Friday, August 27, 2010


In two more days, my better half and I will have been together seven years.  Gosh seven years, I can hardly believe it to be honest.  It may seem like nothing to some but to me it is everything.  And I can tell you that it has been seven of the craziest, funniest, trying-est, amazing, wonderful and memorable years of my life.

But it wasn’t always like that.....

Three months before I had met my better half, I had an evening I will never forget.  I was sitting on my bedroom floor where I was really sobbing because I longed to be in love.  I wanted to love someone so much that my chest actually hurt from the aching in my heart, and what’s more, I wanted to be loved back.  I was tired of seeing couples hand in hand and it seemed to me that wherever I went, that the love of others was blatantly staring me in  my face. That night and when I look back on it now, I suppose I felt a kind of tortured desperation, a longing and a sadness that I had never quite felt in my entire life.  I sat on the floor and I poured out my heart on a piece of paper listing all the qualities I wanted in a man, in a friend and in a partner for life.  The list was varied from kindness, to a love of animals, to loving my family, to softness, to being very good, to being very wicked, to having a fantastically weird sense of humour, to being incredibly supportive but mostly that I was looking for someone to completely accept me for who I was and what I was.  By the time I was finished, the list contained 50 of the most important qualities to me.  I stood up and I read them aloud to the fates, or the universe, or to anyone listening.  I know, it sounds corny, even to me, but I will tell you that at that moment in my life, I did not care who heard, I just needed someone to hear  me. And then silently I looked up and told the Powers that Be that I was ready for “him” and I was ready to be loved.  I ripped the list up and threw the shredded remains into the air and imagined that a graceful hand came down from the heavens and picked up the pieces.  And then I went to bed and pushed the whole thing out of my mind.

A few months later, the fates had sent me an angel in disguise by the name of Brenda.  I had met her thru her husband, and one night, as her and I were sitting on her deck, she asked me the million dollar question.  Why was I single.  Oh, I don’t know, you tell me, there are no men in this town, no men find me attractive, maybe they think I am nuts, who knows.  She looked at me, picked up her phone, made a phone call and got off and said, you have a date with a friend of mine.

And three months exactly to the day, I met my better half.

I think we have one of the best love stories.  Why, because our love did not happen instantly.  He had every and I mean every quality I asked for, but there were no instant fireworks. There was a friendship that grew and  a bond that followed.  And what I remember the most is that during our "beginning ", I was in a terrible motor vehicle accident and I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even lift my arms to wash my hair, and at one point during our relationship, I thought, this is not fair to him.  So I called him and told him that I was ending the relationship because I needed to focus on myself.  And he quietly said to me on the phone “You do what you have to do to get better, I will be waiting for you when you are ready, because you are the one for me”.

Needless to say there was no breaking up, and then over time a partnership developed, followed by an understanding, and then quietly and softly, he just crept right into my heart, and I developed this deep enduring love for him. We have had so many obstacles thrown in our paths and together we have fought and continue to fight thru them, and it seems that the more obstacles there are, the stronger our love grows.

It goes without saying that neither one of us is perfect.  But what we are is: Perfect for Each Other.

So here’s to you my sweetie, there has never been a dull moment in my life since meeting you.  Good, bad, funny, sad, we have gone thru it all and made it out the other end.  Our love has not been about passion, our love has been about strength, and while others love have fizzled out, ours just keeps getting stronger.  You are my strength when I have none, you are my loyalty when others have failed me, you are my sense of direction when my compass goes haywire, you are that gentle hand on my back guiding me forward, you are my audience when I have no others, you are my very own plus one and you see me for me, faults, imperfections, scars and all, and yet you still love me.

And I, adore you...

I really love you Jim. You make my life complete.

Tracy xxoo


  1. I feel like I just read a letter that wasn't meant for me...thank you for sharing. I have a lump in my throat.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Jim and Tracy what a couple you are!!!!!! so i think its time to set a date
    Tracy thats means presents heheheheheheh

    :) L

  3. This one brought a tear to my eye and touched my heart. Congrats to both of you.

  4. Tracy this is SO beautiful!! She says through tears! I adore it completely... It's such a simply beautiful and beautifully-told love story. What a gifted soul you are and I know you deserve all the love and happiness in the world. And to JIM... I'm so glad you are there making someone dear to me so happy!! ... Tamara

  5. What a captivating story, and an endearing love letter to your love! Wishing you many years of happiness matter where the road takes you, may you always stay together. Hugs!

  6. Truly, a beautiful love story. Congratulations to both of you!


  7. I fell like I just stepped into your bedroom LOL
    What a great love story Tracy. Happy Anniversary in two more days.
    Have you ever heard the song by Tracy Bird... KEEPER OF THE STARS? You have to listen to it tonight, yes I'm a country girl way down deep in my heart. It all started when we moved to GA. then to Wyoming. Anyway please listen to it on your special day. It says volumes. Just what your feeling right now.
    Love You
    Love Me


  9. It did touch my heart Tracy - a beautiful story... :) Just me...(AF)

  10. Very nice. A relationship is a lot of work but worth it when you get wonderful results like yours. Congratulations, and all the best for many, many, more years of love, happiness & friendship to come. Hope you both have a very special day.

  11. ah, that was a wonderful love story indeed.
    I did kinda giggle though at the part of you shredding your list and throwing it to the heavens.
    That is movie material. (tee,hee)
    glad you two are together and "here's to many more"

  12. I can't seem to stop the tears from stinging my eyes. Maybe I needed to read a truly beautiful story such as yours; maybe I just needed proof that that fates are listening. I've had my doubts.

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog and for following me; it will be an absolute joy to follow you as well. This post has quite possibly inflated my hope unlike anything has in a long time. Thank you for that. *hugs*

  13. Well you have succeeded in making me cry, but I couldn't be happier for you!!!!!!!!!! Love you tons, Mom

  14. Thank you all for the very lovely comments!!! xxoo


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