Simple Guy. Love your blog!

  12. I see you and I have the same fantasies including Shemar Moore, and oil. This's one funny post, my bubbly

  13. This sounds wonderful! Can you believe I've never been to a spa?! I should definitely catch up on that. Enjoy your trip!

  14. Guilty of too many bubbles in the spa. But it is so much fun when they flow up and over the edge of the bath. hehe

  15. Who is Shemar Moore and what does he have to do with oil?

  16. Hilarious story! Last time my hubby and I stayed at a place with a jetted tub, I filled the tub up, undressed and hopped in. Then I turned on the jets and they blew out a bunch of junk that the housekeeping staff apparently failed to clean out. Never, have I ever gotten out of a bathtub so quickly. Talk about killing the relaxation!

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  18. This was too cute....I, too, learned the bubble bath lesson the hard way! LOL LOL




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