Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DANCING UNDER THE MOON (when the neighbours aren't watching!)

I live in this wonderful little tucked away neighbourhood of friendly faces and kindly souls who all look out and care for each other. We tend to have many porch parties in our neighbourhood where one neighbour moseys out and sits on their stoop and other neighbours mosey over and sit with them, and then more neighbours come out and stand and we all just talk and giggle and vent and pet each other's pets.  And the joy of it is, is that you can come out and join in if you want to or stay in and cuddle on your couch, no one cares, the open invitation is there all year long (weather permitting). Mostly tho, we are just a motley crew who consider each other as an extension of adopted family members and it really is a lovely way to live.  

But when my neighbours go in at night and settle down by their TV's, that's when I emerge from the shadows and come outside and fulfill my yearly summer dreams of dancing in the moonlight.  I strap on my Ipod, blast on the music, grab my watering hose to water the rockery plants and I shake my rather large booty all over the place only to be viewed by the moon and the stars. And depending on the music and my explosive imagination, I sometimes imagine that I an exotic belly dancer from the middle east and I shake my hips in an effort to entice my handsome Arabic better half, other times I am a pole dancer with a smoking hot body giving my better half the best strip tease of his life and then there are the times I am back in the eighties with lace tights, big hair and some of the worst dance moves ever to come out of a decade.  No matter what the night brings, my imagination is lit on fire and I can be whomever I want to be.  The reality of course is that my only audience is my plants who don't seem to mind my hip shaking, grinding and gyrating, just as long as they get their nightly drink.  Once in a while, my better half will come out to check on me, and give me that usual look of "good grief" and shake his head and goes back in, but he knows I am a tad weird, and frankly that's what attracted him to me in the first place. 

I love the freeness I feel when the music is pulsating thru my ears reaching deep down into my belly and I can't stop myself from wiggly and squiggly and downright jiggling.  I have to do it, and for me, it is my moment of  sheer, blissful freedom.  Deep within the depths of my soul, I am a free spirit confined to the responsibilities of everyday living, and dancing under the night sky, just gives my soul the chance to be set free, if not for a mere moment.

Some nights, the music is from some velvety seductive voice and I imagine myself in some steamy love story with the wine flowing and the candles burning, my long hair cascading down my back and the waves lapping  at my feet and I almost need to hose myself down!  Other times, I am on a stage belting out a song to a crowd who is so in awe of my magnificent voice that they are brought to tears.  Whatever is going thru my mind, one thing is for sure that under that moonlit evening sky, I am whomever I want to be, doing whatever I want to do and fulfilling dreams upon dreams upon dreams.

Of course, every once in a while, a car creeps into the subdivision and my back is turned and I only notice them after they have gone by, and I know what they think... Did you see that goofy woman dancing and singing again? But seriously, I just don't care, life is precious and short and you should be able to dance and sing wherever your soul yearns too.

Last night, I was some hot chick in a music video thrusting it here, there and everywhere, and while in reality, I may have taken out a few plants, bruised a hip and eventually had to take a muscle relaxer, the fact remains that while I was in that music video of my mind, I rocked it baby and I rocked it hard!

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. AWESOME! RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! THIS is BY FAR my very favorite post of yours EVER! (so far!) OH MY GOD! I laughed out loud! I smiled the whole time! AND I pictured you dancing around in your back yard with the hose in your hand! YOU ARE RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME! I can only hope that my post is even remotely as good tonight! WOW!

  2. You crack me up girl. I do remember the big hair of the eighties. As a matter of fact I have pictures of it I should post.

  3. i must have been gardening all wrong all these years...

  4. Tracy, there is nothing better for the soul. I'm sure of it. I danced in the rain, naked to the world the other day. I swirled and I laughed and I danced all around. Randy took some pictures..that will NEVER show up anywhere around here : )
    We also have an outdoor shower that I LOVE to be in. Nothing like freedom. Thank God I can't see my only 2 neighbours lol
    Glad you were up to doing such a great dance around. Randy had a very bad day today. He even had a fever which sucks. He's still on antibiotics for his bronchitis. Of course it's the weekend tomorrow, so no doc available. C'est la vie.
    Have a great weekend if you can.
    Love Claudie
    it's 1:30 and going to bed.

  5. Thank you so much Rita for the lovely comment, you're a doll.

    Yo, i hope you are talking about pictures of you and not me!!! lol

    I think Jain maybe you are gardening right, you have yet to see my garden, the plants are in sheer shock from what I put them thru with my hip wiggling! lol

    Claudie... that a girl, shake what your momma gave ya! (PS... sorry Randy is having a rough day, sending out positive thoughts his way... poor guy!)

    Cheers to you all and thanks for taking the time to read this crazy little blog of mine xxoo

  6. You go your heart out!!

  7. Oh I did girl.... and I have the bruises to prove it... lol Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I'm coming over from "Best Posts". I loved this post because, at the age of 56, I'm still a free spirit, too. I may not go dance out in the moonlight because my life is just too crazy-busy for that...but I'll still blast the stereo when I'm alone and dance to my own muse. I spent hours and hours and hours dancing to candlelight in my bedroom when I got home at 1 am in my single days. There is just something so...delicious...about it, isn't there?

  9. Be the best you that you can be!!! You go, girl!

  10. Dance on! Who cares if the nighttime drivers hit a few garbage cans because they're so busy trying to figure out what you're doing?

  11. Dancing in the moonlight--fabulous! Most of my dancing these days is with the grandkids. We put on some rock music and dance like crazy--they love to watch themselves in the mirrored closet doors in my bedroom. I'd rather not see myself, so I don't look. Yup, we're all rock stars, or ballerinas, depending on the moment.

  12. you rock! Flat out. yep. I'm now a devoted follower. Even if you, from now on, only post gibberish. This post was magic. Thank you. You inspire me to go dance in the moonlight. :o)

  13. We could be friends...I love your dancing and then I saw your list of favorite books and they're almost all on my shelf as well.

    Keep dancing!

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