Wednesday, October 13, 2010

COCKTAIL HOUR: I’ll have another round bartender

It’s been a day for myself and my family while we deal with an ailing family member.
So too selfishly cheer myself up, I have declared today “COCKTAIL HOUR”....

And you know what that means my darlings...

It’s time for a virtual drinky pooh or perhaps two.

And as I down my first lovely Apple Martini of the night and I get that flush to my cheeks and my ears, I giggle ever so slightly as I reminisce about my 20's and all the wild moments I had. Always pegged as the good girl, I love to think of my "not so good girl" years.

And just as I am deep into my memories, a very tall, handsome stranger sits down beside me and says:

“Hello gorgeous, did anyone tell you that your baby blues could bring a man to his knees?”

I think, oh hell, couldn’t you come up with a better line than that. And then I think to myself, who cares, he’s gorgeous. Suck it all back woman!

So I girlishly giggle and outrageously batt my baby blues to make a point and say in my best soft cooing voice:

“Why of course, and why wouldn’t you fall to your knees in my presence. I am after all the woman of your fantasies....but then again I am EVERY man's fantasy.”

He throws his head back in a deep throaty laugh and then turns to me and smiles that sly cheshire cat smile that says he could eat me up in one sitting. And just staring at him and his dark sensual brooding good looks propels me into a hot flash, and then he says:

“I heard your mischievous giggle from where I was sitting and wondered what you found so amusing?"

I can’t help myself, but I want to divulge little secrets I have told so very few. But I don’t want to blow my good girl image, an image I have cultivated for so many years.

And then he says:

“C’mon beautiful, share just three of your most intimate secrets.”

And I think, what the hell, I will never see him again and as I whisper them so that the bartender cannot hear, I watch for his reaction.

Stunned, he says:

“Oh you good girls, you make a man weep for more.”

“I know” says me “and I like it that way”.

And then I get up, pay my tab and leave, but not before I give him one more head toss and look up from under my eye lashes.

He sighs, downs his drink in one shot, looks around for his next opportunity and spies you.

And then in his most huskiest voice, he turns his full attention onto You and asks you to share three of your most intimate secrets...

And you say:


  1. You are SO, so bad!!!
    And, didn't share YOURS!

  2. Bartender...!!!! I'll have what she's having!

  3. LOL LOL...... You chickens... you didn't spill a thing!

  4. 1. i'm wearing a bacon merkin.
    2. i sleep in only a tie dyed bandana.
    3. i haven't cleaned my ears in 2 years.

  5. Yup Sherilin... I can see that guy running out of the bar... ha ha ha ha!!!

  6. well you didn't say i was supposed to be picking him up! if you're going to drive someone away, you might as well do it with some pizazz, right? =)

  7. 1. I love satin sheets
    2. I am a trained assassin for the CIA
    3. Nobody is supposed to know what I do for a living....
    You know, just to shake things up a bit!!

  8. I knew that about you Alex... because secretly I am your boss!!! Agent Gorgeous is my code name! BTW... you are now fired!!! LOL

  9. 1. I'm starving and I could eat a horse right now (I'm trying to loose weight), but I'm vegetarian..kidding.
    2. I just watched Elvis in his 1968 comeback tour with Randy, and I didn't even know he was dead lol Elvis that is kidding again, just in case you think I didn't know that.
    3. I want to extract my dogs vocal cords right NOW!!!!!!
    Ok I feel better.
    Love me
    P.S. I read your awards posts, that was hard wasn't it? Sorry to hear that your going through some bad times. Hey what 3 things are you revealing Missy?

  10. 1. I'm a frisky virgin.
    2. I love wearing nothing but a t-shirt or team jersey
    3. I make the best "purrrrrrr-ing" sound. Wanna hear?

    hehe, yeah, okay, that was fun. Cheers!

  11. 1. I'm married.
    2. I'm just here for the band.
    3. Did I mention the band?

  12. Claudie... eat woman there is nothing to you!
    Frisky... I may have to pass on the purring sound... LOL
    Misfit - the music sucks, but if you like Polka music, who am I to say anything!!! :)

  13. ROFL--I was "talking" to the hypothetical hot guy!!! lol

  14. LOL....okay that makes sense now.... ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

  15. I'm tempted to write one but hubby won't stop looking over. LOL! :)

  16. Oh that's funny... mine does the same thing!!!

  17. a lady never shares her secrets!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're hilarious as well, and I'll definitely look forward to reading more!

  18. You are awesome!!!
    I need to visit daily!

  19. I just added you to my sidebar. You're too good not to share :)

  20. Awww thank you... that is so sweet!!!

  21. MOMS the word Porcha!

  22. It's okay Cathy, you don't have to say anything... I know most your secrets!!! LOL

  23. :-) To the grave!


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