Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am blessed in so many ways that sometimes I take for granted those things in life that should be held so precious.

I love the friendships I have made over the years.  They have come in all shapes and sizes, personalities from small to large to compassionate to realistic to pessimistic to optimistic and everything in between.  Some have stayed with me forever, some have gone, some have just arrived, some have just left, but each friendship has helped in shaping me into the person I am today.

And, I really believe whatever the time frame a person stays in your life, for good, for bad, for any reason at all, those people are there to assist you in one way or another in the direction of your life.

And sometimes, a friend does not even realize when she/he says something that changes your direction in thinking, like April on my blog yesterday with her kind words, or Julie when she mysteriously pops up with a comment on my facebook when I am having self doubt, or Lynda who laughs at whatever I write and provides non stop encouragement, or Louise who once in awhile sends me an gracious email via fb, or Claudie who comes out of the woodwork to tell me she understands what I am going thru, or Miss Kris with her words of wisdom at a time when I need them, or Tamara who is your constant cheerleader and brings you up when you feel down, or Sheryl who trips over to read my blog and then emails me with her much appreciated comments, or Jeanne my fellow blogger who always provides the perfect insight, or Ash with well thought out comments that always makes sense, or Dawn who supports you even when you are not sure yourself, or Diane who pops by on fb with her funny little comments that make you giggle, or Barbie Doll who thinks you are great even when you don’t think you are, or Juanita who opened up a separate gmail account just to follow you, or Vanessa who signed on as the first follower when no one else had, or Deborah who supports your blog in whatever direction you go and still likes it even when you think that it stinks, or Charmaine who is loyal to the core, has your back, and is not afraid to tell you when you are fool and still loves you, or Gina who is quietly standing by your side always, or Tammy who can relate to everything and does her best to make sure that you don't feel alone, or Melanie, Doris, Christelle and Rita who take time out of their busy day to read whatever is spilling out of your brain that day.

Or my mother, who does all of the above and more.

And everyone else who cares enough about me to support me in this little endeavour.

Ah yes my friends, I really do cherish those around me, because without them.....I certainly would be a lesser version of me.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. Well how excited am I to be in that wonderful list??!! :-) ...Ain't it great what a simple thing like buying earrings can lead to?!! I am SO happy you found me... so I could find you! <3 YOU ARE NOTHING SHORT OF AWESOME!!! Friends are awesome!! Friends who make you laugh 'til milk flies out of your nose (hmm... pretty sure that only happens if you're drinking milk when you laugh that hard... gosh, I hope so anyway) are WAY up there at the top of the list of "Best Things Ever."

  2. Yes Miss Tracy that is true friendship
    Thank you for letting me be a part of your,s and Jim and Freds lives
    Thank you for being my friend who always makes me laugh and brings me lots of sunshine daily
    We are blessed in so many ways to have you Tracy in our,s lives


  3. Sounds like your world is full of angels.

  4. wow I am honored to be a part of your list and your life! You are very deserving of so many dear friends, you give much more than you receive!

  5. Like they say... we are but a part of a bigger whole that breathes new life every day :)

  6. OMGOSH Tracy....that would be me in your friendship circle... now I have to find you on FB. You'll see a whole new Claudie there too. I'm under Claudette Charlebois Frid, let me be your friend??? Pretty please?
    I'm sooooooooo glad I found you, nuts or not lol


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