Saturday, August 28, 2010


Did I tell you how much I love Saturdays.   Well, I do.  It's my day to go and explore and where I end up is anybody's guess.  I can tell you that most likely, you will see me wandering right to where colour and scents co-mingle and where vibrant things are that you can feast your eyes upon.  It feeds my soul and brings me to my happy place.  And the best part about me living on an Island is you can Island hop anytime you want.  And today, I hopped over to another Island, and my soul was not only fed but also inspired!

From the wonderful flower stalls

To going to one of my all time favourite stores!

To coming home with my bouquet from the flower market!

Unfortunately, someone neglected to tell me that
Sea Holly smells like Pooh!  Eeee Gads!

Oh well, it looks pretty!
 Live and learn I say, live and learn!

This weekend I am joining Seasonal Sundays and Today's Flowers
and thank The Tablescaper and Flowers from Today for hosting same.
If you get a chance hop over to these links and see what others are up too!

Happy Weekend to You All.

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Until Next Time
Smooches Pooches


  1. Beautiful stunning pictures. I'd love to have all of those flowers in my home! Well done.

  2. Beautiful pictures Tracy


  3. These are fantastic photos!! Shame about the Sea Holly though! LOL! The picture is beautiful... and you can't smell that at least!

  4. Oh what stunning pictures! Can I go with you next Saturday:) I love blue flowers, too, and would have selected the same flowers! Hate that they stink, though. Just gorgeous!

  5. Thanks guys! And sure Deborah... come any time you want!!!

  6. Oh I miss Vancouver, I miss Granville Island, I miss my friends boohoo
    I love your Sat. too Tracy. Would have loved to be in your pocket LOL
    Happy Sunday

  7. So lovely! Just looking at the pictures makes me smile...can only imagine walking through! Coming over from Seasonal Sundays!

  8. Tracy.. Wow, just gorgeous!! I like your corner of the world :)

  9. That store is amazing and your pics are great! Kindly point out the Sea Holly so we all learn... lol

  10. Love the profusion of flowers hanging over the doorway of your favorite looks so intriguing :-)

  11. What a pretty visit! I love all the bounty of gorgeous flowers!!!! Your saturday trips sound like so much fun.
    I found so many things I would want to take home in that darling little shop.
    Wonderful to visit you this Sunday.

  12. You know, I've never been there....but I'm thinking that must be one of my favorite shops too....

  13. each presentation more lovely than the next

  14. WOW! Wonderful colourful series!

  15. Oh you made me laugh with that last comment. I'm going to do a double take and u-turn if I ever see that Sea Holly :) Sure does look pretty though, as do all those other great photographs. Thanks for sharing them with Today's Flowers.
    An English Girl Rambles

  16. What GORGEOUS photos! I would just love to poke my nose around that little store. I LOVE IT!

  17. 02The colours are outstanding!

  18. Gorgeous flowers everywhere, oh those colors!

    Just wanted you to know I changed my giveaway a little. Now I am giving you 5 possible ways to enter the giveaway! Check out today's post!


  19. What a neat store, love the the pretty flowers and the beautiful bouquet.

  20. Beautiful, beautiful!! Quite interesting about sea holly. I've never seen it in person, but always thought it was so pretty. ♥♫

  21. The flowers are so bright and beautiful, the colours striking. I love the arrangement too. I can smell the sweet frangrance already.

  22. Live and learn-great, the photos in your post are beautiful.
    Singapore plants lover

  23. I'm so sorry to be so late in coming to visit. I love your post. The flowers are beautiful. I didn't know they smelled either. Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  24. love your header, love this post and fantastic belly dancer shots!


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