Friday, July 30, 2010


(Note:  photos of trip will follow in the next three blogs)

WELL I'M BACK...............!

And I am feeling refreshed, relaxed and renewed, my soul is dancing around my body in pure exhilaration and screaming how much it wants more. Greedy as it is, I can completely understand and I have made a mental note to myself to remember to feed my soul more often than I have in the past.

If I was to be honest tho, I would have to admit that I had my druthers about being locked in a vehicle on a road trip with my better half as a form of a holiday.  Let's face it, there were some serious obstacles:
  1. My body is way too sore to be sitting in a car for 1500 kilometers.
  2. We were traveling thru mountains with my teeny tiny bladder and with the only pit stops being OUTHOUSES where I had to confront my fears of a possible fly flying up my ass!
  3. I hate heat as I swell up like a enormous dimply blotchy helium ballon and we went from 21 to 36 degrees in 4 hours, oh my freaking lord!
  4. I am not much of a wine drinker, so what on earth was I thinking about when I booked a holiday based around a wine tour?
And to top it off, my better half is a bit of a pokey driver and I do seem to nag him tremendously in the car when we are driving.  In fact, I have nagging down to a pure art form, not so much that you would eventually find my dismembered body in a beer fridge by the couch as my better half sat there with a silly grin, but just enough for him to get a little red and mentally visualize throwing darts at my head.

These obstacles aside, we survived happily together with only a few minor bumps in the road.  And even though I spent the whole trip as a great big sweaty drip, I just chalked it up to my own free spa moment of sweating out large amounts of impurities out of my body.  And while I had trepidation over the fact that I know absolutely zippo regarding wines, (in fact my idea of a good wine is that if the wine doesn't burn going down my throat, it must be okay) I did come away with the knowledge that there are only certain wines I really do enjoy.  And while I am no Sommelier, my tongue surprisingly could pick up on a few certain aspects of each wine.

Yes my friends, I was my usual klutzy self and I most certainly tripped and hit a few things and came away with a million bruises, but it was all okay as I spent most of my time in an ever slightly tipsy manner much to the chagrin of my ever patient better half.

I shot photo after photo after photo from vineyards to lake views, from sunflowers to lavender fields, to blue skies to stormy evenings, it was a spectacular landscape that I just could not quite capture the way I wanted too.

And while usually I come back happy to be home, I will admit that I am still longing for more moments of sitting in the pale yellow adirondack chairs feeling the warm breeze laced with the scent of soft lavender and sweet honey.

Who seriously would have thought that a little piece of Italy resided right here in Canada, no more than a mere boat ride and five hours of driving away.

Was it worth it, oh yes it was my friends and I have the smile to prove it!

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. THAT is a stunning photo up above! WOW!! So happy you're back and rested, relaxed and..uhm..what was the other one?

  2. Can't wait to see your photos!!!!! Welcome back!

  3. I've been wondering if you were enjoying your holiday..and I'm so glad you had a fab time! The three R's are so very important...can't wait to see the photos!!


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