Sunday, August 29, 2010


Did you know that I took belly dancing classes last year.  I have to admit, I loved it!  Our instructor was this petite little thing named Sharon (pronounced Sha-Rohn) who came from Israel.  Looking at her, you could see the reflection of freedom in her face all wrapped up in a blanket of modesty.  But when she put that music on, well her body was nothing short of miraculous. She flowed and ebbed to the music and the soft curve of her small rounded stomach and sensuality of her hips was spectacular and I was mesmerized. She knew how to work her body like a finely tuned instrument. Softly twisting and turning with subtle movements, I knew I was in absolute awe of her, and oh, how I wanted to be able to move just like that.  I loved the time I spent belly dancing.  No matter who you were, what your persona held or what your body type was, once you checked your inhibitions at the door and that music started pounding deep within your belly, you couldn't help but feel incredibly sensual.  

Sharon has long since left the country, but I have to tell you that every morning when I am in the shower, I still practice my figure eights with my hips, and just ever so briefly, if not for a fleeting moment, I feel exotic and sexy and powerful and incredibly passionate.

Today, I stumbled across a free demonstration of belly dancing and I have to tell you that this Canadian born girl, with Scottish and Swedish heritage is pretty sure that she should have been born Arabic, because once they started dancing, I could feel my insides swaying to the music, and my face broke out in a slow smile and I knew, I was still hooked.

Because the Passion of the Dance still lives deep in me...

Wherever you may be my friends,
let your hips be free!

This week I will be joining Outdoor Wednesdays and
thank for hosting same

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  1. Oh I think you should go do it again... It looks so awesome!

  2. Would love to see a video of u practicing belly dance :D

  3. I admit that I took belly dancing classes long ago, it was so much fun, except for my wiggle jiggling:) Love your words and the tassels on that costume!! Always perfect photos..

  4. A friend of my daughter's recently convinced her to join a pole-dancing class. My daughter had her reservations--this is something strippers' do, haha!--but she went ahead and joined and she's having the time of her life! Not only does she love the exercise but she's found a whole new group of great friends. She says it's been a real girlie-bonding experience and she plans on taking the 'advanced' classes, too. I used to do hours and hours of dance all on my own before I got way of winding down at the end of the day. Then babies and life interrupted, but every now and then, on the rare occasions I'm home alone, I'll still put on something wild and let go!!! Even at the ripe old age of 56!! LOVED this post!

  5. Beautiful costumes and only us wonderful women know how to have fun, well done ladies!!!

  6. Well I've never belly danced, but sure have done my share of dancing. I LOVE to dance. My mom at 91 still tries to do "a little jig" at her age. She LOVED to dance also. Unfortunately she married my dad after he lost both legs in the war. His dancing days were over, but I always saw it in her eyes that she missed it so very much. I also know now that my dad would have given anything to have that last dance with her... Oh now I'm sad : (
    Have a great week Tracy.
    Love You
    Love Me

  7. Just a little note..Jain had directed me towards you a while ago..I've been quiet..but have been enjoying your open book with gratitude..and I hope with all my heart one day.. you will be pain free.

  8. You go Girl! I did the belly dancing about 30 years ago....when I had less belly. I love dancing and that was another direction for me to take it in.
    Great job. Go for it.

  9. Beautiful costumes and dance.

  10. I hope you do get the chance to follow your passion and return to classes. It's important to honor your soul! Great pictures, I really enjoyed them.

  11. Absolutely fascinating! Beautiful costumes. When I was a teenager (about 30 years ago) my mom took belly dancing classes. I remember being shocked that she was taking them, but now I wish I had done so too! I love dancing and certain types of music just make me want to move - I can just feel it flowing through me and my body wants to respond.

    Great post!

    ~ Tracy


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