Monday, January 2, 2012

SO EXCITING.....!!!!

Yesterday, I got up all stuffy in my nose and an achy stomach (most likely from all the cabbage I put in my homemade chicken chowmein the night before) and thought to myself "Oh great!!! Here's how I am entering into a new year with a runny nose and a runny butt!  Yikes!"

And then I opened my email and......

I was nominated in three categories for Best Written, Humour and Life for the 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards!

And I was doing a happy dance all over the place, well specifically I did a happy dance straight to the bathroom, apparently cabbage could not hold back it's excitement either!

In any event, there are a gazillion amazing blogs that have been nominated, so quite frankly I am betting the buck stops here especially with the fantastic competition out there.  But in the meantime, I have to say that I do not know who or whom nominated me and I wanted you to know how utterly humbled I am that you would take the time to actually think of me!  Thank you very much.  How you touched my heart.

And thank you for making me smile whilst I spent the entire day yesterday leaking from all my orifices!

Your kindness has overwhelmed me!!! 

Until Next Time.



  1. All your orifices? Tracy, were you drooling too?
    Congratulations on your nominations!

  2. Like I said on Facebook, WOWZER and congratulations to you! xo

  3. Your blog is really great and I hope you win.

  4. You deserve it, kiddo! (the awards, not the cabbage reproceesing. I'm close to the same boat there- something between last year n this has irritated that-which-should-not-be-irritated).

  5. Well deserved! And to think there were times when you were ready to ditch it all! Aren't you glad you stayed?! I am!

  6. OMG! Congrats! That is amazing, and yes, very well deserved! :)

  7. That's awesome! You deserve it! (The

  8. Well, there's that thing we call 'first impressions'. I'm new and the first impression you have given me will always be with me....umm-mmm, thank you? Too much cabbage, huh?

  9. Awww... thank you guys all!!!! and welcome Lost without a map, can't guarantee that there won't be more talk about cabbage in the future :)

  10. Congratulations on your blog award.
    I hope you are feeling better.
    By the way Orifice is also a last name. It is pronounced as Orefiche'.
    Get better.

  11. What a wonderful honour Tracy - so deserving.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it's more than a nomination!

    Get better soon!

  12. Congratulations Tracy!!!! That's great news!! Very well deserved I must say!! Go Tracy, go Tracy!!! :)))))


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