Monday, August 2, 2010


There are many times a day that I often wonder what goes on in this old hair brained noggin of mine.  Such as, why on earth would I base my recent holiday around a wine tour?  Shocking to most of my friends, the question that kept arising was "...but Tracy, you barely drink and you don't like wine!" True and True (or at least I thought).  My drinking days are long since behind me, with the exception of those delicious fruity alcoholic drinks now and then, and I would be the first to admit that wine makes my ears go red, my face go hot and increases my ability to belch so loud that it would rival most 250 pound beer slugging truckers, not the most attractive trait in a future wino.

But, if I was going to get down to the crux of the matter, it simply had to do with the fact that I wanted to take a ton of photographs (which of course I did), but I was shockingly pleased that my trip not only provided me with a beautiful feast of colour for my eyes but also turned into this amazing learning experience to boot. I came away knowing that:

  • I actually like a glass of wine now and then, even if my dumbo ears still turn red.
  • That it wasn't every type of wine that I didn't like.  Just reds apparently.
  • If you asked me if I liked my Chardonnay oaked or un-oaked, I would now be able to definitively answer un-oaked.
  • That a good Rose is just as delicious and refreshing as a wonderful Pinot Gris.
  • That my very favourite wine is called Viognier.
  • That not every wine will fill me up with gas and make my chest and throat explode into a series of thunder sounds for hours to come.
  • And that not every bottle of vino will make me have a pre-menopausal hot flash!

I also discovered that every bottle of wine was as different as every Vineyard we saw.  No two Pinot Blancs, Chardonnays, Pinot Gris or Roses were the same. And we hit the most fantastically imaginative of vineyards, some of which you might recognize, most of which you won't, but here is a list of just a few that we had the pleasure of stumbling across:

  • Burrowing Owl, Oliver Twist, Stoneboat, Jackson-Triggs, Black Widow, Red Rooster, Ruby Tuesday, Township 7, Sumac Ridge, Marichel, Quail's Gate and Mission Hill.

Would we drive 1500 km in 36 degree weather and do it again just in order for my better half to watch me stumble around for 6 days in a complete state of tipsiness?  Without a second thought, because life is worth toasting too and long, hot trips tend to yield a bounty of memories not too mention a trunk load of wine, and that my friends, is what it is all about.... your memories (and a good little buzz every now and then).

(please click to enlarge)

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. iwannagoiwannagoiwannago

    and no i don't drink, but to just to drink in that beauty...

  2. I always enjoy reading everything you write and when combined with these luscious pictures, I consider your work to be divine!

  3. Oh Deborah....... thank you so much... those are the kindest words ever!!!!

  4. Oh Tracy, I've been snooping around your posts lately. I miss the Interior so much. We lived in Westbank 15 years ago. Not too many wineries around then. It's changed so much. My cousins live there, with the vinery in their back yard. Looks so pretty. All your pics are fab.
    Now those lavender fields are just gorgeous. The little girl playing in the field reminds me of my 3 kids when we used to to the LaConner when the tulips were all out. Just breathtaking.
    Love your writings. Your funny. I can just see you sitting in the car next to your hubby, stopping at every "out house" and blowing up like a prickly pear lol Oh I know it's not funny, but it sounds funny.
    Randy is having great days. The pool has really helped. He's determined to fight this on his own. So far so good.
    Hope your having a good week.
    Glad to see your back. I'm just taking it slow. Not really in the mood to blog.
    Going on a picnic with my sister and a real "sister" in a few hours. IT's a little cloudy, but nice.
    Talk to you soon.
    Love Claudie

  5. Thanks for the comment Claudie... Glad to hear that Randy is having some good days!!!! Maybe I will take up swimming too! Hope your picnic was spectacular... We need to get out and do that, something I have gotten around to yet this year!


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