Sunday, August 8, 2010


Confucius say that they want us to be everything that is us, deep at the center of our beings and that we should learn as though we would never be able to master it and hold it as though we would be in fear of losing it and to remember that life really is simple but that we insist on making it complicated.

So what holds us back deep within our centers?  And what does your center do to stop you from achieving your happiness?

Does your Center have a defence mechanism?

Does your Center weep for something more?

Is your Center complicated with too many layers?

Are you lucky enough that your Center is happy all the time?

Is your Center yearning for something it can't seem to find?

Is your Centre at simple peace and in need of nothing?

Is your Center strong and proud?

Is your Centre soft hearted and kind?

Is your Centre lit from within?

Is your Centre being attacked by unwanted circumstances?

Does your Centre just glow with love?

Is your Centre happy to just be?

Or, is your Center like mine?
Still trying to figure it out some 40 years later.

One thing is for sure, Confucius was right about this:
Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart

Until Next Time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. Well, if that is your eyeball, and you look into it, I would have to say that your center looks kind and compassionate!

  2. What a cool post!! Thanks for sharing. Now I have to go and figure out where my center is ~ because right now I feel like it's a mum with too many layers or a peony crawling with ants.

  3. Well make sure you shake those ants off Mel and quick! LOL

  4. Never mind finding my centre, today was all about finding my passion. I seem to have lost it for gardening, cooking, cleaning, blogging. What to do.
    Well I do LOVE your flower pics too : )
    Have a great week Tracy.
    Love Claudie

  5. It will come back Claudie... I promise! It did for me (well partially), it will for you! Have a great week too! xxoo

  6. Pretty awesome post! Your flower pics are gorgeous!..Christine

  7. A beautiful post that makes me think...the perfect combination. I've pretty much lost myself over the past few years. Maybe if I go back to the simple, things will start to fall into place? Your post gives me Hope today, dear!

  8. Wow Tracy... This one gives the "TDM" post - though for different reasons - a run for its money. I want to print it out and make it a poster (except I will not allow 'posters' on my walls... so my poor husband is resigned to putting up his in the basement workshop). Maybe you should put it on a poster, have some 'clear mounted' and get rich selling them! It is beautiful and perfect, and whatever 'my center' is... it has been deeply moved by this post. Think I'll link to it on Facebook!!

  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments... and thanks for posting it Tamara.. You are a doll!


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