Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'm feeling full today, perhaps I ate too much macaroni cheese, that could well be it you know.

But today, I also feel full because of other things:

I feel full of love for my pooch who is so adorable that he constantly makes me smile and I just love his wiggly butt.  I feel full of gratitude because I live in a warm house and a safe neighbourhood with lovely people surrounding me.  I feel full of grace, although most times I trip and fall on my face, and oh okay, let's just put it this way, I have no grace, but I just wanted to say that.

I feel full of indigestion... yup, I definitely ate too much which means perhaps later, I will feel full of gas... Yikes!  I feel full of happiness, because I have made new friends recently who have absolutely enriched my life, and I have old friends whose friendship is so precious to me that I am overwhelmed with the lack of words.  I feel full of positive energy today, and am pretty sure that is spilling over from others.

I feel full of mystery... well okay I am not, but I like the sound of that.  I feel full of humour, everything is striking my funny bone today and I suppose if I get gassy later today, I will be laughing even harder, but undoubtedly, my better half will not!

I feel full of wit today, but unfortunately, I am my only audience. I feel full of sweetness today, possibly due to all the sugar I have consumed, yup that would be it.  I feel full due to fullness and I feel lucky about that.

And sometimes, I am just full of crap, but not today, 
today I a full of wonderful you!

So what are you full of?  
(besides beans!)

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. I,m full of your love
    your writing shows us all the love , humour and positive energy you give us and best of all your friendship
    Thanks again Sunshine

    :) L

  2. Awww...... thank you Lynda Lou.. I am truly touched!

  3. OK Tracy...101 followers. That's why your feeling good.
    I'm not feeling so good. The weather turned today. Feels like fall. YUCK. I want more summer breeze, warm starry nights, skinny dippin' in the pool with Randy. : (
    Oh well, there's always next year : )
    Love Ya
    Love me

  4. Hello there...I'd have to say I'm full of exhaustion. I just can't seem to get enough rest. I'm also full of gratitude at having found you. Thanks for stopping by, I am now following you!

  5. Ok, I'm a day late, but I'm still full of stuff...I too am full of love for my pups, because they always make me smile, and they follow me everywhere (really...everywhere...). I am full of good food in the fridge, which I will proceed to eat all day, and I will not ignore the ice cream, calling me through the freezer door. I am full of things to read, including these blogs, which I really dig (hey, does anybody even say 'dig' anymore? Oh man, I am dating myself..)

    I am full of thanksgiving, even if it's not the season yet, because I realize I have so much more than other people, and I thank the Lord for it.
    That's what I'm full of today, tomorrow I hope to be full of another of your blogs :)


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