Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As long as I can remember, I have always wanted one of those two to three page long, emotionally tearing at your heart strings, thrill you to your very core love letter.  The kind that you fold up and open and fold up and open and re-read until the creases cause it too tear.  The kind that you keep stashed away in a secret little box just for your eyes only.  It’s the kind of letter that makes your heart quiver in anticipation and knocks the socks right off your feet.

Unfortunately for me, my better half has difficulty expressing his love in the written form.  The usage of word seems to be my forte, perhaps, and I often get frustrated with the lack of his.  A very selfish trait of mine, I must confess.

In all honesty, I am very much aware that my better half is a unique man.  He loves to touch and caress and hold your hand.  He loves to fill your face full of those tiny little soft butterfly kisses. His soft romantic side pairs well with his wild hot side and I just never know what I am going to get. He is just like a Cracker Jack Box with an unknown surprise at the bottom. And I find that his heart is so large, that quite often I feel as if I can see it pounding straight out of his chest. But he is at a loss on how to write me a love letter and I have nagged him for the better half of 7 years for that precious letter.

And then I got to thinking the other day, what is a love letter? A love letter is not just a written expression of love, but rather an expression of love unto itself.  And as I have viewed the relationships of others, I have found over the years that love letters come in all shapes and forms.  They can be as simple as softly moving your hair away from your face, or reaching out to hug you when you are sad, they can be sweet words to stroke your ego when your confidence is lost or it could be as simple as a “I love you” mouthed to you from across the room when your eyes meet.

My better half’s love letters to me go beyond a simple piece of paper with words.  His love is expressed every day in the ordinary to the extraordinary from working out my sore joints every night, to massaging my feet after a long day at work, to pouring me a bubble bath with dimmed lights because he thinks I need the time to relax, to simply taking over the duty of vacuuming around the house because he knows that it causes me too much pain, to always giving me the last piece of cake even though I know that he really would like it, to simply buying me those earrings I adored because I wanted them.

So really, what is a love letter?  Well I believe it is just an selfless, unconditional, expression of love.  And if that is the case, I have to tell you that personally, I would need a whole storage unit to hold the love letters I have received from that amazing guy I call my better half and aren't I the lucky one.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. You are so wise...make sure your other half reads this..its your love letter to him! Awesome!!

  2. You are a very lovely person Tracy and I love that your heart implodes upon your blog!

  3. I love this and I think that you are both lucky to have each other, because you both bring out the love for each other. Most relationships can't express this whether it is in words, deeds or a written declaration. You're very lucky!!

  4. There are things that are more important than letters, gifts, flowers and the like. Thanks for sharing your happiness!


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