Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello, my name is Tracy and I am a Blogaholic..

*Large group of people stand up and say*  'WELCOME TRACY'

I sit back down and review the room and there seems to be a lot of human bodies with faces made of computer screens. There is a big man in the back trying to eat a donut and drink coffee, unfortunately, he has only a disc drive where his mouth should be!

And then I wake up......

Unfortunately.... it's true, I have turned into a blogaholic and as such somethings in my life are starting to suffer... Therefore, I am going to take a respite for a few days while I clean up some cluttered areas of my life.

Not that you will miss me, but perhaps you will... I will miss you and all your lovely thoughts and comments......

In the meantime, I wonder if you would indulge me and tell me why you stop by and visit my blog... I'm just curious I suppose.  I just want to ensure that you aren't gathering information in order to have me committed!  LOL

See you in a couple of days darlins...


  1. I'm drawn to your blog because..should I recount 12 ways?...because you are a real person with an excellent way of expressing yourself, both the good and the bad. Your sense of humor-you laugh with yourself not at yourself. Your compassion for your fellow (wo)man. Your love of nature and animals. I can relate to what you are experiencing! Excellent photographer! and I'm writing a blog..but you get the idea:))

  2. hope you get everything done... btw i like your blog cause you are so open hearted and so wonderfully warm, it's like i knew you the moment i read your blog and you became a wonderful friend... can't wait till you come back!

  3. WHAT? I just found you and now your taking a break? Ok I'll let you. I need to slow down too. I'm staying up too late anyway : )
    Love Ya
    Love Me

  4. I enjoy your sense of humor. You say what lots of us have already thought, but help us to laugh at ourselves.

  5. I am new on here...but I like what I see! I too am a blog addict!

  6. Darling. I am here because there has incident. I think you know what I mean. Acid Alice, our driver, sometimes gets over-excited, and it seems she stole Jim Croce's bottled dome and stashed it aboard our bus. When we rounded that one curve near your house, I'm afraid it went sailing out the window and rolled into your garden. Well, we all got out, Phoebe bates, Acid Alice and me, and we searched for simply ages, but we never found Jim. Not to worry though...because he is in that bottle, you never have to water him. The condensation is enough!

    Seriously, thank you for your visit today. Charmed, I'm shoo-ah!

  7. Maybe you could get a two for one deal. 24 steps for the price of 12. You can get help for both blogging and shopping. Whad'ya think?

  8. i found your embarassing moment post on the "best posts of the week" list & then i couldn't help but enjoy someone else who's not too proud to divulge their gassy moments. i seem to have an abundance of such things on my own blog. as a matter of fact, i have a whole category of posts under the tag of "incontinence." ick...


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