Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Do you wonder who I am?  I often wonder who you are and why you read my crazy little blog.  It goes without saying that I am thankful as well as honoured that you take the time out of your busy day to read something I have written. But if I was to be honest, I never once in a million years thought to myself that anyone would ever read this.  I constantly share my blog with my friends on Facebook and often hope that I am not pushing the limits of our friendship by bombarding them constantly.

My profile information is limited and I suppose that I think that if you knew all of me, maybe you would not want to come back.  And yet, I expect and hope that people will follow me based on just what I write.  Pompous of a thought, I am sure.

I have a friend who blogs as well, and her theme of her blog is all about Love.  She gives loves, she takes love, she wants to be loved.  It's all out there for every one to read and she holds nothing back and you get a sense of who she is.

I sat there the other night wondering what my blog was about and thinking how much my blog has evolved over the past 4 months.  At first it was just crazy stories about my better half and my dog passing copious amounts of fowl smelling gas, or it was about how I thought my vagina was really called a Regina, or how I fantasize about cramming my fingers up the snoring nose of my better half or beating him with a pillow at night, not too mention my OCD with used magazines.

And then my blog became about my life in my early 40's from additional hair growth, to saggy flopping hip floater boobs, to my ass dropping to where my knees should be, to losing my passion in life.

And just as I got comfortable with exposing all my dirty little secrets, it became something else again.  It became about dealing with pain and fatigue and the feeling of being trapped, much like a butterfly under glass. And the hunt for joy through the camera lens.

But I got to thinking last night that I have neglected to tell you who I am, and I thought it was time I shared:  

  • I am a person who wishes upon shooting stars;
  • I fantasize about hot steamy romantic love affairs always with my better half in the lead role as there just is no better man in the world for me;
  • My dreams are bigger than life; 
  • I am seriously vain about my eyes;
  • I believe the best attribute is one who shows kindness and respect to the world we live in;
  • I get a huge kick out of atomic wedgie sneak attacks on my better half (and I can tell you I have stretched out more of his underwear than he would like);
  • I am absolutely head over heels in love with my little pooch and I love to kiss his little face;
  • My mother has always been my bestest friend and I can't imagine a moment of her not being in my life and when I do think of her not being there, I sob uncontrollably;
  • I enjoy out-gassing my better half and I take pride in pulling the covers over his head while he suffocates on the stench (I tell ya, it's all about the small joys in life);
  • My favourite part on my body is my birthmarks;
  • I think freckles are sexy;
  • I dream of days that are pain free, of moments where my body and spirit unite as one as oppose to this constant game of chess, with my spirit often being "checked";
  • I save bugs and release them back into the wild (or at least my backyard);
  • I cannot watch anything on TV, whether a movie, news or a documentary regarding animal cruelty as my heart aches so much I actually feel that a part of me is dying;
  • I am deeply and passionately in love with the colour blue;
  • I would take a good book over a movie any day of the week;
  • I hate that at 42, I still get blackheads on my nose;
  • I am self-conscious about how big I perceive my head to be;
  • I believe that I have angels watching over me;
  • I feel intuned with nature and it's pain;
  • But mostly, I believe that every day we wake up and breathe in the air is a moment we should thank the universe for that wonderful gift of life.

There is no theme to my blog.  It's just a journey for me.

And I thank you for being a part of it.

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. Wow! Great blog, seriously great blog!

  2. Why do I read your blog?
    I think it's because you're my whack-a-doodle soul sister...
    ...and I mean that in the most kindest of ways!

  3. As you know I came upon your blog through my friend in White Rock. If not for her, and reading her comments, yes I read comments too, I would never have found you.
    I love that your honest, sincere, in love, adore nature, wouldn't hurt a flee and tell it like it is. I've been thinking about my blog also. I want it to reflect who I am. I think that's what I do, but why am I questioning it so much lately? I want to change it, to what? not sure. It struct me hard when I read your post on "passion". I feel that way right now. It's gone, lost, left for Tahiti or something. I'm happy, really I am, but believe I'm intimidated by what's out there. I know I have very pretty pink things to share that most people would kill for, but I'm just not sure what to do about it all. Oh and my other fav colour is blue too : )
    I think your doing a fantastic job, that's what we love about you, it's you.
    Now could you please post a pic of you, other half, and maybe mom one day? I'm very visual you see. You can always email one to me : )

  4. I enjoy your writing, everything you write is straight from your heart! I'm floundering on my blog- I aspire to be half the writer you are...
    Love this 'revealing' blog today!

  5. Oh thank you guys kindly for the very lovely words! (maybe a picture in the future Claudie... you can see my better half in a post in July, called the purple locust trees or something like that).... Deborah, I have something to tell you but I am going to hop over to your blog to say it, but just so you know I flounder all the time on my blog, ALL THE TIME... you are not alone!)


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