Sunday, January 1, 2012

Letting go....

2011 left me like the softness of a lover's caress and 2012 entered just as sweetly and gently, making me wonder what this year will hold.

My Christmas was a typical happy disaster created by the likes of me and my channelling of Lucille Ball.  From almost food poisoning my family with raw poultry, to loosing my turkey skewers and having to truss up the turkey with galvanized nails, to my family finding out about the galvanized nails, to sending them into the garage to eat their dinner where I transformed it into a sorry-ful makeshift dining room, to unthawing my Christmas dessert and having it collapse into mush and offering my family the alternative of whip cream shots from the can, to finally capping it off with laughter so hard that I nearly peed my pants, not once but twice, all over the fact that I was definitely the hostess without the mostess!

I spent the rest of this week either utterly exhausted laying on the couch moping to myself or had crazy like moments of being a furious tasmanian devil whilst I ripped down all the decorations before entering into the New Year. I blame the latter on the fact that I consumed copious amounts of chocolate dipped goodies.  

In all seriousness tho, I have always had this weird sense of wanting to leave the past behind when the New Year begins and open into the future for all that is new, fresh and mistake free.  Of course, eating a bag of chocolate covered almonds and six slices of bacon was not the best way to start the new year, although my stomach begs to differ!

However, for me, I have realized that it is time to let go of those things that are holding me back.

It's time for me to say goodbye to my insecurities, my sadness, my lack of confidence and my failures.

It's time to properly say goodbye to those relationships that are no longer in my life, but to which I hold onto in my heart, though strongly I know that they are gone.

It's time to let go of the past so that I can be open to the here and now.

It's time to close doors and open windows and feel the fresh air upon my face.

It's definitely time to smile and banish my self imposed frown.

It's time to sparkle in my eyes rather than squint (although I have a sneaky suspicious that sunglasses might help this infliction!) 

But mostly, it's time to let go of my fears.

This year, will be the year about growing...  And as I say that, I wish to clarify with the fates above, that I would like to grow metaphorically as a human and not my ever expanding waist line! However, I am open to growing in my height.  Just putting that out there in case you can do something about that! 

This year will be the year to believe in myself and realize that I am worth more than I have ever thought.

This year will be the year to reclaim my creativity and enthusiasm.

This year will be the year I fight thru and conquer those chains that hold me back.

And this year, really this entire year, will finally be the year I let go....

And I will... How do I know that, you say?  Well, I have already started...

Until Next Time.



  1. You go, girl! 2012 will be the year of Tracy! I can already see you on Times"s Person of the Year cover. Happy New Year and enjoy the ride.

  2. Oh Stephen!!! You make me giggle!!!! Thank you!!!

  3. happy new year, trace! i hope this will be a great year for you.
    and congrats on getting the recognition for your writing!

  4. Aww... thank you my friend... you are so lovely!!!

  5. Hope the year is full of health and happiness for you and yours :)

    I still have my tree up... hey it's only the 2nd day of 2012...when I finally get out of my pj's I will dismantle the horrid thing.

  6. You lost me at "whipped cream shots from the can"

    Damn. Now I must send tony off to the store for whipped cream.

    Yip. Gonna be a great year. :)

  7. Happy New Year! Sounds like you're heading into with a great attitude..

  8. My tree is also still up.I wouldn't have had time to take down the tree if I wanted to.

  9. I hope I am not adding to those insecurities when I say I'm glad you didn't have me over for Christmas. I'm thinking I would have bit into a nail, thought the garage was collapsing, and called Mike Holmes straightaway.

  10. This is so inspirational. I just love the passion in this post as well as your usual dose of fun. galvanised nails? Really? Dang you family must have a strong constitution.

    I have had "passion" running through my head to day. Not smut but passion for life, for what makes us happy and living that passion. Seems you and I have similar ideas Miss Tracy.

    Here is to a wonderful 2012 full of happiness and passion and creativity

  11. All the best to you too Little Sprite....

    And Julianna... we are still doing the whip cream shots, and I have the stomach to prove it!

    Thanks Gia and all the best to you too!

    And Ruth, if my better half could, we would still have that tree up for another 6 months!

    I gotta tell you Chris, the fact that my family is still talking to me, is a miracle unto itself!!!

    And Mynxy... how I adore you my kindred spirit friend... I feel the passion for both of us! Love ya!

  12. Really good post and I wish you peace in the new year. I did want to say that for a Whipped Cream "shot" I would have forgivin you anything!

  13. Happy new year Tracy! That was a lovely inspiring post, you go girl!! I hope 2012 will bring you lots of good times and much creativity!!

    Im hoping to get the tree down this week, and get some good old spring cleaning going to refresh the place. Strangely Im looking forward to it!!
    Happy 2012 my friend!!

  14. I want to come to your house for Christmas. Will you be upset if I eat before I come over?!

    Oh Tracy, can't wait to see what happens this year. I know it will be full of laughs and lots of experiences.

  15. That's probably how Christmas would turn out if I hosted the whole thing. LOL Either that or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

    It's a toss up.

  16. LOL... thank you Middle Child! Nothing like a whip cream shot to make amends!

    Same to you too my friend Mandy, you and my friend Mynx are ironically my inspirations for recapturing creativity!!!

    I don't blame you Sue in the slightest, I still can't believe they ate the dinner!!!! And I hope this year brings us all tons of laughs and great experiences!!!

    Oh Jday, I am the female incarnate of Chevy Chase... so glad I am not alone!!!

  17. Does that mean we get to see who you really are??? Head, toes, the whole thing?
    BTW... just a little tidbit (not tim horton's ditbit) from me... I'm not sure I like it when one comments in ones blog comments. It's not like we come back and check your comments, so we might not see them. I guess it's one of those "proper etiquette things". Just saying. You know I love you don't you? I do.


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