Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's cocktail hour, and you are all invited to my party on my blog tonight.  Wooo whooo, it's going to be blast!  The lights are starting to dim, the music is a groovin, i'm swaying my rather large patooty to the beat, and coming around to talk to each and everyone of you.

"Hello my blogger friend", I say mischievously.... "Welcome to my humble abode.  Would you like an appie.  Please do take off your coat and stay a while."

"I am serving Martinis tonight, so what's your flavour?" 

And while I am sipping my lovely chocolate martini, I start to feel a tad tipsy.  And you know what happens when you are a tad tipsy, you start divulging crazy things about yourself....like:
  1. Did you know that I could happily eat a whole jar of pickles in one sitting?
  2. I have a brown birthmark on the side of my face that looks like a teddy bear.
  3. I dig dancing, in fact in a previous life, I am pretty sure I was the Queen of Burlesque!
  4. I love to fantasize about every situation possible, gets my mojo going and makes my better half a very happy man.
Wait, I have to go and get a top up... Ahhh yes, that's so much better, now where was I, oh yes:
  1. I have the hots for Colin Firth... I often pretend I am Elizabeth to his Mr. Darcy... Yum Yum Yum let me squeeze that bum bum bum.   *gulp down remaining martini*
  2. I am happiest when I a lying on the floor being attacked by my little pooch.   *hiccup*
  3. I make the book's character in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" look like she is from the minor leagues.
  4. Once a childhood friend of mine told me that my nose looked like a mushroom cap, and I thought that was a compliment.  Perhaps, I was wrong? *tiny burp* (covered up with a lady like laugh to try and hide my lack of social pedigree)
  5. I think I was rich in a previous life and didn't appreciate it so I am being punished this time around.
Oh looky here, I see that you have downed your Martini too, who would have thought you little alchy. So, it's time for you to fess up and leave me a comment and divulge 3 crazeeee things about yourself!!!!

Bottoms up and don't hold back!


  1. Well, I guess somebody has to get this party started...... 2 glasses of red wine and we are off!!
    1. Because I work alone, usually in somebody else's powder room, I talk to myself, all day long. I even argue with myself. Sometimes I loose the arguement!

    2. I am an artist, but I can't draw to save my life! Thank goodness for clip art, copiers, and projectors!

    3. Parenting is the best joy of my life. Parenting is the worst joy in my life. I have a love hate relationship in being a parent.. Parenting ain't for sissies. I wish I was a sissie some days! I am so glad I have my daughter to parent to!

    Next up.....

  2. LOL LOL LOL............!!!!!!!!!!! I loose arguments with myself too!

  3. let's see...
    1. i rarely drink, but when i do, you can tell i'm heading on over to the tipsy side when my ears turn bright red & i start shaking my hips (and maybe my ta-tas, if i'm way over the line). i'm a way better dancer (in my head) when i'm liquored up.

    2. i clean houses for a living & while i'm not a snoop, i do get a little kick when i discover something that's not meant for public consumption. like panties hanging from a ceiling fan.

    3. i have a kitten who's been known on ocassion to mistake the mole on my neck for a nipple & she tries to nurse.

  4. OMG!!!!! Sherilin! Number 3 almost made me pee my pants, I laughed so hard! Thanks! LOL

  5. A little wine goes a long ways with me...hicup!!
    so sorry.
    1. I'm with you on Colin Firth. He is so yummy and he has an open invitation into my dreams anytime.
    2. I love my three cats, but greet the neighbor's cats with a full blast from the garden hose and a little cussing.
    3. I hate clothes and they start coming off the minute I enter the front door, and we will leave that one at that.
    Great Party!!!

  6. We'll have to arm wrestle for Colin Firth!!! LOL

  7. All it takes is some Di Saronno on the rocks and I'm a goner, specially when there's lots of Di Saronno a little rocks (pebbles work best..)

    1. I start dancing with my pooches or anybody else's pooches, if I'm at their house.
    2. I tell everybody I'm a little tipsy, just in case they couldn't figure it out on their own...
    3. I fancy myself a singer and bring the house down..literally, even the walls break under the sound stress....
    I want to do my part to assure the success of this party!!! :)

  8. Have you been singing tonight Alex... I see a crack in my wall? LOL

  9. Hmmmm....I have had a couple of glasses of wine tonight.....lemmesee....
    1. Yes...parenting is all good and very hard too. NOT for the fainthearted. Talked to my college freshman tonight and found out something I wish I hadn't....
    2. I used to think Tom Selleck was the most beautiful man...but now...well, he's kinda old.
    3. Sure, I talk to myself. I also have full blown conversations with the dog, with me speaking both sides of the conversation, which do often escalate into an argument of sorts, or a series of remonstrations.

  10. Now I KNOW we share a special bond Tracy! Just back from the most amazing dinner of my life... with the yummiest cocktails... and LOOK!... The party's still going! Woo hooo!!! Glad I poured myself some wine before joining the party... So lets see what confessions it inspires... Hmmm:

    1. When I was a kid, I had a crush on "Spock"

    Umm... maybe that one's enough all by itself!!

    Ok, well... and I'm going through a 'sensuality awakening' (among other awakenings) in my lfe these days... oh sure Tamara... just let it ALLL hang out... Better leave this comment under another name!!... Not sure if it's a '40s thing' or a 'lost weight' thing... probably both. But girls... Coulda been a "When Harry Met Sally Moment" at dinner tonight when I tried Warmed Spiced Olives for the first time. LOL... Ok... and THAT had better just do it for my drunken confessions... at least until the next cocktail hour at Tracy's!!

  11. Yay!! I need a cocktail..mind if I try one of your chocolate martinis?
    1. Very interesting flavor..another one please:) I dance with my dog every morning to a tune I made up. Drives everyone except the dog crazy.
    2. I'm crazy as a loon so I can pretty much get away with things most people can't
    3. Fall is here, the trees are dappled with sunlight and the streets with the shadows of the trees...oops, I am tipsy, better quit now.
    Thank you, kind hostess Tracy, it was a lovely cocktail hour. Please invite me again! I'll bring the appetizers. If I stay any longer, I might fall asleep on your floor. I'm known to do that, you know.

  12. Hmmm...let me see...which 3 are more interesting?
    1. I confess that I buy wine by the box, because my husband and I can whip through two bottles of wine in one night, so we buy 2 boxes at a time and hide them in a closet while the kids are at school, because I feel like an awful parent having alcohol in front of the kids. Oh, yeah...we never buy it when they are with us either, so we are like spies picking the most appropriate time to hide out at the grocery store. That's usually right after I drop them off at school in the morning. Yep, the folks at the store get a kick out of that!

    2. I could wipe out a massive bag of fried cheese sticks on any day, at any given time, so long as I have a massive jar of marinara sauce to drench them in.

    3. I couldn't live without Facebook, and I have been kicked off twice. Yes, you read that right. TWICE. Both times the message read something to the tune of: the speed and frequency of my comments are construed as spam. Nowadays I try to wait a few seconds before making any return comments.

    I have so much more, but for now, I'll leave it at that. Time to watch TV and have a box of wine! *BURP*


  13. Adorable post!

    Hmm...well, I love Juicy Couture undies--most comfortable ever.

    I have a thing for soda that I'm trying to break...did I mention I haven't had any soda in 48 hours. *Sitting on hands to keep from grabbing a nice cold coca-cola...yummy...starting to get up...soda is calling...NO! Stop! Sit down! *Sitting back down, thoroughly p'od*

    I've been having a love affair with Marc Jacobs...well, with his handbags anyway.

    And, um, I have the hots for Colin Firth as well...Mr. Darcy--yum infinity.

    I gave you an award! See my blog for details. :)

  14. Oh wait, I have another!

    When I was a teenager I watched all the coolest shows to stalk THE DADS/Older dudes. For instance:
    I watched Top Gun 20,000 or so times to watch Tom Skerrit while everyone else was checking out Val and Tom.

    I used to watch My So-Called Life, for the dad.

    I used to watch the show Thirty-Something to check out Ken Olin.

    Now, I watch Friday Night Lights to check out the younger dudes, in particular RIGGINS!

  15. You guys are the greatest.... Thanks for being a part of my cocktail hour!!! xxoo

  16. Am I too late? Is there any Di Sorrano left? Skip the rocks. Three crazy things?

    I once owned a 216 pound Newfoundland Dog.
    I can be mistaken for drunk when I've had too much caffeine.
    I was once in a threesome, with another woman and a man............years and years ago.
    Have I said too much?

  17. I'm sorry...I have to post another comment as the Eva Gallant three crazy things had me laughing so hard I fell off my chair and rolled across the floor.

  18. LOL.... No Eva... you have not said too much!!! Hilarious!

  19. Oh darn. I missed happy hour...sigh..i'll have to wait until next week...boo

  20. You are a silly girl aren't you - but then again is this TRUTH or FICTION! What I really want to know is did you ever cool down at work today?

  21. I'm a bit late to the party, but here goes my three little thingees:

    1. I will eat a whole bag of tootsie rolls non-stop, even if I feel sick.
    2. I am an end-reader. I will always flip to the end and read it after about 50 pages of a book.
    3. I always yell at myself in my head whenever I start a race--"what the #@% are you doing?!"

  22. It's the morning after hangover greasy burger time here! I am reflecting on our drunken escapades:

    1. I think I remember us downing a whole box of twinkies last night.
    2. Did you grab my boob?
    3. I think I might have peed a little on your floor.

  23. Was that you??? I thought my dog had an accident... LOL

  24. So I have to ask if you watched "A Single Man"...'cause there's an extended scene with Colin Firth skinny-dipping in it.

  25. Oh how I love a Wedding Cake Martini!!! Let's see....1. I LOVE rap music especially Snoop Dogg 2. I dip just about everything in Ketchup including green beans & rice but not scrambled eggs. 3. I really really wish I could be a Debutante

  26. Looks like I missed happy hour too---no worries, I have a "stash" around the house.
    slurp, gulp....ok, so 3 things eh

    I have 2 tatoos
    If I were Gweniever...I'd negotiate to keep BOTH the KING and Sir. Lancelot....
    I want to learn to do a striptease.
    shhhh....burp, maybe I shouldn't have said that.

  27. Came by waaayyy too late, but I'll be sure to check in more often, even if it means clearing my schedule of surgical procedures, best friends weddings and Church! (not that I've been in a very long time, but I wanted to convey the seriousness of what I'd give up to be at your next cocktail party!)

    Reading everyone's comments and especially their confessions made my day! (Eva, you naughty girl!) Laughed out loud and possibly peed my pants once or twice. Just try to have some good vodka and an industrial jar of green olives around because I like my martini's verrry dirty! Filthy might be a better word...

    Is noon (hic!) too early to (Brrrupp!, scuse me) get my buzz on?

    Luv Mrthra


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