Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Let me just start by saying that I am overwhelmed and touched by the beautiful comments left yesterday, and while my head is still enveloped in this vice grip, it is nothing compared to what others suffer daily. But yesterday after reading all the comments, I felt much like the Grinch where my heart grew ten times and I cannot thank you enough.  So to lighten the mood a little. I thought I would blog about 10 odd things about myself, and then come back and see if you are still a follower.... ha ha ha

Okay, here we go:

1.  I have never had a cavity in my entire life. Nope no cavities no braces. And ironically neither has my brother. We have saved our parents mucho moula! And yes, we are the freaky stepford children.

2. I eat pickles with mayonnaise spread on them. Yes gross to some, a delicacy of the unusual to me!

3. I knew at the age of 5 years old I was never going to have children. A friend of mine told my wee little self all the gory details about giving birth and I had nightmares for years. I'm still scarred by it.  Of course, she went on to have a bunch of children!  The wench!

4. Once when I was young, I told my mother she was very bad and when she turned away from me, I swatted her with a wooden spoon so hard that it broke across her hiney. There's still a well deserved hand print on my ass to this day!

5. When I was 7 years old, we went to Disneyland. The week before we arrived, Donny Osmond had been at our hotel and had secured the entire floor that we ended up staying on. My father gave me a pair of purple socks while we were there (as Donny was well known for wearing purple socks) and said the housekeeping staff found them. Every night for years, I use to put them on my feet and sleep with them.  And of course, it goes without saying that I wouldn't wash them, as I didn't want to wash "Donny" off the socks. What's worse, is that I held onto those bloody socks for 20 years before I found out they were my dad's stinky leftovers! My mother still breaks out in a giggle over this some 30 something years later.  In fact, when I read this to her, she laughed her face off.  Oh the joys of parents!

6. I have small lips but I am still able to balance a spoon above my lip and below my lip at the same time (yes you heard it here first)!  Of course, I do look like a complete ape when I do it. 

7. I cannot drink beer. The first time I ever did the teenage drunk thing was due to drinking a case of warm beer, and unfortunately, I was hung over for three days. Twenty-five years later, and the smell of beer can still make hurl.

8. When I was in my mid 20's I went to Scotland and while there I experienced a flurry of "flash backs" to a previous life in a prior century. It did not matter if I was walking or sitting, all of a sudden a flash of another life would appear briefly before my eyes. Not too mention that every thing was crazily familiar to me. And I couldn't stop feeling this deep unending sadness and heartache. As soon as I left Scotland so did all the flashes and feelings.

9. I often know when people close to me have died long before I have been told. I have even woken up at the exact time of death of one of my grandfathers.  Ironically, I never feel sad, I almost feel like they came and said goodbye to me.

10. I have a crazy collection of Lucille Ball memorabilia.  When I was 12 years old, I was sure I was related to her.  Of course, I am sure she was glad not to be related to me!  On a side note, I was a very unusual child, I use to write to celebrities and send them little books with my 8 year old pictures and drawings in it and tell them about my country bumpkin kind of life.  I still have a postcard from Cher and a photo from Barbra Streisand... I suppose after 10 letters or so, they just gave in and wrote me to shut me up!  By the way after 10 letters of devotion to Donny Osmond, all I got back for my effort, was a catalogue to their Mormon products.  Sheesh!

There you have it in all my craziness.
Still want to hang around?
Perhaps, better yet, you will share a crazy moment of yours!

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


    1. My mom broke a wooden spoon across my hiney when I was a wee Simple Dude. I thought it was funny so I laughed... let me tell you, that was not a good idea!


    2. Are we related?!?! I love your 10 crazy things list and perhaps someday I will be confident enough to post a list of my own. I loved it and am glad you posted it for us.

    3. Still following, Tracy!
      So sorry to hear what a painful day you were having yesterday. I hope you are feeling much better today.
      It's always fun to learn more about you!

    4. Still no kids? I read an article recently about a women who was defending her stance on never having kids and no one understood why she made that decision. Was it really the story that turned you off to having them?

    5. Are you kidding? I'm sooooooo sticking around.
      You are my kind of girl and I'm thinking with the Donny story that we are the same age too :)
      Keep sharing your stories, they are awesome!!!

    6. Are you sure your wee little nose isn't growing dear Tracy? NO CAVITIES???
      Now about Donny, I met him. I was 18 working room service for my cousin at the best hotel in Ottawa when I answered the phone and it was Donny. I was sooooooo thrilled. Ok I didn't really meet him, but I did get him to sign the napkin I sent up. If I had it I would definitely send it to you girlfriend.
      Michael Jackson was also in the hotel when I was there... now that was even a better thrillER lol
      The pickle thing I still don't get yuck.
      No kids so what, who cares.
      But can you play the spoons????? lol (it's a French thing around here)
      I smacked Riley so hard I broke a wooden spoon across his bottom. So there I said it, and we still laugh about it.
      I CANNOT drink beer either OMG
      The Scotland thing freaks me out.
      I also have ESP, I do. When I'm thinking of someone, the phone rings and there they be.
      When you say crazy collection what does that mean, just cuz it's you Tracy talking here lol
      One thing about me: When I was 15, my father, who had no legs, dropped my BFF at church for mass. He was suppose to come with us, but he said "don't tell your mother. Here is the envelope, make sure you put it in the basket". Sure thing. We climbed the stairs, opened the big doors, made sure dad had driven away, snuck out, ran across the street, ducked into the rest., ordered chips and pop, tore open the envelope, paid, snuck back into church, grabbed a bulletin, and waited for my dad. Isn't that bad???
      I've told my mom this after keeping it a secret for soooo long. Again we laugh our heads off.
      That's that good night. Hope your feeling better Tracy.

    7. All that craziness just makes you even more loveable. I can't think of too much craziness with me. Teethwise I am the opposite. Had to get most of them crowned as they were cracking and falling apart from too many years in my head. Once upon a time I had a crush on Mickey Rooney, ha ha. On hiking trips as a kid I used to pretend I was a horse, making all the horse noises and stuff. 'What the hell' seems to be my favorite phrase, as one day at work I saw this odd stuff on my desk and said 'what the hell' and the people in the other room said 'see...we told you she'd say that'. I love your ten odd things. You're so unique.

    8. Um, yeah, you might be my long lost sister. lol My mom has always been called Lucy--she just has this ability to get into the most unbelievable, yet hilarious situations...apparently I inherited that gene.

      You already know I'm cavity-free as well. lol Sixth and seventh senses are real in my book.

      I'm truly fascinated by your flashbacks--please do a post on those, if you feel comfortable doing so. I've never experienced anything like that myself, but it is something I totally believe can happen.

    9. I love Lucy too, and your 10 crazy things are just that..crazyyyy, specially the Donny socks. When I have time, I'll tell you about my meeting with Paul Michael Glaser, the Starsky guy of that 70s show. I actually told him I was a reporter from Italy and went to his house to do an interview. When I rang the door bell, he opened the door wearing a bathing suit..I almost died on the spot...

    10. I love the list! I too was cavity free for the first 42 years of my life! I had my first filling this past summer and it was traumatic!

      Glad to hear you are feeling better today. I also get the sads for no apparent reason.

      Thank you for the nice comments you left for me. I would love to have both of my blogs featured on Pay It Forward =)


    11. I can't believe you've never had even one single cavity! CRAZY! Love it!

    12. Re: number 1, I'm so envious. I have like a gajillion cavities. :-)


    13. Ok, so here is the thing...I never had cavities either....until I had my daughter...little bugger I now have 12! Apparently pregnancy can screw with your teeth. Reason # 5697849590 not to have a kid.

      To tell you the truth I had made the decision not to have children. That is, until I met my hubby. I agreed to have one. Which I did and wouldn't change my mind.

      For whatever other reason(s) you decide not to have children good for you for holding your own!

      Cause once you have one, and state that all you want/ed to have, people get on you. I hate it!


    14. I sure envy number 1..

      And shame on Donny..Geesh.. all that devotion..

    15. I'm so sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I didn't get to read all my blog list yesterday, so I had to go back and read it when I read today's post. Hugs to you.
      I think your craziness is endearing!

    16. I loved this post! Pickles with mayo ... yum... one of my faves too. That flash back feeling ... been there...done that. Knowing about the time of death ~ I get that too. I used to be able to hold my breath and you could feel air come out by the corner of my eyes... it used to freak my brother out ~ so I spent a lot of time holding my breath. You just keep on being crazy ~ the sane need someone to compare themselves to.

    17. I can drink beer, but not Jack Daniels ever since me and a friend drunk a bottle between us (seemed like a good idea at the time) Wow, was I sick the next day or what? Never did that again. Keep the crazy stuff coming, it's great !

    18. These aren't odd..they are what make you YOU! I used to have premonitions, and was that every scary. Really scary. Dill or Sweet?

    19. LOVE your blog! I am a brand new follower and will be back often. I believe you had me at Lucille Ball...


    I love hearing from ya! Thanks for stopping by!