Monday, August 23, 2010


Somedays, when I feel at odds with myself, I often resort to nature for a reconnection.  

Today, I have been feeling quite like the wisteria vine, moving and seeking, grabbing hold of whatever is in front of me in a search for something more, something substantial, something fulfilling.  It is a growth period in my life... and I feel like I have lost my direction and that I am grappling for something in the dark...

I suppose that I will just keep reaching out until I find what that something is,
Let's hope it is two tickets to Italy!

Until Next time.
Smooches Pooches


  1. You are not alone... I have those moments too and when I read this, I think I am not alone either. Thank you.

  2. Just how I feel lately..hope you find those tickets! The disconnect is a lonely feeling, but remember you are not alone-

  3. Beautiful photos Tracey...sometimes they just say it all.
    Nature has a funny way of giving us just what we need... Enjoy!

    Jeanne :)

  4. I was just wondering when you get these TWO tickets to Italy what will you do with your darling little pooches? Do you put him in a kennel or are you fortunate enough to have someone wonderful who takes care of him. Italy, ahhhhh a place I have always wanted to see. Smooches and pooches to you too.

  5. So THAT is what my wisteria was supposed to do?! Never had a flower. Lovely images... and SO fitting. I can so identify with this post. These bloody 'growth periods'... Whose idea were they again?! LOL ... If you find those tickets, see if you can't get a stop-over in Halifax would you. :-D

  6. I always wanted Willy Wonka's golden ticket. Never thought of some to Italy..well I take that back, I did just see EAT PRAY LOVE... and Rome would be somewhere to gain a lot of weight for sure.
    Hang in there, your not alone. I just went through another "funk"... I'm out of it now.
    Randy has been having great days. He is concurring this Fibor crap. He saw a shrink. Big big help. Gave him some food for thought.... It's working.


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