Tuesday, July 13, 2010


One of my all time favourite things to do is container gardening. Simply because I love pots.  In fact I am addicted to the sheer beauty of the created pot.  Big ones, small ones, ceramic ones, copper ones (hate those plastic ones), teracotta ones, wrought iron ones, I love them all.  In fact, I would be happy having a shop catering just to garden pots!  Mostly, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of urns.  Two years ago, I scored this spectacular deal on this 3 foot high, hand cast stone urn from Italy! I got it for 80 percent off it's asking price due to one tiny in sequential chip and they delivered it to me for free using three men to haul it's heavy glorious butt into place!  I adore it so much, I am thinking about marrying it and having it's children! (although, my better half may object.)

The irony is that I actually suck at container planting.  I put many lovely little fleurs here and there and either they don't drape right, or they get spindly, or they get eaten by earwigs, or it's just me.  Personally, I like to blame it on the water.  I blame everything on the water, even my craziness!  It's a great answer to things, you know, like: "hey why are your plants dying - It's the water", "hey, why do you have a rash - It's the water", "hey, your kind of bizarre - Yup, it's the water".  It works for me.

Anywhooo, I love to go to this lovely well known Public Garden a mere 60 minutes from my home where I can  always find inspiration on container gardening, and I thought I would share three of my favourite photos which ironically are all of the same couple of pots (so much for imagination!)

Today I am joining Outdoor Wednesday.  If you would love to check out more of Outdoor Wednesday, please click the icon on the right side of my blog entitled the same name to see some more fabulous photographs from some seriously talented individuals.  And big thanks to asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com for hosting same.

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  1. You're so funny! I love pots too, whether I would marry one, well that remains to be seen!

  2. I love to plant in pots also. They look great for a few weeks and then they tend to go downhill from there. I never thought to blame it on the water though.

  3. Great pictures and great pots. It's as good as any obsession I can think of. and they are handy devils, pots and crocks. glad I visited your blog. Thanks for the laugh and the wonderful pots to look at.

  4. We are going to do container gardening next spring. Yours look wonderful.

  5. I am with you...a mass grouping of pots looks great. It is my mission to do the same here. It is one of those ideas I need to stop procrastinating on. These photos are a great source of inspiration.. As is your blog title photo, love it!

    Jeanne :)

  6. I like your potted variety! Have a good rest of the week :)

    Hood Photo Blog

  7. I love pots as well, I mix them in the flower beds sometimes when I need to fill in a spot!


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